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    Spirox War

    Richie soon started his return home. He was still nervously looking around expected to see his father again. He wasn't completely convinced that he didn't see him earlier. "Damn, I have done absolutely nuttin' today." Richie said with a big yawn. Joe was still following Richie, this time from the rooftops. Very faint footsteps could be heard street level from Joe stomping around on the rooftops. Richie stopped and peered up at the rooftops. Joe's back could seen turning away from the edge of the roof. Richie continued on home.
    Richie arrived home. He took out his house key and unlocked the door. Before he went inside he took one last look around to check for Joe. When he was satisfied he went inside. Inside Duncan was sloppily eating a package of raw meat in the kitchen. Duncan looked up at Richie with blood and pieces of meat falling off his 'beard' hair. "What?" Duncan asked as he wiped his mouth. "Well I'm officially a vegetarian now. Thanks for that." Richie said as he took off his jacket and hung it up on a beat up looking coat rack. "I'm sorry sometimes I get......urges." Duncan apologized. "Stop right there. I'm not discussing your urges. That's just....ew." Richie said with a shiver. "I mean-" Duncan started to say before Richie cut him off. "La, la, la I'm not listening."
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    Spirox War

    "So we going to the mutant block party scales mentioned?" Richie asked as he and Duncan strolled around Kikei. "I don't know. A bunch of mutants gathering up can't be good news." Duncan answered. "Right, I'm seventy-five percent sure it won't be about a neighborhood watch program." Richie chuckled a little bit. Duncan groaned in response. "I'm going to resume my walk if you don't mind." Richie said. "Just don't bother those two girls from earlier......they don't seem to like us much." Duncan ordered. "Well midriff at least." Richie corrected. "No worries, I can take a hint."
    Richie gave him a nod and half smile and took off. Richie wondered around the district, spinning one of his knives around his hand. Meanwhile Joe followed him just out of sight, quickly phasing in and out of buildings. While completely oblivious to being followed he still had the feeling of being watched, so he kept a watchful eye of his surroundings. "Man, I'm paranoid." he muttered to himself and shrugged.
    Richie eventually caught a glimpse of Joe. Richie rubbed his eyes and took a second look, Joe as now gone. While not paying attention to where he was going he bumped into a rainbow haired mutant. "Oh I'm so sorry." he apologized while he nervously looked around for Joe. He wasn't sure if he's seeing things, or if something else was going on. "I wasn't paying attention. Again sorry."
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    Spirox War

    "Duncan's not a stupid name. It was our great grandfather's name. He was a firefighter." Duncan said as he crossed his arms. "I don't know what you're talking about sweetheart. It isn't so bad here, I always thought that the dirtiest and seediest parts of cities are always the best. So much character to her." Richie said with a smile. "You can keep Idenshi and Dynami, places like this are the life blood of a city. Both the best and worst of it's citizens live here in a neat little package."
    "But if you're looking to make trouble, you picked the wrong guys. This isn't just for party tricks."
    Richie said as his finger tapped on the handle of his sword. Duncan smacked him upside his head. "We ain't here to make trouble." Duncan growled at his brother. "She started it!" Richie tried to explain before being smacked again. "What are you ten?" Duncan said in a increasing aggravated tone. Duncan turned to Pele. "I'm sorry miss we got off the wrong foot. Richie can come off like an ass, but he's a good guy." Duncan apologized. "Now Richie apologize." Duncan ordered. Richie rolled his eyes in annoyance. Duncan stomped on his foot and gave him a forceful look. "Yeah, yeah sorry."
    Duncan gave the girls a nod and the brothers started to leave before Celsius leaped over at Duncan and started scratching his fur. "Stop that! It tickles!" Duncan said quickly followed by uncontrollable laughter. "Stop! Please!" Duncan pleaded while still laughing. Richie stood by Pele and just enjoyed the show. "Don't forget to get behind the ears!" Richie yelled in amusement. "Your friend is quite something. Look we did get off on the wrong foot." Richie extended his hand. "Truce?" Duncan grabbed the girl by her sides and sat her down by Pele. "Miss, please don't do that."
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    Spirox War

