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    [Imagine Kara's perfect face here]
    Kara grimaced at the appearance of the strange thi-people. Really now, they have voices and clear consciousness and quite possibly souls. Even animals are people, and not things. Just because they choose to be creepy people doesn't mean you have to limit the importance of their existence. She chided herself, while feeling her hand slowly and steadily move for a weapon of some sort. Inside her head the wheels were spinning quickly, multiple tangents of thought colliding and crushing each other in a dance so heady it was almost anxiety inducing. Dylan had said to "give them a second" just before they had appeared. And there didn't seem to be a single shaken syllable in his voice, any indication that he was anything other than calm. A small piece of her trust in him chipped, falling away like a crack in an iceberg. And Kara didn't give out very big icebergs of trust to begin with. If he wasn't planning on sacrificing her soul to these th-people, or if she survived the attempt, she was going to be having a frank conversation with him. And possibly a shiv to a non vital area of the body.

    She tilted her head to indicate that she heard
    Lucian, though she would have to argue that the word "sane" should probably not be used in regards to describing any of them. Hiding her uncertainty and slight amounts of fear behind cynicism, she folded her arms, her human hand grasping the cold metal of the hidden dagger handle.
    "I don't know, I was quite enjoying the elegance of their speech. It holds a certain amount of majesty, wouldn't you say? Nobility, even. Something we desperately lack." She let her tone turn biting on the last word, but otherwise didn't let her cool facade slip. "The knowledge bit is pretty tempting, though." Depending on the price.
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    Teliana nodded in reply to Dayla, somewhat relieved that there was another person she could trust at their back. Alyse melted away to take Lumen towards the entrance, though Teliana worried at what exactly she might have planned. Too soon after, the strange man disappeared, and Teliana had to rub her temples in an attempt to avoid giving herself another headache. If he decided to provoke Dayla, she could only hope the elf woman would live up to what Alyse had made her sound like. There were two types of women in this world; victims and warriors. Teliana knew which category she fell into, and she could count Alyse as among the same. It would be interesting to see whether the elf was worth being placed among their tier. Teliana hoped it wouldn't come to that.

    Forging onward, she ducked towards a conveniently placed side door. Knocking quietly, Teliana waited for a moment before pressing her fingers to the wood, and letting the fire course under her skin and into the blockade. The door ignited with little resistance, though it created a beacon Teliana would have rather avoided. Gritting her teeth, she pushed through as soon as was possible, without also burning away her clothes. Brushing a few stray embers from her cloak, she swept inward, listening for any signal that Alyse had failed and she would be overwhelmed. Thus far, none was forthcoming. Her footsteps quick and quiet, Teliana made her way into the deepest cells, where they kept the most dangerous of criminals. If a witcher didn't fit that category, she didn't know who would. All the cell doors in the furthest hallway were open, indicating no one was inside. But there was a second wooden door, shut and barred. Interesting. Teliana played the same trick, though this door was reinforced with some steel and required a much hotter fire to burn. Actually, blasting might have been a more politically correct term, as the barrier buckled inward and flew across the room, slamming into the wall. Teliana stepped through, fire dancing through her fingers as she surveyed the captive audience in front of her. Well, two people was hardly an audience.

    "We won't be needing your services any longer." She smiled coldly, before pointing towards the torturer, hoping the witcher would get the right idea as she let the sparks literally fly.

    Alyse glared at Teliana before easing away, taking Lumen by the arm with a grimace. It was probably a bad move on her part, but she didn't want to make any noise until she had to. She might have been worried about Dayla, had she not been confident the elf could handle herself. Like Teliana, Dayla was hundreds of years old. She had unshakeable confidence in her friend that no matter what, she would have their back. "I'm going to pretend I'm bringing you in." Aylse told Lumen once they were out of earshot. "I'm not really asking for your permission. You can go with it, or try to bring me in. I dare you." Glancing around, Alyse reminded herself to let go of Lumen's arm. She stopped just shy of the guards at the gate and turned to him. "So what's it going to be?"

