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Feb 9, 2019
Oct 22, 2006
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Mathias Jay

beauty is in everything

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Feb 9, 2019
    1. Stardust
      It's less about the hail damage now than it is the constant onslaught of roofers. Posting signs in everyone's yards, coming to your door and leaving pamphlets, stopping you in your driveway to ask you a bunch of questions, calling incessantly... I wish they'd just leave us alone Dx.
      I admit, you've got it good down there.

      Also, the summer heat SUCKS. It's gonna be over 90 all week...

      Not looking forward to it!
    2. Stardust
      Ohh, I'm way north of you. So you managed to avoid it altogether? That's pretty good. Up here we've got damaged cars and roofs and everything x__x.
    3. Stardust
      Yeah haha. I thought I was all alone for a while.
      Did you get any damage from that hailstorm a few weeks ago? :O
    4. Stardust
      Yep! xD
      And if I read correctly, it seems like there were two or three more of us in that thread. o_o
    5. Alex856
      There will always be different points of view about life, as we all are different in some sort of way...

      I was one of those last year, I kept saying that I didn't need any help at all, While not realizing that is was that my major weakness, Loneliness.
    6. Alex856
      But life becomes a lot more harder without any help or someone to rely on.
      Not like you can rely on everyone this days...

      I could not stand to be alone again
      Last year I pushed everyone I cared about away, It is solved by now
      But those days were really hard for me.
    7. Alex856
      That not all people like to have friends
      Even if it is a small quantity
    8. Alex856
      That's not quite what I meant but, I see your point.
    9. Alex856
      As we do all... ^^
      Although there are exceptions.
    10. Alex856
      Hehe no problem.
      Is there a problem If I call you friend? ^^
      You're so similar to What? that it would feel wrong if I didn't.
      Notice that I am not saying that you two are the same/equal okay...
    11. Alex856
      So you do live far from me...

      That's quite nice to hear. ^^
      That must be why I find you as amusing as him.
    12. Alex856
      I live in venezuela although I doubt you know where it is, almost no one here knows where it is
      You remind me of What? by the way you write ^^
    13. Alex856
      It seems xD

      Nah, you don't know me at all, You just happen to look a lot like him...
      Judging by my location I really doubt you know either me or him xD
    14. Alex856
      You were the Doktor
      Oh crap xD

      Anyway 'sup ^^
      Although I've seen you posting pics in the PYP thread...
      Now that I think about it... You look like someone I know IRL hmm...
    15. What?
      Why thank you kindly, sir.
    16. What?
      It is not necessarily the trouble, more the excessive repetition. I have thankfully finished, however.
    17. What?
      A simple math project. City construction was rather tedious, I should say.
    18. What?
      I indeed try not to; thankfully it is relatively over.
    19. What?
      A great mountain of work, I would say.
    20. Misty
      I'm not really one of those "OH MY GOODNESS SOMETHING IS ON THE FLOOR I MUST PICK IT UP" people, but I can't stand it when things are really messy. It bothers me. I can't focus like that. I've spent entire afternoons trying to clean marks off of my desk.
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