    Joe gazed at his sons home. He lite a cigarette as he watched. As he blew out smoke he couldn't help but think of what he will do when he takes his revenge. Images of him disemboweling Duncan while Richie watched flashed through his mind. Inside the house Duncan was finishing his breakfast. He scarfed down the bacon like a predator eating it's prey. Once done he tossed the plate into the sink. Duncan sniffed the air, he had that being watched feeling. Duncan looked out the window and saw his father outside. He rubbed his eyes and took a second take, now Joe was gone.
    Duncan rushed outside and ran over to where he saw Joe. Nothing was there, save for a stomped out cigarette. Duncan picked up the cigarette and sniffed it. He couldn't smell anything but the smoke so he tossed it aside. "I must be going crazy." Duncan said trying to quickly dismiss this. "But still, strange days. Better check on Richie.....hmm, although talking to myself isn't exactly disproving my crazy theory." Duncan said as he caught Richie's scent and followed it.
    "Huh? Oh, no I don't need anything. But thanks for asking." Richie said with a smile. He looked her up and down. "Well you seem pretty well put to that sounded a lot less creepy in my head." Richie said as he mentally face palmed. "I mean you don't look like a mutant. No tail or extra something, or at least none that I don't see. You visiting friends or family? Sorry I'm prying aren't I?" Richie asked. "I'd say you're probably thinking the same thing about me huh? I live here with my brother. He's a mutant. Didn't get the Spirox gene like me........ah sorry you probably don't want the life story of a stranger."
    "Hey Richie!" Duncan called out as he approached. "Yo. Something wrong Duncan? You look....worried." Richie replied back. He could tell by his body language, he's been around Duncan enough to catch his subtle movements thanks to his ability. "What? Umm, no nothing at all." Duncan said trying to reassure him, but you didn't need Richie's power to see he's lying. "Are you ok? You haven't seen anything unusual?" Duncan asked in a worried tone. "Unusual asked the werewolf." Richie replied.
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    Spirox War

    The terrified screams of scientist as they fled from a wolf-like beast filled a high tech lab. As the scientists fled men in military uniforms opened fired at the creature. The shots were nothing more then bug bites to the beast. The beast knocked the soldiers across the lab. He approached one of the soldiers. The soldier tried desperately to get up, but his leg was unnaturally bent. The soldier closed his eyes and readied for the inevitable.

    Duncan shot up out of bed in a panic. "Just a dream." the werewolf-like mutant said as he rubbed his eyes. "Just a dream." He looked at his bed and sheets, they were torn to shreds. His claw marks covered the walls and floor. "Must have been some dream." Richie said as he was finishing up craving a wooden train. "What are you doing here?" Duncan asked as he rolled out of bed. "You were making quite the ruckus last night. Had to make sure you didn't get out, tends to scare the neighbors." Richie said as he handed his brother the train. "Another?" Duncan said as he placed it on a shelve along with several exact replicates of different car models also made of wood. "Gotta have hobby. Guy could go crazy without one." Richie said with a little chuckle. "Right, and what's sanity again? I......didn't hurt you last night did I?" Duncan asked. Ever since gaining his new form, Duncan has always worried about hurting someone, especially Richie. "No worst for wear. I made some breakfast awhile ago. Just need to heat it up."
    "I'm going out for a run. Need anything?"
    Richie asked as he left the room. "Nah, we might need to run for some rings. But we should be alright for another week." Duncan replied as he followed behind. "If I found myself in Idenshi I'll pick a couple up." Richie said as he attached his rapier and machete to his belt. "Expecting trouble?" Duncan asked as he let out a loud yawn. "Be stupid not too." Richie placed several throwing knives in his jackets inter pocket. "See you later." Richie said as he shut the front door. Duncan opened the frig and pulled out a plate full of bacon. The bacon was laid out in the shape of a wolf's head. "Ass."
    Richie jogged through the streets of Kikei, all while juggling three of his throwing knives. He got quite a few stares from people passing by, looks ranging from amusement to confusion. Richie didn't mind, he's not ashamed of his powers and quite often likes to show them off. As he approached a fountain area he put the knives away. He observed two girls on the ground. He stared at them in confusion.
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    Crazy? [​IMG] Why whatever do you mean?
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    Meant to post this one with my others but I got tired.