    Mister Bob
    It was really not his night. He had been called out of a warm bed and a mug of ale to do late night work, on the guard's special resident once more. If the man hadn't broken by now, it was likely he wouldn't. He was a witcher, well equipped to resist the vices of pain and all that it told the body to do. But still, he did as he was told, accepted the money, and kept his mouth shut. The coins would make for a nice supper, anyhow. But then the door to his room was blasted in, and it didn't get much better from there. A strange woman with fire in her eyes and on her hands strode into the room as if she was comfortable there, and then she turned her gaze on him. Bob might have shuddered from fear at the magic that surrounded her, but he didn't have time as she threw fire towards him. Bob was not a young man, but he still managed to throw himself out of the way, his shirt the only casualty as the lower half burned. He rolled on the stone floor, putting it out just as the woman moved to free the witcher. He knew he had no chance against the pair of them, and in the split second of fight or flight, he threw himself down on his knees and begged, "Please, I had no choice! Let me live, and I swear I will spend the rest of my life repaying the debt!"

    The Sisterhood
    Out of the forest stepped eight cloaked figures. Varying in height and weaponry, they moved silently towards Kord and Aaron before stopping a small distance. "Will they do?" The one furthest on the left asked, her voice deep and powerful. "Yes." Said the two in the middle, their voices mirroring. Without warning, Deep Voice darted forward, swinging a double headed axe, while another on the far right pulled out two short knives and jumped forward, closing the distance between them fast.

    The Witch Hunters
    A short bearded man, similar in stature to a dwarf, poked around the outside of the inn. Owned by a non-human, frequented by more non-humans, it was as good a place to look as any. The man thumped his fist against the door, rattling the wooden barricade with his armored fist. "Open in the name of the King!" He shouted, following his statement with another banging of his fist. He had declared his work to be that of their sovereign, and by that right he could break down the door if there was no reply. How perfect that because of the time of night, there were no onlookers. With the witcher captured by the guard, they couldn't afford any more troubling rumors on any of their coalition's actions. Better to eradicate the vermin inside quickly and quietly. He looked back at the contigent of five men, waiting on his signal to charge the dangers inside. Hopefully their training would be enough to save all of them from the Devil's work.
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    The conversation thereafter was somewhat boring to Kara, but she figured there were only so many lines she could push before the noose slipped around her neck, as it were. Nothing really ruffled her feathers until they entered the building; she had spent enough cold and dark nights on the street to become numb to the fear they might have caused in a lesser woman. The "weird" that Dylan described however, was more than a little unnerving. Similar to that constable's strikingly awful ability to track her whereabouts, she felt her stomach tighten and her hair stand on end. It didn't really help that she couldn't see.

    Tightening her mechanical fist, Kara resisted the urge to reach for the extendable knife she kept on her person.
    Dylan was a mystery, but it wasn't likely he would lead them into danger headfirst. Seemed more of a feet first kind of guy, anyway. And Lucian....well hopefully his chivalry outweighed his sense of self preservation. "So what now?" Lucian's voice came from her right, and she sighed, clenching and unclenching metal ligaments before turning her eyes from one side of the room to the other, in a poor attempt to be able to see anything.
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    Kara rolled her eyes once more, sighing with enough attitude to draw attention to her figure, and then followed Dylan out the door. She ran her metal fingers through her hair, the sunlight catching and reflecting off the purple strands as her eyes roamed the crowds around them. "Oh, him." Kara tossed her hand dismissively, putting a little skip in her step to push her pace ahead of Dylan's, and to the front of their small group. Lucian was still remaining silent, thank whatever deity there was. "He wasn't all that bad. Bought me a drink, we chatted. I might meet up with him later, if he's not busy. As for his attitude." She turned to Dylan and winked. "He reminded me of a certain someone, so I couldn't complain."
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    "Says the man carrying around a greatsword." Teliana responded to Enok with a raised eyebrow, not even bothering to force a smile when Lumen appeared as well. It seemed they were all here, then. Might as well step forward onto their path, wherever it would lead them. "If we're all ready, then let us be off and done with this, before the guard turns truly desperate." If they hadn't already. Teliana moved her hands along her belt to make sure her pouch of herbs was there, whatever good they might do, before turning and walking back down the alleyway. In all honesty, she didn't foresee a grand way to keep them all from being spotted. But the guard could hardly do anything against a few couples going for a midnight stroll. And groups that left bars and taverns tended to stick together. Hopefully the sight of women would be enough to dissuade them, if the witchers could keep their eyes averted.

