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    Actually the swap tool isn't that bad the only thing bad about it is having the door tray off exposing the ps2 for dust. I honestly don't see how pulling the tray gently out with it is dangerous. If your reckless or don't know your own strength then I would consider that dangerous. I believe a lot of people say that only b/c their fat ps2 dies from having weak lasers blaming the swap tool method. All you have to do is put a rag over the opened door tray to prevent dust from entering its that simple. Also you could just make a softmodded memory card called Free McBoot. I use that more than swap magic, plus I even have my own codebreaker installed in that memory card.
    Post by: masterj360, Jun 13, 2012 in forum: Code Vault
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    Anyone know a no BGM code?
    Post by: masterj360, Nov 24, 2011 in forum: Code Vault
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    Actually I found out the real problem. My ISO was semi Corrupted b/c the game would crash with Aqua by going to a new area even without the codes. I got myself another copy and the codes work by using this warp code
    C0 Boss Warp
    _L 0x10347AC0 0x00000xxx
    _L 0x10347AC6 0x000000xx

    Also does anybody know the actual Boss Digit for Terranort+Gaurdian and Trinity Armor? They don't appear when using the warp code even when using the right character in the story. A No BGM code would be nice aswell :) Final Mix version if possible thanx :)
    Post by: masterj360, Oct 8, 2011 in forum: Video Showcase
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    For some reason the game just crashes everytime I try a boss warp. Is there a certain button to press to activate it? I added the 0x to all of the codes correctly but still I get a black screen crash when I enter a new area with any of the 3 characters. Im using Final Mix(English patched by Truth)

    I got all the warp codes to work with Ven and Terra. Since nobody bothered to actually test these on the Final Mix version, I will say that the Aqua codes do not work. The boss/enemies digits are probably wrong.
    Post by: masterj360, Oct 5, 2011 in forum: Video Showcase
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    I need the all weapons code. I wonder if it ever got ported from the US version

    Lol nvr/mind guys I found the codes plus all addition items too. I just had to search through this thread :)
    Post by: masterj360, Aug 27, 2011 in forum: Code Vault
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    Or you can use limit to reposition yourself to the boss :)
    Post by: masterj360, Jul 24, 2011 in forum: Code Vault
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    Can someone explain to me how to use a combination of a Boss Warp with a Boss Replacement and a Stage Mod. I have the codes for the stages and Boss Warp, but the front page doesn't have all the Boss Replacement list. From my understandings the best Boss Replacement is Sephiroth, but theres a problem the code is hard to find lol. So all I'm asking are instructions on how to use this combination and a Boss Replacement code for Sephiroth.
    Post by: masterj360, Jul 23, 2011 in forum: Code Vault
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