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    Drags back to skype

    Drags back to skype
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    Sequorra continued to pursue the men who had taken her friend hostage. Surprisingly she managed to keep her balance a top the lamp posts while maintaining a pace quick enough to keep up with Alux and Konstanze. The terrible twosome sped up their pace when they realized that dawn was coming soon and after a while they disappeared into the dark forest that sat beyond a farmer's field adjacent to the edge of town. Sequorra cursed under her breath when she lost sight of them and she came to a abrupt stop atop the town library. " That forest is full of bandits and creatures of all levels of mayhem... It's best I wait till the sun is at it's highest in the sky before I dare tread in there.. ." Sequorra thought as she sat down on the roof, trying to catch her breath.
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    " Well make sure you stick around tonight, we will dispatch to the Ancient temple early in the morning to meet up with Sephiroth and Doctor Hojo." Mercury said as he tended to the fire. Meanwhile Io seemed to be off in her own little world, her eyes hanging heavily as if she were going to fall asleep which was abnormal since she usually never broke a sweat when it came to hikes. " I think I might hit the sack earlier then I usually do." Io said as she yawned and began to nod off. Mercury noticed this odd behavior and rose a brow at Io. " Are you feeling alright Io?' Mercury asked as Io then passed out, nearly falling off the log. On Io's back was some kind of thorn that had come from a large poisonious plant that had been hiding in the bush Io had fallen in earlier. " Io !! . . .Damn shes poisoned. Should I get help?" Mercury said as he ran over to her and stood by her as she lay there unconscious.
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    Sequorra took notice of Anastasiya's fear of Konstanze and assumed from there how powerful he was. She too felt uneasy about the man but now wasn't the time for simple fear" I don't care who he is, I can't allow him or his lackey to kill her !!" Sequorra said as she ran off after the terrible twosome. " Hold on Vika !! I'm coming for you !!" Sequorra shouted as she gripped onto one of the lamp posts and climbed up swiftly. She then used magically to jump gracefully from post to post before landing on the roof and running after Alux and Konstanze who were now moving quickly above the roof tops.
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    Alux was caught off guard by the rush of mice and quickly tried to get them off by brushing at them with his hands. Sequorra's eyes widened in surprise not at the girl's attack but at the girl herself, she was someone she knew from long ago. " Vika what are you doing here ?!" Sequorra shouted as Alux managed to brush the mice of. Alux growled in his throat, a look of displeasure on his feet as he then turned back to Sequorra. Suddenly a man appeared behind Vika and grabbed her by the back of her shirt collar. " Well look at this, I've found a snack." Said the man as he stepped into the light of the moon with Vika in his grip, it was Konstanze who had just finished his hunt. " Alux, stop playing around with the ladies. We should be getting home before the sun comes up, you can feed when we get home." Konstanze said. Alux personally wanted to rip out the throat of the woman who let his meal escape but he couldn't refuse his master's commands. " If you wish it, I will go with you back to the mansion now my lord. Lets be going." Alux said with a deep sigh as he shot Sequorra a dirty look before jumping off into the night. Konstanze lingered for a few moments, tipping his tophat to Sequorra and Anastasiya before following Alux with Vika in tow. Sequorra's eyes widened in fear as she watched the girl being carried away. " Vika !!! No!! "
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    "You think a small fry like yourself is going to stop me? Don't be silly... Anyways your master bolted off and left the fight, why would I chase a coward like him?" Alux said rolling his eyes as the darkness began to dissipate from the area and everything was much more clearer. The place was in shambles with windows broken and the cobblestone had been ripped out of the road. When the darkness was gone, Alux could see the teenager getting away and disappearing into the shadows. Alux cursed under his breath in German after learning that the prey he had fought so hard for had gotten away. " All of that for nothing. Now someone is really going to pay." Alux said, a look of anger showing up on his normally stoic face. Alux's eyes quickly fell upon the one who had released the teen, Sequorra. " You little wench." Alux said as he took a knife out of his coat pocket. " you will have to do for now. But I won't be kind to you for interfering in my affairs." Alux said as he started to step towards her. Sequorra could see the vampire coming for her and quickly got into a stance to ready herself to stop him.
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    Alux was knocked off his feet by the girl's sudden intrusion, but even with the force that she had hit him with he had never reached the ground. Instead he stopped midway in the air using his unusual balance skills that came with being a vampire. Alux raised his hand and knocked the girl away while jumping backwards. " That was close... " Alux said as he eyed that pair of glowing amber colored eyes in the darkness. " Looks like I've drawn out a lackey . . . "
    Within the darkness Sequorra followed her senses to the site of the crumpled form of a teenage boy. " Hes still alive.... I'd thought he'd be drained dry by now..." Sequorra thought as she took her hands and severed the boys restraints allowing him to escape while the backs of the sparring vampires were turned.
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    Oh hey long time no see : O!!!

    Oh hey long time no see : O!!!
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    " Yes, but at least this bunch is more manageable ever since Sephiroth took Hojo on ahead to the Temple of the Ancients. Though after today we will catch up with them soon up at the temple." Mercury said as he let the chili pot simmer away on the fire.

    " Okay I think that guy isn't going anywhere for a while. Lets get out of here before more of them show up." Io said as she hopped off the branch and reached down to pick up the hiking pack she had dropped earlier when she fell from the tree. She strung the bag up over her shoulder and then continued downhill into the brush. It took several minutes for Io to reach the camp and once she was there she set her bag down on one of the makeshift log benches near the campfire. " Hey look who's back." Mercury said waving to Io. Mercury was sitting on one of the logs with a bottle in his hand.
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    " Yes I did get tangled up, it was touching me with it's nasty furry mitts !!" Io said as she shuddered and rubbed her hands over her arms as if she was trying to get clean. Io was shocked by Nicolaj's sudden decision to grab her and throw her over his shoulder. "Wait !! What are you doing ? I can walk you know !!" Io shouted but when she caught sight of the large spider heading their way her eyes widened and she cursed under her breath. " Holy mother of Gaia, that thing is larger then the last one !!" Io exclaimed before she was set down on the branch.

    " Well I know Io like the back of my hand. We've known each other since we were youngins on the ranch. Plus I know Io has it under control most likely." Mercury said as he put a big soup pot over the fire and began to prepare fireside chili that was to be tonight's menu for members of the military. " Hmm I think the spiders are larger then cats here... probably the size of a good hunting dog. Though I have seen larger hanging around those natural mako deposits in the forest. " Mercury said with a smile.
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    When the man appeared before her Sequorra stopped and looked him over with her bright turquoise eyes. She could tell he was a vampire but she tried to keep her detest for vampires beneath a emotionless visage." I think I can handle myself pretty well thank you, plus I have very good reasoning to try and save this victim. I sense that this target is young, younger then me for that's one reason why I feel obliged to save him. Another reason is that I want to prevent the creation of another ludo resulting from this kill. " Sequorra said as she moved around the noble man and walked into the darkness. "I don't care if it's vampire's business... if there's a human involved then it's my business as well. Not to mention I can see in the dark perfectly fine, so I have my bases covered. " Sequorra said as she continued on into the abyss. When she stepped into the blanketing darkness, her turquoise eyes gave off a slight glow.
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