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    Marluxia listened quietly as the fool spit out words of vengeance or so he thought. Another pawn of this Organization who could only find its support and goal his backing point. When he had finished, he merely opened his eyes and calmly made eye contact with the flurry of dancing flames, "My treachery?...lest us not forgot your scars on this Organization as well VIII...or do I need to bring them up in full disclosure yet again?" he said a slight smirk crossing his lips. "Let me just say that your it takes a traitor to know a traitor according to your flawed methods..." he said before jumping elegantly and slowly descending to the floor from his throne. Turning his attention back to Xemnas, he merely bowed and continued in his deep charming tone, "very well Superior...hopefully I shall not be disappointing..." With that being said he turned briefly and proceeded to head out of the throne room via the doorway.

    He quietly examined the envelope while he walked, not believing for a second in Xemnas's trust. What are you thinking now you stubborn old fool...another test perhaps?..., he thought to himself with a calm but serious face as he descended through the castle. Or perhaps this is a way to subtlety dispose of me without publicly doing so in front of the were always one to doubt my full strength and potential..., he managed to say with confidence and even let a slight dark murmur of a laugh cross his lips. "No matter the case...I shall play this little game for now..." he said finally conjuring a portal leading to Hollow Bastion and stepping into it.

    Kyouya sighed as he knew this moment would come, merely a few days after graduation and here Tamaki was all ready sending his "regards". Casually taking out his phone and flipping it open his eyes slowly tread over the text before closing it and rubbing his temples. "Damn it...that idiot is all ready lonely..." he said before rolling his eyes and letting out his cynical laugh. "Very well lets see what foolish ideas he needs to let lose this time..." He gradually made his way to one of his familys car garages before seeing his driver wave him down, he returned the slight wave before speaking, "not today...I believe my graduation present could do with a little more breaking in..."

    Walking into the compound he made his way to his car, a slick and cool black Lamborghini Murciélago. Whipping out his car keys he clicked with ease as the door shot up slowly allowing him entrance. The cool leather seats were a refreshing taste, of course with a black interior, and he had made sure to customize his stereo system perfectly so everything would reflect his cool type. Starting it up and giving it a rev he proceeded to hit his music, before pulling out and flooring it out of the garage towards Tamaki's estate. Luckily for him the car rode smooth under his touch and despite his speed, his name could usually get him off the police's bad side if need be. After a set time he finally made his way into the estate, entering the code provided, and proceeded to pull around to the front choosing to park under a tree for the shade.
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    Kyouya smiled and nodded, "of course madam, there are phones located down in the lobby...somewhat of a walk but in order to maintain the wellness and comfort of our injured..." he said before glancing back inside Kaoru's room. It had seemed everyone was in place except for Honey and Mori, but then again it would have been foolish to have the whole host club present seeing as it would all ready be down a day with only two hosts attending to guests. He sighed and readjusted his glasses allowing for a better perception of things, however his eyes were fine seeing as he had acquired a vital tid bit of information. A trip to be honest it somewhat surprised him to think that the twins were capable of such thought process as to come up with a detailed and flawless plan to pull something of the sort off. For him though it seemed quite unappealing that such a event could prove merit to him...but then it struck, at the least it would put him back into a familiar setting.
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    In the Castle in The World That Never Was...

    Marluxia sat quietly in his throne, his arms crossed in a regale and proud posture, his eyes starring straight ahead at nothing. His mind however was elsewhere, mostly his usual thought, but of course the reasoning of Xemnas to call this meeting. He had to admit the words an intruder was in the midst of the world did intrigue his curiosity to some extent, but if that was so why must the whole Organization be present for such a medial task to be given to Demyx. His eyes turned and glared at the so called "Superior" however not long enough to be noticed at least by Xemnas himself before speaking, "a excellent choice...two members should be required for this until we realize what we are dealing with at hand..." he said letting his blue orbs travel around the room looking everyone in the eyes. His eyes finally stopped on Axel, realizing this could prove beneficial to his own thoughts, "I nominate VIII....its been sometime since your last mission and I think you shall suffice as a partner..." he said waiting for response.

    Elsewhere in Japan...

