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Jul 15, 2010
Apr 5, 2009
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Jul 15, 2010
    1. DestinedToMemoriesCorrupt
      dudee, we tried. :.-.:
    2. DestinedToMemoriesCorrupt
    3. DestinedToMemoriesCorrupt
      Oh, love the signature by the way ;)
    4. DestinedToMemoriesCorrupt
      na na na na na na
      hey hey hey... goodbye...
    5. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      that is a MUCH better subject!
    6. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      lets not talk about the thot of karin dying ne more...
      it makes me sad...
      *sniffle sniffle*
    7. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      haha yea!
      plus, they cant kill the main character its just wrong on soo many levels.
      and i wud die and probably cry 4 like 10 dayz strate if karin died.
    8. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      i no!
      *sniffle sniffles*
      wut is 2 come of karin and everyone else?!?!
      *tries 2 resist urge of reading it on mangafox*
      i will be faithful...i will be faithful...i will be faithful...
    9. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      u musta thot chibi wuz pritty f*n amazing if u left 2 comments about it...
      but wuz pritty f*n amazing im not gunna lie...
      i LOVED it...
      cant w8 til end of september-begining of october 4 number 14!!!
      same day as shugo 7!!
    10. lil woj
      lil woj
    11. lil woj
      lil woj
    12. lil woj
      lil woj
      O_O Then u must be HOT
    13. lil woj
      lil woj
      indeed..*looks at cat pic* is that wat u look like? :D
    14. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      lol thatz good.
      in a way it kinda makes sense that barnes and noble didnt have it...
      only bc we saw it at borders and i've ben 2 barnes and noble a few times since then and i dont remember ever seeing it there...

      maybe we can go 2gether than 2 buy them...
      sam's birthday is coming up newayz 2 so yea...
      ~peace love and chocolate☺
    15. lil woj
      lil woj
      lol im a perv! :]
    16. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      *laffs histarically*
      i like how u put that.
      do u like the jumanji speech??

      so who am i getting?
      or did u not get 2 even go shopping?
      cuz that wud blow...
      but then we cud go shopping 2gether!
      that sounds like fun dont it?

      i thot it duz...
      ~peace love and chocolate☺
    17. lil woj
      lil woj
      lol i like your profie pic yes im a perv AND IM DAmn pROUD OF iT!
    18. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      yea no kidding...
      i i luffles ur new bill avatar btw...
      call me as soon as u get home so i can find out how u guyz did.
      okie dokie!
      ~peace love and chocolate☺
    19. lil woj
      lil woj
      alo memmy :):):)
    20. Hyuge ✧
      Hyuge ✧
      ahlo memmey....
      good luckidie at state...
      btw, i luffles ur kitty girl piktr...
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    Dimension X
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    I like doodling and ninja turtles. I love Tuna sandwiches and I think the 80s are cool....

    Comic Books/Manga, Chinese Food, Ninja Turtles, Speech, Hello Kitty things, Bill Kaulitz..&um..Sushi


    ~Memmey the Great~​