    "I'll be honest with you all, my plan is the barest of any kind of idea. Some of us will work to distract those on duty while the others will search for and rescue the witcher. I plan on going with the latter group, in order to signal the former party when we have completed our task, so we may all escape in a timely fashion." She had hoped Alyse would go with the second group, but there would be no forcing the girl. "You all may go where you please, I will not attempt to order any of you around. I only ask that at least Derrick comes with me, given that you know the captured man and he may be more receptive to a rescue attempt from a familiar face." Or he might just kill me anyway. She could never tell.

    Alyse rolled her eyes at Enok, stared a little harder at Lumen, and then sighed, her breath fogging in the air as Dayla continued to talk to the witcher. She had hoped her friend would have the good sense to ignore the man, but her hopes and dreams had done little to get anywhere before. Making sure her hood was pulled up to mask her face, she followed after Teliana, the cloak billowing out behind her. Cold didn't bother her like it did her older sister, though it still touched upon her like any other being made of flesh. Had she her furrier shape, it would have been an even better fit for the weather. But then her blood lust wouldn't be as controlled as it was now.

    Teliana began to speak as they moved, but Alyse instead chose to focus on their surroundings, on possible witnesses. If any of them were identified, they wouldn't be able to move around town. Most of them would end up leaving, though she wasn't sure she minded that idea in conjunction with the witchers. She certainly didn't like that they were splitting up, but she couldn't see a better way to do this. If they all charged in as one, they would end up splitting up anyway just to search for the cells. And while Teliana moved confidently, Alyse had never been here before. She would be little help other than as a defender. Focusing back in on the people around her, she waited to see where everyone would go. That would dictate both what she did next, and how well this would work.

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    Teliana felt a jolt of warmth unrelated to the fires that burned insider of her as Dayla showed. She knew that Alyse was more than displeased with her, and having someone that the younger girl could go to for comfort would take a great deal off her mind. She offered the elven woman a smile, before shaking her head. "I'm hoping that the witchers come, at least. I'm sure the guard has been working on their comrade by now, and I know very little about healing witchers." It wasn't that she couldn't bring her poultices with, or that she didn't have the skills of modern medicine at her side. But witchers were so very different from the rest of the people around them, that she wasn't even sure what she knew would help. And it had been such a long time....

    Derrick admit that Veceslav was his teacher was surprising, enough so that she forced herself to take a step back. Both men are likely older than a few decades, but just how old? Would they know of her? Had they been on opposing sides of the battlefield at one point, a simple footstep away from trying to wipe the other out? The thought had made her extremely uncomfortable, and so she focused her mind entirely on rescuing the witcher. On repaying the debt she had incurred. On asking for the forgiveness she sought as silently as possible. When Derrick appeared, it brought both warmth and cold in a strange, startling mixture. His help was welcome, but his piercing eyes were not. "We will wait a little longer." She murmured, stepping back and staring off into the night as Derrick engaged with Dayla. Her fingers tapped against her side, itching with that strange pain to light things on fire, to burn towers and kingdoms to the ground. Not yet.

    Dayla's appearance jolted Alyse from some of her melancholy state, and she approached the elven woman, ignoring Teliana's words and leaving the sorceress to stand somewhat by herself. "Why are we doing this?" She asked Dayla, her fingers going numb for a moment as she gripped the handle of her mace tight enough to keep blood from circulating. She relaxed her grip when her fingers started to ache, shaking her hand out from underneath her cloak. Glancing up at the night sky, Alyse felt a pang of relief that it wasn't the full moon. She still had some time before that awful event occurred, before she would have to find a reason or a way to give both Teliana and Dayla the slip. The excuses kept getting harder to come by, and no doubt after this event the guard would be stepping up their efforts to try to catch whoever was responsible. If they succeeded. She might have to come up with a new plan after this night. It was frustrating that she couldn't understand why they needed to do this, but she couldn't abandon those that were doing it. This wasn't their fight!

