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Dec 3, 2010
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Jun 4, 1993 (Age: 31)
Confined to this horrid prison.


Merlin's Housekeeper, 31, from Confined to this horrid prison.

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Mar 26, 2013
    1. Beau
      Hey there, remember Karakuri Burst? Hopefully you do!

      We can revive the beloved Karakuri Burst if we get a majority of the original roleplayers agree to post again.

      Would you be willing to commit to posting, as you did before the roleplay died?
    2. LARiA
      You don't have to bend over backward for me, I am speaking jokingly most of the time. Isn't it inspiring? The world being so large. When I look at a map it seems puny, but the reality of how vast it really is can be startling, small on a map but big in experience. Don't bother responding to this, I sent a pm.
    3. LARiA
      Oh no, you think you deleted them? Don't worry, it was admin. Cursed oppressors. They think my posts irrelevant... was tempted to message Plums back telling him that, you seemed to have no qualms with my gross irrelevancy, but didn't. Damned admins going out and ruining all our fun, and I bet this visitor message will be found and deleted. Right, Wolfie? Freedom of speech down the drain. Who am I kidding, I troll. Without even meaning to, it seems.

      Nice to meet you, and... you are not so pretentious after all. Not too pretentious. At least you are being warm and friendly. Generally I don't think most pretentious people warm, and not in the least friendly... proven wrong once more.

      edit - hey, you should have used "irregardless". I demand an edit now.
    4. Makaze
      Saved all and cleared. Thank you for telling.
    5. Doukuro
    6. Doukuro
      I was updating in the middle of it, it wouldn't let me type ;~;

      What prank you want to pull on her?

      The fact that society accepts that is just plain sad.

      And I like that.

      Have a nice night D:
    7. Doukuro
      I couldn't breath for a few moments there... Luckily we have an open house and fans running.

      ...ankle feitish.
    8. Doukuro
      While I was telling her about how it messes with me she walks away so I went to finish my sentence, speaking calmly and all saying "I understand that you did it before I said anything (even though I tell her every ****ing time >.>") but you should of stopped after I said something." And in the middle of my sentence she yells "SORRY" and slams the door on my face.
    9. Doukuro
      It's better to stay up on Fridays cause he is home so he won't randomly show up in the middle of the night so I can stay up as late as I wish.

      And BB continued to spray the air fresher even after I said that it gives me breathing troubles and was already causing them.
    10. Doukuro
      True. The real noobs wouldn't look.
    11. Doukuro
      Most would of seen your post though.
    12. Doukuro
      Why not Friday night? D: That is perfect for me.
    13. Doukuro
      Are you online?
    14. Doukuro
      I don't see why they would force you to update. It works the same either way and some people just like the old verison. Like us.

      My arm kind of hurts since I slammed the back of it on my headboard to avoid throwing the mouse, but I am otherwise ok XD
    15. Doukuro
      MSN won't let me log in without installing the new verison. I'll just uninstall it and reinstall the older ver. Made me wanna throw the mouse XD
    16. Jayn
      How so? o:

      Yes! Aww. I didn't know you were in your last yearrrr. I suppose so.

      I'm planning on starting at Community and then transferring to an arts institute.
    17. Jayn
      Woot. Thanks. 8D

      I've been pretty good! Happy that school is beginning to wind down and graduation is right around the corner. c: You?
      Aw, I'm soooo sorry. You could have messaged me! I don't mind a nice reminder, VMs just get lost sometimes for me. Dx
    18. Jayn
      Whoooooa. I'm so sorry. This VM got lost under everything else! D: I feel awful.

      I don't even know what's going on anymore. That last VM was on my birthday. XDD
    19. Midnight Star
      Midnight Star
      I know your figuring it out, but any chance of a reply anytime soon on So Cold, it has become quite one sided.
    20. Jayn
      xD It was my introduction to the world of Japan so I was really enthralled. I loved it. I feel like rewatching it just for nostalgia's sake, but I already know that's not happening. xD Too much time to invest! But it does kind of disturb me that I was so into a demonic sort of setting in third grade, for six years after that before the obsession finally dwindled.

      Oh, yay! And I'm on episode six nowww. It's worth it. There are lots of dramatic shots though, it's kind of amusing. And that's interesting in itself! I like romance...but only if there's a tinge of darkness in it. I can't take really shoujo-y stuff. I get bored easily.

      What is that game called? It sounds really cool. ^^ And you're smart to do that. The holidays realllly slowed role plays down. A lot. And the site in general, really. ...Speaking of which, how was your Christmas? c:

      I really appreciate how honest you are about everything though. I tend to let my emotions rule over me in the heat of arguments, but right after I also get rather frustrated and upset with myself for letting that happen. Or I saw something utterly ridiculous that I didn't really mean but...the damage is already done. And what causes that phobia? D;

      It's all goood. So long as you're being honest. c: Also, I'm sorry. Because I also go on VM hiatus' and then answer everyone's at one time. XD
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    Jun 4, 1993 (Age: 31)
    Confined to this horrid prison.
    Perhaps there is a reason to show more then this shade of malice. I'm pushing to make the most interesting situation possible.

    I like to write and challenges. Normally people. The human psyche is so interesting.


    "If you won't save me, please don't waste my time"- Oasis ​