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    Who did you feel worse for at the end, Roxas or Axel? Feel so sorry for Axel because he lost the two best friends that mean to him.

    Did Xion bug the hell out of you (because she did me)? I dont think so. She just wanted to know like Roxas that if she exist or not.

    Are there any other worlds you wish were in KH 358/2 Days? I wished that the game shows EVERY organization stories more often.

    Who is your least favorite Organization member (not from the C.O. crew, a lot of people hate them)? I think that every member is fine.

    Was Xion an easy or hard boss? Hard at first, but easy later on.

    Did you want the game to continue after Roxas was inside the other Twilight Town? yes defiently.

    Did you want the game to start sooner in the story? yes.

    Why do you think they only have one flavor of ice cream? To be honest, I really dont know @.@

    Why did Hayner, Pence, and Olette have bigger parts than King Mickey? maybe because Roxas was getting to know wat is like to have friends everyday.

    Also: Post what really pissed you off about the game (you know, besides anything I mentioned.)
    That Marluxia had to be the traitor, but other than that, I loved the game.
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    I would pick bbs theme. I cried after hearing the music for a second time T.T
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    I would prefer both stories, but i think Sora's story is wat i will pick because it awesome to unlock so many amazing moves and summon cards.:)
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    I would say Larxene was the hardest boss. Its hard to keep loading up the cards when she comes at you unexpectly and kill you. I had to stop playing Re:chain of memories and come up with a strategy to defeat her.
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    Hello :)

    Hi I'm Marly11.
    some of the members call me marly for short.
    wat i want is the keyblade's power X)
    It is nice to meet u
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