    Sighing, her breath fogging up in front of her face, Alyse heard
    Derrick before she actually saw him. The hairs on the back of her neck raised, as though the wolf within could sense the singular danger this man posed. She narrowed her eyes in wariness as he approached, barely keeping back the urge to growl territoriality as he spoke to Dayla. Witchers had come to Novigrad before, but she had always managed to avoid them. His eyes unnerved her, and she avoided his gaze as a result, turning away to survey the dead streets. She desperately wanted to reach out and take Dayla's hand, but the danger of frostbite, and of appearing like a weak little girl kept her from executing the action. Instead, she hoped that they could soon leave, that she could use the excuse of battle to release the pent up aggression from her earlier battle with Kord, and from this unnerving situation. At least then she would get some good out of it.
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    "You're not an investigator if you can't solve things." Kara retorted just as Lucian appeared. She gave him a bright smile, which turned into a smirk at his statement. "You see? He's multi-talented. Keeps things interesting." She winked, ignoring Dylan's comment about eye candy as she continued to rummage through the cupboards until she found another of the apples she had liberated earlier. Taking a bite, she turned to appraise the atmosphere, her arm crossed underneath her chest, her mechanical elbow balanced on it as she slowly ate the fruit. Lucian might appear to be a simple drunk, brawling to try to escape whatever pain his mind put him through, but he was far more intelligent then that. He hadn't brought down his constabulary jacket, for one. Kara didn't deem it necessary to mention it to Dylan, not if Lucian wasn't going to put it out in the open. Why make things more complicated? He might be part of the useless force that had refused to bring her aunt's killer to justice, but Kara wouldn't hold that against him, specifically. Not when he clearly rebelled against the system he worked for. Now that she thought about it more deeply, this little scheme of hers might be even easier than she had originally thought.

    "Dylan is also afraid that some miscreant will cut his pretty face. Rather than let him use me as a meat shield, I thought perhaps a man of such talent and strength like yourself might be useful in keeping my own body in one piece. I've already lost a part of it," her mechanical fingers tapped against the half-eaten apple, "and I'd rather not lose more. In addition," she paused to take another bite, chew and then swallow. "Stardust here is liable to leave me there on his quest, and it wouldn't be as exciting to take on the Dark Dragons, whatever they pretend to be, by myself." She took a last bite of the apple before tossing it out the window, wiping her mechanical fingers on her shirt. "You wouldn't leave a girl to fend off the legions of evil alone, would you?" She asked, her voice light but her gaze cold. Truth be told, she was hoping to get into a fight. She needed to take out her frustration from the constable earlier on someone, and she couldn't very well do it to the man who paid her wage.
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    Kara raised an eyebrow at Dylan, questioning his self pitying bluntness. "Self pity doesn't become you. Come now, have to keep up those rugged good looks to keep the ladies coming in. I can't be the only eye candy around here, it won't get us far. Keep up that damaged routine though, that'll ensare Miribelle rather quickly. Then I won't have to deal with either of you hanging over my shoulder every time I decide to bring back the shopping." She turned her head to the stairs in response to movement, wondering if it was time to actually introduce Lucian to her employer. Stardust beat her to the point by yelling up the stairs, startling her and causing her to jump. "My bleeding ears." she muttered, rubbing one of them in a dramatic show before crossing the room to rummage through the cupboards again to hide her un-ease. If violence broke out, she had no particular allegiance to either man, and yet she would still be forced to choose. Let it hope that it wouldn't come to that, then.
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    Kara rolled her eyes at Dylan's tirade. She could see herself getting tired of his inability to be wrong, but for now it was tolerable. Folding her arms across her chest, she waited it out. "Oh, so you actually did something bad? My my, you should have just let me think you actually cared about this city. It might have been an admirable quality for a delinquent like me." Her tone was joking, but her eyes didn't match. At his threat to kill her, Kara only raised an eyebrow, dropping her arms and debating whether it was worth it to punch him in the face. Probably not, but the entertaining imagery was nice. "You act like I'm afraid of death, Stardust. And here I thought you were able to see things." At the mention of Lucian, Kara wondered if he had gone through her underwear drawers yet. "You could always ask him nicely. Maybe if you ask him out to dinner, you might be able to get him to punch you in all the right places, if you catch my drift."
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    The plan has been set, and those that wish to right the wrong of the Novigrad city guard and free the captive Veceslav have agreed to meet at midnight outside of Dayla's bar. The snow has died down, leaving a mist that hangs through the air, chilling skin and dampening clothing. The freezing temperatures make it difficult to stay outdoors without an external source of warmth. The streets are deserted, except for the unlucky members of the guard who are scheduled to patrol the streets.

