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    Once a flourishing world of abundance,
    Rhuma is quickly becoming a desolate wasteland.
    This is all thanks to one man by the name of KO.

    The name KO is well-known throughout Rhuma as
    That of the unusually handsome man in complete control.
    He’s beautiful, he’s powerful, he’s powerful, and he’s beautiful.
    So what’s not to love?

    However, it seems the people are too busy cheering him on
    To see what is becoming of their world, and of themselves.

    We journey with Rhuma’s citizens through KO’s era,
    To see what life under his reign is like,
    And what will become of Rhuma.


    1. Memmy and DeToMeCo are in charge of this RP.
    2. Users only control their own character(s) [[PLEASE begin with ONE character]]
    4. Members must know how to count.
    5. You must laugh at our jokes, no matter how painful it may be (Just kidding)
    3. If you have ideas, or plans for something BIG to take place in this role play, PM US FIRST!!! (I.E - You plan to kill KO...that's pretty important)
    6. No Spam, just a clean role play - plzkthnx =]
    7. Rule 3 also applies in the case you plan on leaving or joining the RP (after the role-play has begun)

    KOID – Support KO, but have not decided to begin training
    DROID – Have completed training to become a servant of KO
    RESISTANCE – Part of a secret group aiming to take KO down
    NEUTRAL/UNDECIDED – Unsure of which side is best

    (Fill ‘er out, and send ‘er in!)

    Character Name:

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    OK. You. Me. Rp. NOW.

    OK. You. Me. Rp. NOW.
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    you. must. read. chibi. OMFG.
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    lol .... right ....

    lol .... right ....
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