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    Brand new hero?
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    Snap..your got me on that one Misha. Awesome job on that info.
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    I've just notice somthing

    All the hymns in Ar Tonelico, they have METHOD variety of hymns instead of EXEC variety of hymns. I think its a different type of hymmnos and executes METHOD instead of EXEC hymmnos, I alos found out that the tower in Ar Tonelico 2 has two different song magic severs. One is the Sol Marta server and the other is Infel Phira Server.

    The Sol Marta Sever-The Sol Marta server is located in the upper zone of the tower, acting like a stationary satellite. It is collocated with the S. P. U. and Rinkernator and is the main server for the tower.

    The Infel Sever-The Infel Phira server is located in a satellite that orbits the sky around the tower and shares its name with said server. The Sol Marta server is the same kind of server that the first tower has, so it works with the same kind of hymmnos and executes the EXEC variety of hymns. On the other hand, the Infel Phira server works with another kind of hymmnos called the Pastalia hymmnos, and executes the METHOD variety of hymns.

    Interesting? I think so. What do you guess think?

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    Well so far, what I've found out about Ar Tonelico is that some type of creature is after a holy maiden. So Croix must protect her. One of my friends told me that. but I'm still looking up info on Ar Tonelico 2
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    Profile Post

    That's good

    That's good
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    umm ok if you say so
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    It's Christmas and I had to help my mom with Christmas shopping
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