    Alyse didn't bother holding her cloak close as she and Teliana strode through the streets. She hadn't really spoken to her sister in the hours following the meeting with their newfound comrades, feeling uncomfortable and more than a little upset. She still didn't understand why they had to be involved, or what responsibility Teliana felt towards this person. Still, Dayla had agreed to join them, and that alone proved that her sister's idea had some merit. Sighing, her breath clouding and disappearing into the fog, they arrived at their destination, in the stoop of Dayla's bar. Feeling her mace at her side, running her fingers along the handle, Alyse glanced around, looking to see who else had arrived.

    Teliana let the spark of her fire run between her fingers, underneath her cloak as they walked along. She could sense Alyse's disappointment and frustration, but she couldn't bring herself to explain their part in this. Some of it felt inexplicable, in a way. Pausing, shivering slightly, she looked around for their compatriots. Hopefully she wouldn't be disappointed, and they would all show. Hopefully, they wouldn't be too late to save the witcher. And hopefully, he wouldn't find it in his heart to hate her for doing this without his comrades.

    The hooded figure had watched the ship pull up to the port. Watched the apparent prisoner depart with his captive. It was all very boring, up until someone else jumped into the fray with apparent little self thought. How intriguing. She ran her tongue over her teeth in thought, letting the battle play out in front of her as her mind wandered. Truly, she had promised to not get involved. But if she didn't tell them what she had done, then it couldn't really be promise breaking, could it? Stepping out into the open, she held up her hand, exposing her flawless skin to the cold air. "Silence." Her voice echoed as everything stopped. Nothing moved, not even the snowflakes in the air.

    Pausing in front of Thorvald, she patted his cheek absentmindedly before moving to the two instigators. "This just won't do. Too easy." She murmured, taking a handful of each of their clothes before whispering the words, and vanishing into the air.

    Kord, Aaron and Thorvald are deposited in the Brokilon forest range, south of Novigrad and Oxenfurt. Whether or not they have memory of the woman in the hooded cloak is up to them. Whether they choose to work together or not against the monsters that range the forest, well, it shall be interesting to watch.

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    "Well A, your home security sucks and when we do eventually get robbed I'll be dead for four days before you notice the smell, and B, that's because no one finds you worth listening to, Stardust." He held the chocolate out of reach, earning a pout from Kara as she stretched for a moment on her tiptoes, debating the punishment of kicking him between the legs before giving up and dropping back to the ground, wandering into the kitchen to get an apple. "So you've basically narrowed the population from one million to a half million, good job." She took a bite of the fruit before turning back to face Dylan, her eyebrow raised as she chewed. As he went on however, his plan became a little more interesting. The question was what to do with Lucian. Have him come back...or have him come with? She didn't know if she liked him that much. But she didn't like Dylan that much either.

    "You can't cover up being murderable. I'm simply too adorable for some people to stand." Still, she would have to do something. Cover up her hair...gross. but doable. Maybe alter her makeup a bit, put on some less showy clothing. She sighed, and ran a finger through the purple strands before taking another bite and swallowing. "So did you get the rest of your friends killed? Because I could bring along a spare. He can hit people." That's it, make Dylan make the decision. One less responsibility for her to worry about.
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    Lumen. He shook his head, indicating that he would like to know more. Teliana smiled sweetly, laying on a little more charm this time. "Well, as mentioned I have a friend in a rather sticky situation. One you might be able to empathize with, actually. He was doing something for a good cause, but he might have gotten caught trying to Axii his way out of a situation. That makes the guards very suspicious and they took him in for questioning. I think, as wise denizens of Novigrad, we should do the right thing and have him released."

