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    This has now been fixed.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.
    Post by: libregkd, Jun 14, 2018 in forum: Feedback & Assistance
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    Posting to say that just being logged in and visiting the site, without having to login manually, to retrieve the login bonus should now be working properly.

    Just as a note that the 'start' of the day occurs at 5:00 PM PST because of the timezone our server is set up at. This doesn't really affect anything as you can still only get 1 login bonus per day but just thought I should put that out there.
    Post by: libregkd, Jun 5, 2018 in forum: Community News & Projects
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    This isn't functionality built into the add-on. It also seems like it'd be a redundant notification. As you get munny from:

    Creating a Thread
    Uploading an Attachment
    Logging In

    All of which you know that you did and don't need notifying that you did something. You also get munny from getting your post liked but with that, you already get a notification that someone liked your post, so you don't really need to receive a separate notification for that.

    So I'm going to say no to having additional notifications for munny. If you are ever curious about your transaction history, you can view it here:
    Post by: libregkd, Jun 3, 2018 in forum: Bug Reports
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    Huh. Okay, I'll look into it.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.
    Post by: libregkd, Jun 3, 2018 in forum: Community News & Projects
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    Visiting everyday should be enough. If there are any errors with that, let me know.
    Post by: libregkd, Jun 1, 2018 in forum: Community News & Projects