    Username: lord-insan-E-O
    Name: Joe Paul
    Age: 46
    Gender: Male

    Power: Density Control
    • Joe can manipulate his own density, he can increase his density enough to have skin as hard as diamond or decrease it till he's intangible.
    • When his density is increased he has super strength, durability, and stamina.
    • When decreased he can walk on air and water. He can make two others intangible but they must be touching him.
    • Proficient boxer.
    Strengths: Strong determination. Manipulative. Smart.
    Weaknesses: Sadistic. Quick to anger.
    Starting Area: Kikei
    Bio: For most of his life Joe was a thug. Stealing, and assault was apart of his daily life. When he was a teenager he met a girl who changed his life for the better. She never saw him as a thug. When he was seventeen, he and his then pregnant girlfriend left their respected families behind to try to start a new life for their growing family.
    After their first child, Duncan, Joe grew tired of his new life very soon. He found himself in under ground cage fighting and became a prized fighter. After becoming a top fighter he soon took up drinking, smoking, and other nasty things. He then became arrogant and abusive to his family.
    When his wife died while giving birth to Richie, so did what little morality he had left. He became more abusive and increasingly unhinged. He and Duncan had a long over due falling out which caused him to join the military. Left with Richie, Joe became much more distant to him. Once Richie's power became known, Joe saw the advantage of it. Joe manipulated Richie into stealing for the 'good of the family'.
    When Duncan returned and framed him for the crimes he swore to take revenge on his sons. A few months after the experiment that gave Duncan his powers, Joe was approached by the same general. The general gave him a offer he couldn't refuse, if he agreed to take part in the experiment he would he set free, of course in the government's custody. Joe jumped at the chance. The Spirox took to his body quite well. But instead of using his new gifts for the government he killed the general and everyone involved and escaped his prison. Now he stalks is sons waiting for the perfect moment to take his revenge.
    Other: N/A
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    Username: lord-insan-E-O
    Name: Richie Paul
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Power: Adoptive Muscle Memory
    • Richie can perfectly copy any movement/action after seeing it performed, including acrobatics, martial arts, and other physical stunts.
    • Enhanced dexterity, and flawless coordination
    • Master marksman.
    • Master combatant and tactician.
    • Inhuman eidetic memory.
    • Multi-lingual.
    • Expert freerunner.
    • Combat perception. After watching a opponent and adapting their skills into his he can accurately anticipate the opponent's next move. It is not perfect, as he can be thrown off by abilities he hasn't seen, or the opponent may catch on and do something unpredictable. Works best against someone with some combat training, as he can quickly adapt to their fighting style.
    Weapons: A machete, rapier, and throwing knives.
    Strengths: Good sense of humor. Smart, quick thinker, and good on his feet. Strong sense of right and wrong.
    Weaknesses: Easily manipulated, especially by a pretty face. Easily bored. Stubborn, he'll never admit he's wrong even if it's painfully obvious. Prideful, he'll almost never ask for help as he feels he can handle anything.
    Starting Area: Kikei
    Bio: Richie was born into poverty. His mother died giving birth and so he and his brother Duncan were raised by their abusive father. Due to his abilities he easily exceled at school. It wasn't until he was thirteen when it was discovered he had the Spirox gene, as everyone thought he was just a genius. Seeing his son's potential, his father decided to use Richie's powers to his own ends. His father manipulated Richie into thieving. With his abilities his heists were flawless, and his father took the spoils.
    Eventually his brother Duncan, a wounded soldier, found out about their 'father-son bonding', he put a end to it. Duncan framed his father for the crimes and he is now serving a life sentence in prison and finally out of their lives. Duncan then took Richie under his wing and taught him right from wrong.
    Other: N/A

