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    I totally do omg.

    And thanks : )
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    Its been 4 years since i last came here...oh my god...

    I totally forgot about this place and now im sad...The memorieeees.

    Came across this forum when i was looking up Dissidia Mods (?). I don't even know how Dissidia + KH go hand in hand...but hey.

    Meh no one probably missed me, i wasn't that memorable i dont think lel. People can easily forget you in 4 years.

    Im back i guess, lets see if people actually remember me ^_-
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    Mmk, how do i activate it? Do i just go into a new area? Or press a Certain Button while going into a new area?

    Edit: Nvm :)
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    How do i warp to the Sephiroth Fight?

    I dont understand how the last part of the Warp Code Works.

    I put the base code in...i put in the xx for the location.

    what about the ??'s. Theres 3 area's with ??'s in the code. What do i put in all 3? 4B?
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    Does anyone know how to get the Play As Sephiroth code to work?

    In the Misc section.

    Do you put all that as 1 Code? Or put each part seperate? And is there any button trigger u press, or is it like the Riku Code where it loads up as u playing that character. Because i have tried and i dont see Sephiroth. Is it like R2 then go in an area?
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    Hello everyone, my name is Akane.

    i guess if you wanna get technical with terms im Hikari's "Lover" (We dont like using words like that)

    We live together with her little sister Nana, just the 3 of us. And yes, we are both girls.

    Now, i have terrible news for all of you...and its difficult for me to put this into words.

    Last night, Hikari went through a terrible ordeal that took place mainly on Facebook.

    In this, she was reminded of a past experience she had that she still blames herself for.

    Due to all the trauma, sadness and pain she was in, Hikari collapsed on the spot after the situation had grown worse.

    I took her to the hospital last night, and we returned home recently.

    However, she has not woken up yet. They did scans and tests...everything.

    They said its a "Self-Induced Coma"

    Hikari doesnt wanna wake up. Her minds shut down. Thats what they told me, and i believe it to be true.

    They have no idea how long she will be in this state, its up to her whether or not she wants to wake up.

    I know this is really terrible news.

    Dont give up hope though, she will get through this if she just stay strong and believe in her.

    I know she will wake up in no time.

    That is all i have to say.


    I will answer any questions you may have.

    Also i apologize if this is the wrong place to put this, but i have only seen her on here a few times and dont know where to exactly put it. But i know this place is important to her.

    Edit: Just realized i should have put this in departures, if someone would be kind enough to move this there. Id appreciate it.
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    My GAWDS i missed you Llave! A LOT! *Hugs*

    and oki :3

    Already made Mah First Thread since i got back!

    Check Deh Anime Sub Section! Da Capo III! :3
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    Da Capo III!


    I believe i made a thread discussing this a LONG Time ago before i left.

    Da Capo III's Anime has STARTED!

    It started 2 weeks ago :3

    Anyway, here are my reviews! I will add reviews each time a new ep comes out!

    Eps below are uploaded by me! :3

    ~Episode 1~ [Cherry Blossom Blooms - サクラサク]

    Review: was a shocker...i mean..i already played and beat the VN...but it was still a shocker at how WELL This Turned out. The VAing was AMAZINGLY Done, They kept all the aspects Da Capo is known for (Breast Shots, Pantie Shots, Detailed Faces & Expressions, Hilarity etc). And added MORE. It starts out well enough, with an beginning intro explaining a few things, then it gets to the actual characters and to our main story. It starts with Kiyotaka in his Newspaper Club meeting with his fellow Club members, those being; Ricca Morizono, Himeno Katsuragi, Charles Yoshino, Sara Rukawa & Aoi Hinomoto. If you followed my previous thread then u know about those people. If you dont, then keep reading! Anyway, we are presented with Aoi being asleep, she's very clumsy and likes to sleep. So after several failed attempts to wake her, Kiyotaka knows EXACTLY what to do...and says in her ear "Aoi, you'll be late for your job" And she JUMPS up and starts Stripping. Anyway, that scene ends with Aoi giving off a small cute little laugh.

    Anyway, Ricca brings forth the idea to do their next paper on...yup...MAGIC. Wait...couldnt Yoshiyuki do magic? HAH. Well, if you played the VN, then u know this. But, for those who didnt, in Da Capo III, magic is actually STUDIED. in some places its STUDIED. Moving on, they go to the mysterious and oh so infamous Sakura Tree that caused SO Much trouble in the other seasons. And we get a small explanation by Ricca on the previous events of the tree, with some shadowy views of the old characters. So after a bunch of talking we get to the tree. Ricca mentions that everyone should put their hand on the tree and make a wish, see what happens. So they all put their hands on the tree, close their eyes and make a wish. Kiyotaka makes a wish to be with his friends for a long time, and the tree reacts to his bloodline (Yoshino? SAKURA Yoshino, YOSHINO Sakura people! The Little girl in the first season :3, she was a Magician). The Tree revives and blooms once again. Their all shocked, but their shock is interuppted by a text message being sent to all of them SIMULTANIOUSLY. And its dated April 30th, 1951 (DA CAPO 1 PEOPLE!). So, we come to our next scene.

