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    is there a cutscene mod for kh2fm+? i just heard of it a while ago. I think it may fix my problem of not getting to fight vexen to get his proof for the garden of assemblege room purposes.
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    does anyone know the final mix + codes that will joker you into their boss fight room? similar to certain others people have made for boring causes. the org 13 room is missing 2 guys is why im asking. 1 is vexen in particular. the code im meaning is the little round portal code like the one in twilight town sandlot with Saix or the underworld part with zexions book portal. thats only what i need to beat all of org 13. I need some way to get their proof and/or a way to fight them. and a silhouette battle isnt going to work i am pretty sure. since it give you def ups, atk ups, etc. I know about turning savepoints, other items and goofy, donald, etc into those portals but they dont work, and ive tested it just to be sure, anbd they dont, so theres a reason it doesnt....
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    im trying:

    E001FDFF 0034D45C
    11C6CC24 00000933

    which I think is correct, R2 jokering goofy when walking into a new area, im currently at the postern in hollow bastion(radiant garden now) and i take a walk down the hill where theres construction. maybe im missing something obvious or the game is just being a ******ed little erm..
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    Speaking of boss fights...

    I was thinking of how to get vexens proof since I have to use hdloader with fm+, (long story), and i thought instead of turning charactors into bosses with a joker, why not just turn the next room into a joker'ed org 13 battle, where you simply fight the boss and once defeated, it returns you and what you've won to where you left off (or the room you we walking into when activating the joker), you get the idea. Does anyone know how to fight vexen or just plain get his proof? im seriously ticked that i cant get into the garden of assemblance since agrabah phase 2 was cut short with the all worlds code having an incorrect subroutine, screwing me up. I luckily jokered it to send me to the palace and it went right into the cutscene of the jafar boss fight, sealing the world, but no vexen ice shield portal in peddlers shiny shop. any feedback, or ideas of what i first talked about is good.
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    That's untrue for codebreaker since I have codebreaker codes and fm+ codes that all work. I don't know the details of the problem but I suggest using codebreaker 9.2 (I'll give you my codes for recom and fm+ in it) or just the .elf file thats on my ps2 hard drive, either way. if you want em.
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    That would definitly be something if somebody hasn't tried it yet, which i think some people did but I'm notfiguring it out..

    are there anymore room mod codes for twilight town besides roxas' room? it acted like i started the game over when i went there, and when i got to the mansion where hayner, pence, and olette are face down on the ground with the mansion gates open, i fight the nobodies, and win BUT, it pops up and says something in jap when i try to go through the main doors. help me?
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    what about a way to get vexens proof? so it'll stop blocking me from entering the org 13 room after i beat the game and reload save.
    Post by: metamorphisis, Jan 28, 2008 in forum: Code Vault
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    dumb question: how does the code need to look as an example for R2 joker to walk into a room, and L2 to also walk into a room to trigger a different boss? it's for triggering aa vexen bossfight or similar. i changed goofy to vexens ice shield portal, but it doesnt work as it said in what was posted. is there a way to make a portal to triangle on to start vexens fight when jokered to R2? I am extremely needing this because it's keeping me from getting into the garden of all org 13 (that purple room)
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    a few questions:

    1. how does that work? (i know how to use a joker, just hold r2 and walk into another room)

    2. can the next room have the boss in it for example, making the next room be what vexen's portal goes to? where it's twilight town in front of the mansion or something like that. I'm trying to get vexens proof so i can get into the garden of assemblence. any ideas? (btw, ty for the list)
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    i'd think theres a list of boss digits someone famous in doing this stuff would have, don't you?
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    that code is a good start, im just wondering how to make it give me his proof or a fight with him, since i just want into that annoying garden :P
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    does anyone know how to joker a boss battle, like walk through a door and fight vexen as if you accepted the thing in agrabah, in the peddlers shop, to obtain vexens proof of beating him (who is the last one i need to beat in order to access the garden of assemblence) it's very important, if anyone knows, post it please.
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    Hi, . . .

    so, is this where most of the posting goes if people wanted to freely talk/raise post count up or? I'm asking out of boredom, not of evil intentions :)

    I'll try to have fun. Without cookies, that might be hard though ª_ª
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    Hi, . . .

    I wasn't fully satisfied with your thread Vivi. Not to be blunt at all when saying that though, but I like details. If something is lacking in them, I find them with a fine tooth comb in any way I can. Very exellent thread though. It was very very helpful, above other knowledge of rep stuff I've gained.
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    You copied my intentions when i read this post's topic. I think the answer I hear from alot of people is always turning out to be the same, but one person said "It simply is." Which I THEN wanted to jump through the pc screen and choke the person over. but thanks just me. Philosophy is an interesting subject when you bring the fact into account that defining something isn't relavent, whereas you should be asking yourself, what is the difinition of a definition. I could go on for hours if my brain weren't so close minded (pun intended). As for the topic, I think I answered it's main posts in my own way....I think.
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