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    Grass for his pillows by Lian Hearn the second installment to the Otori series
    It's really good so far it might be even better than the first book .
    Post by: len, Feb 21, 2010 in forum: The Playground
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    I didn't really like any of the books ,the only reason i kept reading after twilight was because i was bored to death and didn't really have any other book that I haven't read (maybe one but it didn't look interesting) But I like Alice.
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    i'm currently reading new moon by Myer and naruto
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    i'd have to say castle in the sky and do you remember by DJ satomi i really like them but people think it's stupid or childish (i don't know why) *sighs*

    oh yeah and
    Caramelldansen or Japanese songs and some of Square-Enix music which i have lots from ^^
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    I have to say older ,i have two older siblings and one younger(a devil )
    older cause they can guide us teach us stuff,protect me and stuff....
    Post by: len, Dec 15, 2008 in forum: Discussion
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    I hoped that they make a remake ,but it sadly turned out it was just a tech trailer
    but it's impossible to do a remake if they don't have the original team =(
    but i heared a rumor that says hat square enix are trying to gather the old team back Yay but sadly it just a rumor
    anyways Hi and enjoy the forum and have fun ^^
    Post by: len, Dec 15, 2008 in forum: Gaming
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    I'm a Muslim but i can't answer the first one so i'll start with the second one

    2-Muslims aren't all against abortion ..just the one's when you have a perfectly healthy baby .
    but if she were raped and got pregnant she has a choice either to drop the baby or keep it,and she can drop the baby if it's not healthy other than that it's not legal

    3-cause judgment day is said to be on Friday so people are mostly afraid of that day so people at that day more charity and pray more (and also Friday is like eid to most Muslims)

    4- well Allah is the name of god (actually one of them ) and the English translation is god
    the Muslims ,Jews,Christians,all worship the same god but they differ in there beliefs

    it doesn't matter if a muslims says (as an example) in the name of god or in the name of Allah(Better) there all the same but it's better to take your own language

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    nice chapter ! keep them comin ^^
    Post by: len, Oct 7, 2008 in forum: Archives
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    nice chapter mex can't wait for the next one whenever it comes out ^^

    plus no worries no one will get mad if your late so take it easy:noworries:
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    great chapter mex ^^
    keep it coming , tybic was a surprise o_O
    Post by: len, Sep 15, 2008 in forum: Archives
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    :stupid: 8,5/10
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    well i was telling the truth i mean i saw you in the spam zone alot

    8/10 slowed down ...
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    seen you loads of times Goimez 10/10
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