    Sliding a little closer, she leaned in close enough that she could smell his scent. It wasn't particularly attractive, but witchers never were.
    Except for that one mistake. "Now, I can pay you. I'm not asking for help for free, I've been around enough of your kind to know how it works." She lazily traced a finger down one of the lines of his armor, smiling. "But it would be in your self interest to help release a fellow witcher. Now that the city guard has one of them, who knows how much bolder they might get?"

    Glancing back to
    Derrick, she jerked her head, indicating that this might be a good time for him to step in. Whether his sensitive ears picked up any of their conversation, she didn't know, but hopefully his instincts were good enough either way. If not....this might be a rough freaking night.

    Alyse glanced at the man one more time before moving to the side with Dayla. She fidgeted with the handle of her weapon, nervous. It wasn't as if she was asking her friend and supervisor to commit a felony, after all. "Teli is going to do something stupid. To help the witcher that got taken. Will you please come with me, just to help her watch her back?" Alyse stopped fidgeting and turned, keeping her eyes on the newcomer who burst in, and then moved to talk to one of the walls. Because they didn't have enough crazy here....she let her hand close around the handle, just in case he decided to cause trouble. She was still itching for a good nonmagical fight.

    Mister Bob let the witcher have his outburst, going through his toolkit in the meantime. Time could not be wasted, after all. "Common sense has long fled this city, along with the warmer temperatures. I know that torture will not get anything good from you, and honestly there isn't anything they want to know. You, my friend, have gotten the short end of the stick, as they say, and though I am sorry I am not a braver man that would rescue you, I will simply do what I must in order to survive. Once this cursed winter is over, I do believe I'll be taking a long holiday, somewhere far from here. It's a shame you could not do the same."
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    Kara shrugged when Lucian pulled his shirt off, though she didn't mind the eyeful she got. Wasted, definitely not. Her laughter echoed slightly, and she made a mental note to quiet down. "Well, I won't complain about that." Though it would put a dent in my plans if you forgot about this little interaction.


    Kara was playing with the fabric of
    Lucian's coat, her mind wandering slowly as her fingers ran over the cloth. "It might be, that I could be bribed into getting you a drink. But I'd want something out of the deal." She smirked, sitting up and kneeling on her knees on the bed. At the sound of the door, she raised an eyebrow, but left the smirk where it was as Lucian commented. "So if it was my dad, or my brother, you would want to fight them? For coming home?" She chuckled, running her fingers through her purple hair before slipping off the mattress and moving towards the door. "Thankfully, it is neither. Your issues can stay just underneath the surface for now, Master Lucian. Although this does sound like it requires my attention." Walking towards the door, she smacked the back of her right heel against a desk drawer. "I'll collect that favor when I return. Don't destroy the room, don't steal my underwear, and if you drink it all, you owe me another favor." Winking, she stepped out the door and wandered towards the sound of the havoc wreaking noise that was Dylan.

    "Do you talk to yourself often? Or is it because you really wanted me to be home?" She yelled back, swinging into the kitchen and wandering over to where the green haired man stood, eyeing up the chocolate. Listening to her impulse, she made a grab for it, deciding that it looked appetizing enough to share. Too bad if Dylan didn't feel the same way. "So what's the secret? I'll share mine if you share yours."
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    Teliana might have choked back laughter if she was any less experienced. Depends on who you're buying the drink for? Did I not make it obvious? Still, she carried on, keeping her eyes and attention on him and tilting her body in a way that let the light hit her curves all just right. Unless this kid was a virgin, this should work. But Teliana didn't rule the possibility of failure. It kept her life interesting, if not a little more dangerous than she hoped. Keeping her charming smile plastered on her lips, she leaned forward conspiratorially towards Lumen, her eyes darting over his figure in a quick analysis before carrying on.

