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    To be honest, I'd take the matter to the principle or something of that sort. I'm not one for certain people being placed into situations of ease, but if the class is causing learning problems and the teacher isn't able to do something about it, then they're at fault, and higher officials should say something to them about it.
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    Stalkers used to be quite the compliment for me in my younger years, but when an exgirlfriend is unable to get over you, you tend to learn that while it only encourages the ideal of just how incredibly I must be to make this person crave me so, there's always that one chance that they'll end up being like that woman in a Stephan King film (a name which escapes me), whom decided that there was nothing more romantic than killing herself, after killing the man that she had paralyzed in order to keep trapped in her house. Quite personally, I dislike the idea of having my legs hammered by you, so whilst I do appreciate you stalking me on this lovely night, I must also request that my legs, or any limbs/vital area's I might consider important be avoided by you, my dear stalker friend.

    As for the advice, I thank you for such. As things stand, the pressure of having someone do what I do to so many to me has left me at an awe, and there for, at quite the disadvantage. Misgrammar does not seem to hinder one when on purpose, but in using it purposely, I believe that you are right in saying that like a homeless man with a stray cat in his hands, it shall naw at her until eventually, battle is the only option left. I am in your debt, my strange stalker friend.

    As for the person, I suppose that you could say that I only used the reference of a woman simply because just as the idea of finding a person that I might ever consider being in a relationship with, the world has just that much of an effect on me. One would be surprised just how little most people know, while it is equally as easy to figure it out. To those that are not controlled by normalcy, it becomes not only exciting, but for ever quenching to my never ending hunger for knowledge and excitement.

    On that raises the question...the fact that you know of such, just how is it that such things are common knowledge? Perhaps I have underestimated you as an opponent, stalker-san. I believe that we are at an impass, where this game of wits, like that of a stalker chain, shall begin in a never ending battle until the fabrics of time itself run short |:
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    Wonder indeed, to the world that brings so much to me.
    So full of life, and like a woman, able to seduce even the most inpenatrable of wills.
    You offer new things, and as we grow together, I learn to appreciate you more and more.
    But all in the same, we have our conflictions and our differences, which drives us apart.
    In the end,I cannot help but come crawling back to you,for even if we agree, you o wonderous world,
    You are the light of my day, and the reason I live.
    No matter where I go or how I change, you are always open to what I have to say.
    No matter who becomes my friend or foe, you are always here.
    Upon entering this life, we were bound with vows, for better or worse.
    So, o wonderous world, I wonder. Oh how I wonder.
    When I am in my merriest of spirits, oh how I wonder.
    When I am sad and cannot be reached, oh how I wonder.
    When I am shining full of pride, oh how I wonder
    And when I am broken hearted, shattered. Oh, how I wonder.
    As much as you provide for me, just how can I provide for you, when I still have so much to learn about you?

    Kinda sounds like a poem. Doesn't really rhyme or anything...but felt like putting it somewhere. After all, how can one appreciate what they themselves consider art when it is not open for the world to see it, aye?
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    Meh, media ploy. If you can let people broadcast things in your life as episodes, then you can just as easily do something like this. And boy oh boy, talk about all the gossip and stuff that this is going to get. Unless someone gets robbed dry of their money, I say that it's fake. If someone DOES get everything taken though then....

    Welp, sucks to be them I suppose.
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    Given the fact that this is for the sake of your cousin reading it, I suppose that I can be frank in the fact that no, it isn't okay. Sixteen year olds don't have enough experience in the world to possibly be able to comprehend what goes into taking care of that baby, let alone the fact that I have my doubts that they'd be able to possibly raise it correctly.

    Perhaps I am wrong, and she is one of those one of a kind chances that she might be able to handle it. From the way that you put it though, that "I can do this" attitude doesn't sound like it'd be too positive on the child. In the end, if that mother is not willing to recognize that there is something wrong with her having a baby at such a young age, then I feel that that in itself is an answer as to just how much they'll be able to support that child when it comes to raising them.

    Personally, I feel that in that kind of situation, if a teenager wanted the best for their child, then it should be given up for adoption. After all, it has a much better chance with a financially stable family that has the money to adopt, over a sixteen year old mother.
    But none the less. To clearly state the answer, I feel that a sixteen year old should not be parenting a baby, because it is a wrong to the child.
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    The technology is magnificent, and the fact that they've reached it this quickly is absolutely amazing. Less then a half century ago, something like this was a sci-fi fantasy, and now we have it in our grasp.
    I don't think that it's a good thing though. The technology itself is fantastic, but considering the times as of late, as well as a lot of mishandling of things, I have a lot of trouble seeing too much positive coming from this when it's in the hands of the current people that are in charge. I think that in the long run, it'll open the gate to certain things that people won't be able to resist, and instead of it being used for the right kind of purpose, it'll only end up causing more problems. Hell, now that the research is complete, I can only wonder just who will actually be able to have access to the kind of treatments that are said to stem out from this.
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    You know...
    Even if it is an operation, per say that it was serious...The day technically isn't over yet. Who knows. It's leading on false hope to say it, but regardless, you never know if it might still happen.
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    I think that this site would be the best place to discuss it. Awhile back though, my sis asked me what iDoser was, and it lead to me reading quite a few interesting things on the topic. iDoser, for those who don't know, is a type of music which is also a downloadable ap, which creates a beat that messes with people's brain waves. You can look it up on youtube (though I've never listened to it personally), but straight to the point, it create's a fake, yet intense high, from what I've seen.

    So I'm curious, what are people's oppinions on it?
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    Whether it be Facebook or other matters, right or wrong, I find an appreciation in them. I'll be dammed if I'm struck down for the comment, but considering alot of things that I've seen about the government ever since they caught my eye, it's nice to see a group of people with power that aren't running a giant landmark.

    Either way, I guess tommorow'll be the day that we get to see if they can really take down facebook. At first I didn't think it could be done, but these days, change is something as common as my visits to 7Eleven for lunch every day. That, and I'd love to see how people react when they can't sign onto facebook. I've got a few friends who never stop talking about it, so it'll be good for a laugh.
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