    Name: Duncan Paul
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male

    Mutated Features: Werewolf-like physiology
    Powers: Accelerated Healing Factor

    • He heals from wounds extremely fast, but he won't regenerate say a hand or a organ.
    • Super strength, speed, stamina, durability, reflexes, dexterity, and senses.
    • Advanced military training.
    • Razor sharp claws and fangs that are harder than steel.
    Strengths: Very kind, caring, and protective of others. Strong moral and honor code. Will easily give his life to save others. Remarkable willpower.
    Weaknesses: His super senses can easily be used against him. He can go into a feral rage if he doesn't concentrate on keeping his animal side in check.
    Starting Area: Kikei
    Bio: As soon as Duncan turned eighteen he left his father, brother, and old life behind in the rear view mirror to join the military, hoping for a better life. In the military Duncan quickly found a place and finally felt like he belonged. But he couldn't help but to feel guilty about leaving his brother alone with their abusive father. Over the years he became quite the decorated officer. Then when he was twenty five he took a bullet to the spine for some general that he was assigned to protect. And was thus confided to a wheelchair.
    After being honorably discharged he decided to return home after seven long years. To his surprise he learned Richie has the Spirox gene, and was even more shocked to learn what he was doing with his gifts. Duncan quickly put a end to it. Duncan called in a few military friends and they helped frame his father for the crime. Without their father in the way Duncan taught Richie right from wrong with good old fashion military discipline.
    A few months later Duncan got a call from the general he saved. The general wanted Duncan to be apart of a experiment to give him Spirox abilities, as they were trying to find a way to give their troops more desirable powers and lessen the chance of their body rejecting it. Since Richie naturally had the gene, Duncan was a prime candidate. After some persuasion from Richie, as this could have been his older brothers only chance to get out of that wheelchair, Duncan hesitantly accepted.
    The experiment was meant to give Duncan his healing factor but something went monstrously wrong. Duncan transformed into a werewolf-like beast and went on a feral rampage. Thanks to Richie his rampage never left the lab and there was no casualties. Richie helped Duncan suppress his animal side and now they both live in a small, rundown house in Kikei.
    Other: N/A
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    "There's a war going on scales. The Elders and Protectors against Marcus Fisher and his private army. Fisher is a extremely powerful warlock. Like off the charts." Cole said as he opened the door. "And you are a dragon in case you didn't know, pretty rare. Having one of you on his side is a victory in of itself. Although it is a nice change of pace to have a young and pretty dragon oppose to Arthur."
    "Oh? And what's wrong with Arthur?" the Elder dragon was waiting inside along with Wyneb and a tall slender old man with with long talon like finger nails and rotten crooked teeth. The man was wearing a long trench coat, heavy iron tipped boots, and a wet blood red baseball cap."Well you're not that pleasing on the eyes." Cole said jokingly. "Ah, Andromeda." Arthur said as he brushed past Cole and gave her a big, warm hug like a father would a long lost daughter. "Oh sorry. I'm Arthur, the Elder Dragon." Arthur said as he latched off of her. "Yes, yes this all very sweet. A real hallmark moment." Wyneb mocked in a cold, uncaring tone. "Michael, we have to talk." Wyneb ordered. "Who's your friend?" Cole asked glaring at the stranger. "You can call me Red." The man spoke with a thick Scottish accent.