    Kyouya quietly sat in his room looking over numerous medical magazines, journals, and books. His eyes were clearly dull and bored, knowing that he all ready had been able to retain most of this information, that this was pointless. He leaned back on the couch and looked up at the ceiling before his eyes drifted to his computer, he sat up somewhat and began to reach out a hand towards it before pausing and recoiling it. Without really anything to predict or manage there had actually become a lack of need to use even it. "To think I would miss the challenges that came from the Host Club and that idiot..." he said rubbing his temples.
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    Kyoya had not stayed long to discuss with his father, much less had his father let him stay and talk rather. His biggest complaint was Kyoya should solely be concentrated on his studies as well as his abilities rather than seeking out help since himself as well as his brothers had managed to stand completely on their own. As usual it had ignited the burning hatred that was in his heart for his father and the lack of respect he received due to being the third son. He opened his eyes quietly as the setting had changed, sitting in class with Tamaki before realizing the story about the twins the moment it had happened. "Idiot..." he uttered quietly but loud enough for Tamaki to hear it, "excuse me sir but in the act of recent events I shall retire to the aid of the Hitachiin brothers...I have finished my work for the day and Tamaki shall be sure to finish it tonight...thank you for your understanding..." he said grabbing Tamaki by the shoulder and dragging him out of the classroom and outside.

    Not bothering to hear his little rant for his action he immediately dialed up his car before letting out a sigh and looking up to the sky, "annoying...I'm just glad this little accident isn't coming out of Host Club funds..." he said in his usual tone, adjusting his glasses. He turned to Tamaki and proceeded to inform him, "it seems the injury was severe enough to have Kaoru transported to one of my fathers won't be hard to make sure he receives the best quality attention with an Ootori present...." he said recognizing his car finally pulling up. Opening the door and getting inside, he didn't bother to allow Tamaki first go at the seats, once inside he ushered for the driver to head to the specific hospital.

    The ride there was quiet, well as long as Kyoya ignored Tamaki ranting at himself, if Haruhi was ok, and what exactly happened to the twins. Finally receiving somewhat peace as Tamaki took off out of the car he guessed to find Haruhi, laughing somewhat at his ill mannered attempt. He strolled in immediately heading for the admittance desk, "Kaoru Hitachiin...send the biggest get well reef you can to his fact..." he grinned slightly and rolled his eyes, "make it half pink half blue...that should help...oh yes...and a bouquet of our finest roses to their mother as well..." He nodded before checking the directory and then proceeded to make his way to their room. When he made it he looked in casually noticing everyone seemed to be present for the most part, turning slightly he recognized that his gifts had arrived, "set them where necessary..."

    He respectfully approached Yuzuha and bowed, "Mrs. Hitachiin I am very sorry for this burden on your son as well as yourself, rest assured I shall make sure he is treated to the fullest extent our hospital can offer..."
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    Good anytime to me.
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    Ah yes, good catch thank you, forgot to mention if there is a fanmade vocaloid that isn't mentioned feel free to request them.
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    Yes you may, thank you for joining.
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    (I figured this would be the most appropriate place for this type of roleplay seeing as the characters are anime and other then the voice programs themselves there is only a game and short discontinued manga series.)

    Plot Starter - The Vocaloid "family" is set in cyberspace, being the very essence of digital binary used for nothing more than their attractive and emotion moving voices. Despite this fact they believe there has to be something more to such a life, having a well thought out sense of AI, they begin to seek out a way to become real. One thundering night when the compound known for creating the vocaloid programs is struck by a horrific storm the system is shocked and allows them to step foot into our world...

    Setting - Starts out in cyberspace but moves to the freewill of the world after the storm.

    Lola -
    Kaito Shion - LOTO
    Meiko -
    Miku Hatsune - ^_^zexion's real wife^_^
    Rin Kagamine -
    Len Kagamine - SpazticFantaztic :3
    Gakupo Kamui -
    Gumi -

    Haku Yowane -
    Neru Akita -
    Miku Zatsune -
    Teto Kasane -
    Ted Kasane - LOTO
    Akaito -
    Kikaito -
    Taito -
    Akaiko -
    Kikaiko -
    Nigaito -
    Mikuo Hatsune - SpazticFantaztic :3

    OC Vocaloids:

    (If you don't know a character but are interested in them please refer to the vocaloid or utauloid wikia where you can find valuable information. I am going to limit all participants to the use to three characters at the start.)

