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    I made a goofy video expressing my hype for Utada Hikaru's New Simple and Clean Ray of Hope Mix Album that launched just last night. Feel free to check it out and give me some constructive criticism. Trying to be more creative and fun with my videos.

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    I'm glad you like my intro!!! I have already used it for my next episode of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. The process was really long to make the title screen. I made it completely from scratch, but with inspiration of how the title screen runs and fanmade title screens such as this one: The title screen was created through Photoshop CS6. I used the rectangle shape tool to make the square icons on the main menu, the line tool to make the line the squares lay on, along with the "By LPGamer15" section. For the fonts I used impact for the NEW GAME and LOAD titles. My girlfriend made me and all the other Co-Hosts on our channel our own custom avatar through some website. Sadly to use the avatar as part of the Title screen image I had to cut it out and paste it in with a tool called the Magnetic Lasso Tool. (That's also how I made my channel art) To make the effect of changing to the LOAD section of the title menu, I switched the two rectangles and lines and saved the image along with the original. As for the Load menu I literally went on my Kingdom Hearts Final Mix game on Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix, took a picture using my HDPVR 2 Capture Card, took it into photoshop, cut out the top and bottom portions of the screen, and pasted them into a new blank image. During this process the letters on the load menu bars on the top and bottom were distorted from the tool I used to make the pasting easier, so I had to go to the actual pixels themselves and restore them by coloring over the white spaces in the lettering. That process took nearly 30 minutes to do lol! After I added the top and bottom bars I made the background to where I can paste the title screen image and I placed a black rectangle in the middle space between, giving it an opacity to make an effect like in the game when it fades out the title menu so you can see the load selection screen. Once I finished all three images I went onto YouTube, got the sound effects of selecting, choosing, and loading something on a Kingdom Hearts game, and downloaded them as MP3 files from a website called I went into a video editing software I have called Sony Vegas Pro 11, put in the images I created, put it the sound effects, and synchronized them to the images as they changed in the video. I purposely made the first part of the title screen a bit long to make it feel like first turning on a Kingdom Hearts game and listening to the Dearly Beloved music. That is my favorite part of loading up a Kingdom Hearts game :)
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    Hi everyone! Today I spent around 3 1/2 hours working on an intro for my a Road 2 Kingdom Hearts III Let's Play series I'm doing on my YouTube Collab Channel called LPGamerZ. Feel free to give me your thoughts and opinions below and also check out the channel :)

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    Hi everyone! Just want to bring a minor annoying situation that is in Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix for Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. During gameplay of Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix I noticed that it takes literally 5 seconds to change into a form for Sora. I have been researching on ways to see if there's any updates to the game that someone has made to patch this, but I have found nothing so far except minor things to do to relieve loading times such as the pausing for 5 second method. Just wanting to know if there are any updates perhaps I can add onto a USB and install to the game to fix the lag issues. I heard that the PS3 reads discs slower than the PS2 or something like that and it's also because of the gaming trying to run the HD graphics. I have personally gotten used to waiting for Sora to change forms in 5 seconds, but I was used to how it played on the original game and on my emulator or Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix.
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    Hi everyone! I'm LPGamer15 and I run a collab Let's Play channel on YouTube called the LPGamerZ with my friend (DuskDescent) and my girlfriend (RubyRed). Currently I have just started a new Let's Play Series called "Road to Kingdom Hearts 3" where I will be playing through all the Kingdom Hearts games on Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 along with the help of my friend DuskDescent. I am doing a Let's Play on Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Re Chain of Memories (Sora), and Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix while my friend is doing a Let's Play on Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Re Chain of Memories (Riku). I'm also considering doing Let's Plays of the DS Games of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts Re Coded. Along with our Let's Plays we will be also uploading the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Movie and the Kingdom Hearts Re Coded movie. We will also be doing Let's Plays of the games in Kingdom Hearts 2.8 along with uploading the Kingdom Hearts Chi movie. My friend and I will be sharing off Sora and Riku's story in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. Currently I am working through Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and have been uploading episodes to our channel. Feel free to check our Let's Play series out and we are looking forward to the future of the Kingdom Hearts.

    Here is a link to the playlist my current ongoing Let's Play of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix:
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    For me my change would be finding a method to fixing the lag when changing into forms in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix and loading times of the game itself. The loading times I believe are to blame for the PS3 processing power of running a 3 huge HD games on one disc. Hope the PS4 doesn't have any lagging problems with Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD Remix and Kingdom Hearts 3.
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    Tomorrow I'm cosplaying as Roxas at school for Halloween. During the picture taking process of my costume I came up with an awesome idea of putting myself in a realistic picture of The World that Never Was and making an image of me being Roxas during the Deep Drive.

    My Cosplay Pics: View attachment 43435

    The Other Side View attachment 43436

    Tell me your thoughts on it and Happy Halloween!
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    It was just a joke lol
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