    "Ok gentlemen, progress updates." Fisher said at the head of a long rectangular table. At the table was several heads of different projects for Fisher. "Doctor Wick, how is project Chimera coming along?" a nervous man stood up with several folders falling to the floor. "Yes, we've hit a bit of a problem." Wick said as he pressed a button on a remote control and a large TV lowered down in the center of the table. On the monitor was a security video of 5 large creature in some sort of training room. The creature was around 8 feet tall, it was hairy and had claws like a werewolf. It had large vampire fangs, and a single Cyclops eye. Also in the video was around 20 vampires. The vampires attacked the creatures but in within a blink of the eye the monsters had decapitated the vampires. "As you can see the Chimera are quite powerful. But here is where the trouble starts" the doctor said as he fast forward the tape a few minutes later. The Chimera all began cringing their stomachs and was howling in pain. Then they began attacking each other. Blood started to spray the training ground before the video cut out. "Their metabolism is extremely fast. They need about to each about two elephants a day before a violent hunger sets in." Wick explained. "But we may have a solution. I have taken the liberty to search you databases. If I had some blood and tissue samples of a Dragon, the lightning sort. The electric energy should be enough to stabilize their metabolism."
    Gezichten burst through the meeting room doors. "Well that was rather rude." Fisher pointed out. Martian quickly followed behind. "Sorry, he's a slippery little ****." Martian said as he grabbed the shifter's arm. Gezichten flipped open one of his silver knives and held it too Martian's neck. "I will cut a *****." The two stared each other down, neither one backing down. "Enough! Everyone leave us. Obliviously Mr. Gezichten has something he wants to discuss." Fisher ordered. Everyone cleared out of the room. Martian waited on the other side of the door. "Now, let's talk like civil monsters shall we?" Gezichten rolled his eyes. "This is insanity! I may not like living under the heel of the Elders, but going to war with them? You'll destroy he whole world!" Gezichten yelled. "Since when do you care about the world?" It's true, as long as the pays good Gezichten has done anything and everything. Be it theft, assassination, or even terrorism. "Please, I might be a greedy SOB but I'm not completely heartless. I'm officially giving you my resignation." Gezichten readied a throwing knife behind his back, in case something were to go down. "A pity. I don't deal with traitors or deserters." Fisher blasted a purple lightning bolt at the shifter. Gezichten ducked down and threw the knife at Fisher. The knife hit Fisher in his shoulder. Gezichten threw a office chair at Fisher and ran off.
    Gezichten ran past Martian who quickly followed. Gezichten brushed past a rather large security guard and took his form. By throwing people in Martian's way he was about to give the werewolf a good chase. Gezichten quickly got out of the building with Martian quickly on his tail. Gezichten quickly ducked into a nearby alley. He waited around a corner for Martian. As soon as Martian rounded the corner he jumped on his back and injected him with a syringe on his neck. "Wolf's bane. Never leave home without it." Gezichten said as Martian fell limp. Gezichten left Martian in the alley for a moment and stepped out into the street. A pickup truck stopped in front of him. The driver started to get out but the shifter pulled him out and stabbed him in the gut. Gezichten drove the truck into the alley and tossed Martian into the passenger's seat. "You sir are going to be my barging chip." Gezichten said before he raced off.
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    OOC: Yeah meant to post this a LOT sooner but had the flu and then Pneumonia. BIC:
    Roman sat quietly as pre usual in the back of Draconian History class. Only half of his attention was on the class, as he knew most of this stuff. He was doodling in his notebook and at first glance he would appear to be taking notes. When the teacher made the obvious Cold War pun he couldn't help but snicker at the sheer stupidity of it.
    "Maybe the Shivas and Leviathans should have teamed up instead and thrown this firebreathing teacher into the sea. That'd shut him up."
    Roman's full attention darted over to the guy who made the comment. His attention then went over to the Ifrit student standing up and his balled up fist. He could almost feel the heat coming from it. "This won't end well." He muttered under his breath.

    James leaned against a wall outside of the school bored out of his mind. He didn't have a class to go to even if he cared. He began snapping his fingers and each time his fingers snapped a small weak balls of fire would shoot out and dissipates in the air. He was pretty far out of the way so he wasn't too worried about getting caught using his powers. "Ugh, I feel like I'm in a rut." After a minute or two of doing this he eventually got bored and decided to head inside the school.
    "Tsk, tsk, not suppose to use powers on school grounds." Mac said in a sarcastic tone as James started to head inside the school. "What cha going to do tattle on me, Mino?" James said as he rolled his eyes. "Please, what are we in fourth grade? And if I did that I'm sure 'the man' won't appreciate me skipping class hothead." Mac said as he walked away. "Waterdwellers." James sighed.
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    Episode 22 The Price of Revolution
    July 23
    OOC: Just a reminder the full moon shall be the next RP day. Now as it gets closer to the full moon every creature will start to feel a little bit more powerful.