    This next scene takes place in Charles and Kiyotaka's House. Since Charles is Kiyotaka's Cousin (They act like Brother and Sister, though she's really his cousin), they live together. She complains that its getting cold and she will be cold at night. Kiyotaka teases her and says "why dont i get u a blanket?" she then pouts. She then tries to quickly change the topic to what happened that night. But she cant make sense of it and yells it out. Charles mentions how she wants to sleep with him, Kiyotaka is completely BAFFLED by this turn of events. And he is embarrassed and blushing through the entire thing. She crawls into bed with him and grabs his arm, pushing it against her breasts. End Scene.

    It then opens up the next day at School. Where we are greeted with a VERY Familiar Face. SUGINAMI. Thats right, SUGI FREAKING NAMI! Probably a favorite of a lot of yours, me too! Anyway, they see him. In Da Capo III, Suginami is in charge of the Unofficial Newspaper club thats been around longer then the Official Newspaper club, and they are more popular. So, in this, Since Ricca is the president of their Club and Suginami is the president of his, they naturally have a Rivaly. So Ricca and Suginami get into a Smartass like Arguement. Which we are then greeted with a NEW Character! MIKOTO! The Spinning image of Kotori...just...more Pink Haired and WAY More Enthusiastic. Anyway, Ricca challenges Suginami. And Ricca's demands are, that if Suginami loses, he is to close his Club. And Suginami's demands are...KIYOTAKA!. What is he Yaoi now? LOL Jk. Yes, his demands are KIYOTAKA. And he says it in a very...*Coughs* Suggestive way.

    Anyway, END EPISODE.

    Overall, i LOVED the Beginning. Gave u a great feel of the Characters and Story.

    ~Episode 2~ [The Warm Place - あたたかなところ]

    The Episode opens up with the View of the Sakura Tree, and who do we see right off the bat? SAKURA!...wait...why is she so tiny?! Wasnt she grown up in Da Capo II?! *Coughs*. Anyway, that will be explained next episode. For now, lets get back to the ep. After Sakura, we finally get to see the Anime's Opening. And OMFG ITS KAWAII AS HELL. I love it. After the opening, we go to the next scene. This scene is where they are outside in PE, where our beloved Kousuke Edogawa (Kiyotaka's Best Friend, basically Da Capo III's version of Yoshiyuki's Best Friend, Wataru), lectures Kiyotaka for not taking any advances on any of the main Girls. Despite the fact that he's surrounded by them. And he explains each girl in detail. Afterwards, we get back to the Club Meeting room, where everyone is gathering for another discussion. They discuss (lead by Ricca of course), what happened last night and the message they all recieved. With the possibility that others recieved it as well. Ricca then suggests that the next day, they split up into 2 groups to look for Info and investigate. Everyone then shoots Kiyotaka and Embarrased and Shy look, due to them all loving him (HAREM ALERT! HAREM ALERT! DA CAPO POPULARITY INCREASE DETECTED!). Kiyotaka is baffled once again and doesnt know what to say.

    This next scene takes place once again the House of Kiyotaka and Charles. They have a short arguement about Cooking and Charles teases Kiyotaka a bit, complaining she wants his cooking but he doesnt wanna cook, then she states she will cook but Kiyotaka mentions how horrible her cooking is. Then, out of the blue. Aoi appears ringing their door! She brought home extra's that her mom had made. Which, btw apparently is AMAZING Cooking (I wish she was real so i could try! *Drools*..) Anyway, Kiyotaka calls her a lifesaver and then they rush inside and start eating. Kiyotaka takes a bite of the food and says how amazing it is. But Aoi mentions that SHE was the one who made it. Charles doesnt believe that her cooking is that good, but then takes a bite of some of the food. She drops it in awe of how amazing it tastes. But feels defeted as a women for the fact that her cooking...well..Sucks lol. The Scene then goes to later, where Charles is asleep and Kiyotaka tries to talk to her, but realizes she's asleep. He gives her a brotherly smile and lyes down, turning off the Lights. He then wakes up later on realizing that Charles had moved down to his Bed and is sleeping next to him again. But instead of freaking out, he just smiles and says "Ruru-nee...". End of Scene.

