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    To anybody Who Has Dabbled In Play As Boss Codes - is It Theoretically Possible To mod An Ally Into A Boss With The Same Method As Opposed To Modding Player 1?
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    Hi All. Just felt Like Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane Since Dropping In On KHV again. I Know Half Of the Duelists Here Don't Know Me But I Enjoyed Coming Here A while Back. To Those Who Do, long Time No See! Again! Lol Sorry. I'm Not Going To say I Have Stable Internet Again Because I Don't, I'm Mostly Here On Borrowed Time (smart Phone) and Could Disappear Again Any Day Now. I'm Also Not Going To say I'm Building A New Deck Again, again Because I Might Not Be Here Long And Also Because Well...

    I've Joined The Magicside.

    ...That Sounds Stupid. I'm Playing Magic The Gathering Now. It's Fun. I've Really Never Had Such An Experience With A Card Game In A Long Time, and Yugioh Just Doesn't Do It For Me Anymore. Still, I've Never Been More Into card Games Than This Period In My life, and I Feel Like This Thread Had A Large Impact On That. So Thanks For The Good Times, Jaden. I Appreciate It. Maybe Sometime In The Future I Might Feel Interested In The Game And I'll Come Back Here Someday, if Not, keep Up The Trap Cards And Special Summons Everybody.

    So Now The Ocean And I Are Divorced. I'm Free To Explore Other Waters! (Blue Magic Decks Ftw)
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    Is there anything you can tell me about this function? Like how does it work? And I haven't had any experience in assembly though I'm interested in trying. If you can point me in the right direction for the basics, that'd be great.
    Post by: Mako Tsunami, Feb 7, 2014 in forum: Code Vault
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    Yes, it would be the latter. The values change not just depending on what room you're in, but also the data in that room. So by itself, the address isn't that useful beaides bypassing certain obstacles in target modding that mean more if you're already experienced in it. I'm trying to find the function that specifically changes the data in that address, because Sora's (player 1's) beacon values are also DMA and constantly change, yet the address tracks slot 1's beacons. what if we found out how to switch it to slot 2?
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    Thank you, but again that's the problem I'm having. the code is incomplete because the "digits" are DMA, hence why I'm here asking for assistance. you'll have to hack the digits yourself because they're different depending on a bunch of different variables. But get PCSX2, Emuhaste and ps2dis and you'll be set. A quick YouTube sear
    (forgive this awkward edit, my phone hates me. In hindsight, "universal" may have been misleading. the code works much the same as the camera mod, in that the address works in every room of the game but the digits do not. So in a sense, it is a "universal" target address without "universal" target digits, which most likely cannot exist.)
    ch will give you a futorial on target modding and how to find the "digits" you're looking for. It's surprisingly easy.
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    Hi I'm back.

    Just wanted to see if I can get anybody's input on something I'm trying to work with. See I've come across an interesting line of code that could have severe implications on the coding area of target modding - and before everybody's think pans immediately assume the most submissive position of surrender possible on this subject, hear me out first.


    The line above appears to be a universal target mod. Many factors in the game involving enemies and enemies' abilities areaffected in relation to whatever beacon is put into the data of that address, and it is consistently set to contain player 1's beacon.This means switching the address to someone else - let's say Riku - will have all enemies in the game targetting Riku. It even works with some bosses who have problems with traditional target moddig - namely Larxene. Try it out, she works.

    One key issue I'm having is as follows: the beacons are not universal. Yet something in the game is automatically switchingthe data in the address to match Sora's beacon. I want to know if I can find out what that is and if I can switch it to someone else. I've little knowledge in how to figure that out thoufh, so if anyone has some helpful information, it would be appreciated.
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    Customs? o.O

    Customs? o.O
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    Hey guys, just came to drop these babies off.
    Predestroyed Colosseum codes

    Colosseum Gates Object Mods
    Tiny Pots: (First row)
    11c859e8 0000xxxx
    11c859a8 0000xxxx
    11c85968 0000xxxx
    11c85928 0000xxxx
    Tiny Pots: (Second row)
    11c858e8 0000xxxx
    11c858a8 0000xxxx
    11c85868 0000xxxx
    11c85828 0000xxxx

    The Colosseum Object Mods
    11c79fc0 0000xxxx
    11c79d70 0000xxxx
    11c7a810 0000xxxx
    Tiny Pots:
    11c76124 0000xxxx
    11c76164 0000xxxx
    11c761a4 0000xxxx
    11c761e4 0000xxxx
    11c76224 0000xxxx
    11c76264 0000xxxx
    11c762a4 0000xxxx
    11c762e4 0000xxxx
    11c76324 0000xxxx
    11c76364 0000xxxx
    Large Pot:
    11c760e4 0000xxxx
    Phil's Minigame Tiny Pot Modifier
    Pots are Dusks V1: (If this code doesn't work, use the version below. This occurs when the minigame is using a duplicate UCM digit for the pots.)
    21cc3770 58455f4d
    21cc3774 00303939
    01cc3778 00000000
    21cc3790 58455f4d
    21cc3794 2e303939
    21cc3798 7465736d
    11cc379c 00000000
    Pots are Dusks V2: (If this code doesn't work, use the version above. This occurs when the minigame is using a duplicate UCM digit for the pots.)
    21cdb530 58455f4d
    21cdb534 00303939
    21cdb538 00000000
    11cdb53c 00000000
    21cdb550 58455f4d
    21cdb554 2e303939
    21cdb558 7465736d
    11cdb55c 00000000

    Oh, and if anyone here has experience in target modding, I'd like their professional help. I found an address that fixes a lot of the problems with basic target modding as they pertain to certain bosses (Yuffie always facing Sora, Xigbar always attacking towards Sora, etc), but it makes the other boss attack themselves. Here it is:
    This address always has Sora's pointer as its data. When it's directed towards another boss, even things like Axel's fire arena are pointed towards them. If someone can tell me what exactly it is and what all I can do with it, I'd really appreciate it.
    Post by: Mako Tsunami, Aug 27, 2013 in forum: Code Vault
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