    "Um thanks for the ride." Cole said as he was shaking a little bit due to her landing. "Is there some kind of cab fair I need to pay or something? Do you have a meter somewhere like a taxi?" Cole jokingly asked. "Name's Cole by the way. Andromeda right? Man that is rich. Please tell me that's not a aliases. Well anyways we better get inside."
    Michael pulled up into the drive way a little bit after their landing. Michael hopped out and rubbed the back of his neck. "I'm too old for his ****." Michael muttered. Cole walked over to Michael and patted him roughly on his shoulder. "Come on Murtaugh, there's a drink in that frig singing my name." Cole said in a cheerful tone.
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    OOC: Sorry for not posting. Got the cold and holidays and such.

    The Golem braced it's self when the lightning blasted it. Electricity shot out of it's stone body and struck nearby lamp posts causing sparks to fly everywhere. Stier quickly shifted and rushed over to the car and hopped into the passengers seat. Tenga hopped on his bike and drove off ahead them. Michael started the car up and quickly drove off. The Golem grabbed ahold of their rear bumper. Michael slammed on the gas but they got no where due to the Golem's strength. Michael pulled a pistol out and shot through the back window hitting the Golem squarely in the forehead. Of course it didn't do a thing. Michael continued to fire until the Golem finally released the bumper.
    Michael then slammed on the gas and raced off towards the safe house. Adler flew in through the broken back window and shifted into his human form. "Sup." Adler said as he wiggled into the back seat next to Angelina. "Where's Cole?" Michael asked. "On the dragon's back, heading back to the safe house." Adler answered. Martian started get up. His bones started to pop an crack back into their rightful place. Tenga raced pasted him, with Michael following not too far behind. As Michael was about to past Martian, he quickly opened his door, slamming it into Martian's back. Michael slammed his door shut. "Damn that felt good." Michael said.
    Cole held on tight to Andromeda's back as she flew up into the clouds. "Alright! The safe house is about a half mile away!" Cole shouted. "It's a big two story house with a black SUV parked outside!" Cole yelled out.
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    OOC: Hope everybody had a happy holiday.
    Cole cringed a little when Andromeda picked him up in her hind claws. "Watch the merchandise!" Cole yelled. Cole slipped his way out of her grip and climbed on her as she ordered. "Wow we just met and I'm already riding you." Cole muttered. "Just fly over them, they'll know it's time to go." Cole ordered.
    The spirit of the boy stared Angelina down with intense anger. One could feel his rage boil over. A high pitched screech started emanating from the spirit. The sound started cracking glass from the nearby buildings. Everyone stopped fighting and covered their ears. Blood started pouring out of their ears, except for the Golem who doesn't have blood. Michael crawled to the back of his vehicle as blood gushed from his ears. Michael opened the truck and grabbed some iron chains.
    Michael took the chain and threw it at the ghost and wrapped it around the boy. The chain caused the boy's transparent body to burn and sizzle. The boy howled in pain as he tried disparately to get out of the chains. Michael took this moment and rushed at the real Rivers and knocked him out with a swift uppercut. Michael looked up in the air and saw Cole on the back of the dragon. "Let's go!" Michael ordered as he got into his vehicle.
    Tenga slashed at Gezichten and got him squarely in his chest. Gezichten fell to the ground as blood dripped down from his chest. The Golem was distracted by everything with the ghost, so Stier took this chance and charged at the stone behemoth, knocking the Golem over.
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    Martian tried to do something when Andromeda transformed but there was nothing he could do. She threw him down in the street and he hit the pavement with a loud thud. Adler flew back into the battle as he thought Cole could handle things. Cole looked Andromeda up and down as she talked. She acted like she wanted to fight. "Trust me. Me and the mutt down there are far, far from friends. And I'm not here to fight. Even if I was it's day, can't wolf out when the suns up. Martian down there is a cheater, uses magic to be able to shift at anytime of the day." Cole explained. "Me and my friends, the shape-shifter, the pack of skinwalkers, and human, were sent here to get you. By the Elders." Cole continued. "Yeah the Elders aren't fiction. Look we can play twenty questions after we get to some where safe. So please come with us." Cole pleaded.
    Before another word could be said a chill entered the air. Cole looked around the surrounding rooftops and sniffed the air. "Something's.......not right." Cole said. He could hear a faint, high pitched sound coming from the distance. It sounded like the whale of a woman in pain. Cole continued to sniff the air until was fling across the roof top. Cole got up and saw a woman floating where he was standing. She had long black hair that looked wet. She was wearing a white wedding dress that was torn at her sleeves and at the bottom and has blood all over the abdomen from what appeared to be a gunshot wound. Her skin was pale white and dripping wet. She was obviously not human, or not anymore, she was a spirit. Suddenly another spirit appeared behind Andromeda and telekinetically shoved her to the ground. This spirit was a tall, muscular man with his right arm torn to shreds by what looks like some heavy machinery. He was wearing blue jeans with suspenders and a red flannel shirt. His skin was also pale white, but some how different from the female spirit, as he appeared as if someone drained all the fluid from him.
    Rivers weaved around Angelina's shots, a few grazed him. After a couple of grazes Rivers ducked down behind Michael's vehicle. Rivers phone made a whistling sound. Rivers took it out and it was a text from Fisher. It said 'Helps arrived.' Rivers smiled. "Tell me. Are you afraid of ghosts?" Rivers asked. A small boy, no more then 10 years old appeared behind Angelina. He was wearing a small school uniform. He had large red markings around his neck from what appeared to be a rope. His eyes had black circles under them as if he's been crying heavily. He flicked his hand and tossed Angelina against Michael's vehicle.
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    Episode 21 Fresh Meat
    July 22 2013