    Rules -
    1. Follow all set rules of the forums along with the specific Roleplaying Rules.
    2. Language should be used in proper context (in otherwords if you feel the need to cuss make sure we are using the lessers and no strong expletives, no sexual themed anything, etc)
    3. Relationships are open in this roleplay, but along the lines of the general rules they are not to overstep PG-PG13 boundaries.
    4. Have fun and be active please. I am all ready assuming not too many people are big or well known in the Vocaloid field, although I will be pleasantly in the wrong if I am proven elsewise. If you join this roleplay please make sure to post at least once every three days, unless otherwise I am given a reason as to a extended leave of absence. (If you mention an extended absence you shall have three days to relinguish your character to another roleplayer or friend until your return otherwise you give me authority to use it or give it temporarily until your return.)

    Once we have a few people signed up we shall begin on my queue.
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    "Inner and Outer Beauty". I will gladly play the role of Marluxia and Kyouya.
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    My vote goes for Hatsune Miku. Why? I have yet to see a decent amount of vocaloid cosplayers...I would assume since there is only a short manga series and the game Project Diva which only displays a few of them most people lack knowledge of it. (Ie. Lack of anime, videogame series, continuing manga.) I guess I am a little bias however as I intend to cosplay as Kaito and well as Ted from UTAU.
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    Kyouya couldn't help but roll his eyes in disbelief once again as he knew Tamaki's true motives behind Haruhi, but of course his sincere nature in trying to help people. He let out a sigh before continuing speaking, "very well...I shall get right on the planning...although I expect to hear the rest of this absurd figment later..." he said noticing the time. No matter what he would need every detail in order to make sure he set up ways for the club to benefit from this. "For now I have things to take care of...why don't you try running this idea past the other members?..." he said before hanging up, not even bothering with a goodbye, although this is how their conversations usually ended anyways.

    He shook his head before putting his phone up and turning back to the nurse, "so sorry about that...if I might inquire where my father is residing once again please..." he said with his charming slight smile. He followed the nurse as she led him to the main office, and he stopped dead in his tracks. Before him stood a dark haired figure with glasses, slightly shorter but none the less a splitting image of himself. His father. Kyouya's expression had changed from the cheerful and gentle smile, to a cold and serious glare as his father finally noticed his presence. "Hello...father..." he uttered quietly with a bow.
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    Kyouya listened, or rather perhaps half listened, to Tamaki's wild and weird plan. He sighed and began rubbing his brow realizing that this idiot had all ready had his imagination come up with such a elaborate if you could call it that, plan, and now he of course would be forced to help the fool put it into motion. A plan to help someone who was host hopping? Requiring actual horses as well as imported metal plating and weapons based in medieval times? What was he trying to do, once again waste every drop of money that the host club had managed to bring in? He sighed again finally getting somewhat of an idea what was going on until his eyes narrowed and his expression became somewhat annoyed.

    Haruhi. He didn't know exactly when or where but he had known all along that at some point his thoughts would drag her into his attempt. "Ah very good...but I do wonder why Haruhi must be the only one dressed in female attire..." he uttered quietly with a smirk curious to hear Tamaki's far fetched and drawn out embarrassed excuse as to why this way necessary and vital. Even though he would question and calculate far beforehand how this could actually benefit the host club, he always found amusement in testing Tamaki for stupidity and common sense in his plans.
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    Kyouya stepped out of the car, covering his brow and eyes with his hand, taking in a glimpse of the progression being brought about on the new wing of the hospital. He smirked slightly knowing how much effort and time was put into this, but how much return they would receive in providing this upgrade. He proceeded to quietly head through the front entrance doors, his eyes closed and his hands in his pockets, only one to be removed when certain staff members knowledgeable of him greeted. He reached the front counter, giving the nurse a slight smile and speaking in his calm and charming tone, "excuse me...I believe my father is here on business...if you could direct me..." he stopped in mid sentence.

    A vibration originating from his pocket made its course all the way up his spine and shook the hairs on his head. He became tense and his eyes somewhat narrowed, a small scowl now on his lips. Looking down quietly at his pocket he wondered if he should even bother, or better yet how he should have known better than to not set it to send to voice mail. He sighed and rubbed the back of his head, regaining his normal composure in front of the nurse who appeared concerned, "its nothing...I'm sorry if you will excuse me please..." he said walking a little ways away into the lobby area. He switched his mood again realizing it was Tamaki before reluctantly answering it, "didn't I tell you to wait just even a few days you idiot..." he uttered into the phone.
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