    "Well, one of my friends came into an unfortunate incident, and I need help getting them out of it. But if you are truly interested, then we should at least introduce each other." Holding out her hand, she let her cheeks flush. "Mine is Teli, and yours?" If this didn't work, then Alyse would simply have to take the boring job, no matter how she protested. And yes, she would not be happy.

    Speaking of Alyse, she was not so happily resting against the bar, waiting for the attention of her friend and boss. The strange man kept most of his attention on Dayla, though at one point he turned and stared at her. Alyse fought down the strong instinct to growl and stalk forward, staking her claim on this place, and the people around her. The wolf whispered that this man was a threat to her authority and territory, and she needed to take care of it. But the human instincts remained in place, thankfully much more in control then earlier, against Kord. Alyse narrowed her eyes at the man's comment about the help, but declined to offer a comment. She wasn't going to barge in a conversation that clearly didn't involve her. At around this time, Derrick or whatever his name was came up and ordered more alcohol. Witchers were different from humans in many ways, but Alyse hoped he wouldn't get blind drunk before attempting whatever Teliana had planned.

    She also hoped he wouldn't try to talk to her. Her nerves were already frayed, and she didn't want to risk giving anything away that might cause him to turn on her.

    Mister Bob
    Master Robertius Tiberius Kraven, or simply Bob, as he was known, walked down the hallway with purpose. He had two tasks ahead of him, and the way this night went depended not only on his choices, but on those of the man he had been sent to interrogate. While Bob didn't like to profit off his days with the witch hunters, learning their craft and recording it in journals for the purpose of history, there simply wasn't much work in the city for a scholar of his note. And while he had caused the deaths of (probably) innocent people, he liked to think that he had saved a great deal more. Hopefully the gods would see it the same way, and allow him entrance into the afterlife.

    Opening the door, Bob stepped in and shut the creaking thing behind him. The
    witcher had clearly already been worked over, to the best of the guards' barbaric extent. They didn't retain much skill or subtlety. For a commoner, it probably would have broken them. But a witcher was a different breed altogether. With a sigh, Bob set down his belt of heavy equipment. "So you're the one everyone is making a fuss about. Crossed the wrong side of the delicate balance of peace, and now they want me to get information from you." He unrolled the belt, his fingers cringing at the touch of cold steel. "If you're going to scream a name, I doubt it'll be one they want to hear. So you can use mine, it's Bob. Robertius is usually too much of a mouthful for torture victims."
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    Kara waited until they were a decent distance away from the tavern before turning back. Sure enough Lucian had followed, staggering around the street and poking at his bruised and bloodied face. She outright laughed and grabbed his hand, pulling it away from the injuries. "The more you poke, the more it'll bleed. That's what she said. Come on, I know where we can get you some ice, at least. We can always tear up Zephyr's sheet for bandages, though I can't promise how clean it'll be." Yanking on Lucian's hand, she pulled him down the street and towards her current place of residence. "Though you have to swear on your honor as a Constable and as a fantastic drunk, that you won't bring anyone else here, it'll be our little secret, yada yada yada." If he said anything other than yes, she would disappear in a heartbeat, no matter how drunk she was (or wasn't, really). And if he was lying, then she would cut off some important parts and make him a necklace. Or maybe that was too much. Maybe shaving his hair was a better start. I really shouldn't try to scheme while sipping the liquor. She thought to herself with a grin.

    Rigel watched the robot curiously as it responded, half tempted to poke at it. Personal experience however, told him this would not be a wise decision. Just as human beings didn't particularly care for the experience, most mechanisms didn't either. "Some humans like to ask others in order to prove like they're better, or to be helpful. I am trying the latter, in this case. I do not know if you are a robot that has lived in this city before, or is only trained to memorize statues. Or maybe you are taking photographs somehow. Studying anatomy? There could be also treasure, or secret information inside that statue, although I somehow doubt that." Rigel turned to look at the Saviours, half expecting it to burst into an unearthly glow and reveal and wonderous treasure. Of course, no such thing happened. But it was nice to imagine. Turning back to the robot, Rigel bowed awkwardly. "My name is Rigel Northam. It is interesting to meet you."
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