    Cole slid underneath the lighting bolt blasted at him. Although it's morning and he can't shift, he's still pretty agile. "I don't have fleas thank you very much!" Cole yelled out as he resumed the chase. Martian quickly ran out to the roof and side stepped the blast. Martian growled as he bolted towards Andromeda. Martian was still shifted thanks to Fisher's magic. Martian bulldozed through Cole by swatting him to the side, almost knocking him off of the rooftop but Cole latched on to the edge. Martian then got close enough and pounced on Andromeda, bringing both of them down. "You're coming with me you scaly b!tch!" Martian yelled.
    Rivers quickly did a combat roll out of the way of Angelina's shots, but one shot grazed him on his right shoulder. "Oh you face stealing ****!" Rivers growled in pain. Rivers took aim at Angelina's head. "Semi-automatic trumps pistol. And silver trumps shape-shifter." Rivers said right before he pulled the trigger. He pulled the trigger but instead of bullets water came shooting out. "Da hell?" Rivers asked. In the distance out of everyone's sight Rumplestilskin was laughing uncontrollably. "Fine, we do this the fun way." Rivers said as he took out a pair of silver knuckledusters.
    Elizabeth started shooting fireballs at Michael. Michael barely able to dodge them. One fireball caught Michael in his shoulder, burning his shirt and skin. Michael grunted in pain and held in some colorful words for Elizabeth. Elizabeth stood over Michael and conjured another fireball. She held her hand up ready to fire it, but the ball disappeared. She tried creating another but no dice. She tried using her other hand but still nothing. "Huh?" Elizabeth asked. Michael took this opportunity and swiped her legs. As soon as she fell Michael jumped up and with one powerful punch she was knocked out.
    The Golem was trying to deal with the twins but the twins were two fast for him and were fighting as one. Adler glanced over to the rooftops and saw Cole hanging down. Adler flew up to Cole as Stier is able to match the Golem in strength. Cole finally pulled himself up by the time Adler flew up to him. "Go! Martian's with the dragon!" Cole yelled. Adler flew towards Martian and dive bombed him.
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