    The next day, they are at school in the hallway when Charles approaches Kiyotaka, with her bouncing breasts jiggling up and down up and down, Kiyotaka notices this and blushes deeply. She then talks to him, and mentions how he was gonna look for info about the Witherless Sakura Tree. Kiyotaka opens up his Cell phone and Charles tries to look, but she notices something and says to him "Taka-Kun...Take it off.." Kiyotaka is confused...but she just repeats "Take it Off!"...everyone in the hallway is staring at them wondering "What They Hell are they doing?!"...Kiyotaka is still confused..and she yells "I said take it Off!". The scene then transitions to the rooftop where Charles has his Jacket and is sewing it back together as a button came loose. After she finishes, Kiyotaka takes it and puts it on and smiles thanking her. She then reminisces and says how she wants Kiyotaka to let her spoil him as much as she can, and wants to be Spoiled in return. Charles then says she wants him to cook for her in return for fixing his button, and he agree's. She is extremely excited about it. End Scene.

    The next scene opens up with Student Council Meeting in session. We meet a few new Characters, those being; Elizabeth, Shiki Edogawa & Tomoe Gojouin. in the Whiles, Charles is spacing out thinking about Kiyotaka. Shiki is desperately trying to get her to pay attention but she wont budge. She then says "Ruru-nee.." And she immediately jumps up saying "Yes? What is it Taka-Kun!?"...Elizabeth then asks if she is ok...Charles responds with a " sorry.."..she then sits down embarrassed and Ricca gives her a *Sighs* look...and the meeting continues.

    The Next Scene opens up with everyone going around town gathering info on the events that transpired the other night with the Tree. But with little success. They meet back up at the School to report what they found. When Aoi mentions she got info (Whilst holding back the urge to take ANOTHER Part time job...yes she's a part time job Addict..), she tries looking in her bag, but notices her key is missing. They all split up to look for it as Aoi was in a panic. The Episode transitions several times to people looking in various places. In the end, Kiyotaka finds the Keys.

    The 2nd to Last scene takes place back at his House. He opens the door and announces "Im Home!" but with no reply. He goes to their room in the thought that Charles was asleep already. But when he opens the door he finds her munching on food. Kiyotaka asks her what she's doing, but she responds very angrily that Kiyotaka broke his promise that he'd make her Dinner. She then grabs her phone to tease Kiyotaka and pretends to Text their Aunt and Uncle that Kiyotaka has turned into a Delinquent. The Scene then ends.

    The final Scene takes place in the Bathroom, where Kiyotaka is taking a well deserved bath, lementing on what happened and that he screwed up. He then gets a Flashback (YAY! The First Flashback in the Show! XD), it is of when Charles first came to live with him. And she had never met him before, till then. The Flashback Ends with him saying to himself that he should apologize. Just as he's about to get out, Charles appears naked in the bathroom, Kiyotaka is freaking out and yells at her asking her what she's doing here. Charles tries to justify it and explain that families do it all the time and that he shouldnt be ashamed or embarassed about it. Kiyotaka tries to go against that, but to no avail. Charles forces Kiyotaka to turn around and look at her. He then freaks out and says he's should get out, but Charles forces him back down and then says that back where she comes from, they do it all the time. Kiyotaka lectures her that she should be more careful how she appears. She cuts him off and says she only does this around HIM. Hmm...i could be wrong..but is that the hint of a SLIGHT Confession? Kiyotaka then tries to go underwater to not see her, and tries counting to 1000. But he fails and tries to get out. He then stops and apologizes sincerely for what happened. The episode ends with her jumping on him.


    Well...Honestly Ep 2 was awesome. Suggestive, but awesome. I was in tears that they supported Aoi so much.

    Honestly i cant wait for more, what do u guys think?
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    *Hatches out of my Egg, Giant Wings Sprout from my back*



    Wait why am i so enthusiastic...*Thinks long and hard...*

    OH YEA! Cause im back at my favorite Kingdom Hearts site!

    Full of Activity..People...Fun Stuffies...and...umm..KITTIES...and...umm..RAINBOWS...and...Puppies?...

    im running out of things to put..



    Yea i was gone for a long life got busy...School..College Applications...Moving back home to Japan.

    Then coming BACK To America for some Unfinished got HECTIC i tell ya...

    BUT..i now have a lot of time. So im back! :3

    I missed all of you SOOOOOOOOO Freaking Much!!! *Huggles Everyone*

    So yea, ur Favorite Japanese Anime Girl is Backies!

    Edit: Btw...any chance i get a quick name change after all this time? :3

    Kinda lementing my current it was a spur of the moment name...Im so used to forumotion where u can freely change ur username XD
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    Lols, i dun remember if i did since i've been gone for a few months....

    But Thanks for the Warm Welcome Back ^^
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