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    Therity will use her point on Erza Speed. She'd also like to buy and equip a Slayer Earring and a Titan Chain (98 Jewels left).
    Finally, please change her AS to (7: 6 + 1 from Slayer Earring):
    Wishing Edge, Sliding Dash, Fire Strike, Binding Strike, Confuse, Mine Shield, and Quake.

    For Taylor, the point will go to Erza Magic. In addition, she'd like to buy and equip two Mage Earrings (210 Jewels left).
    Please change her AS to (7: 5 + 2 from Mage Earrings):
    Aerora, Thundara, Cure, Magnet, Stop, Fire Dash, and Binding Strike.

    Thanks c:
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    Taylor suddenly woke up in a bed somewhere in space. "Oh crap! How long was I out?!" she exclaimed, and checked her imaginary watch. "Two months???????? Ugh! I meant to lay down for less than a minute!" She cursed herself some more for falling asleep, as she ran into the guild hall from wherever she was, smiling energetically at Conrad as she passed him on his way out. There was a conversation going on in the guild hall with some new(er than her) chick she didn't know, and people were continuously walking through the doors, returning from missions and some from the town. Taylor sighed, relieved. Nothing had really changed, as far as she knew. People in the hall were acting pretty normal, so she assumed nothing was amis. She turned as Therity walked through the doors, and narrowed her eyes in disgust as the older woman confidently walked to the guild store place to buy things. She left immediately, and walked outside hoping that the cool night air would help wake her brain up. She put her hands behind her head and stood with her back against the front wall of the guild hall, watching the clear sky above her. After a few minutes of stargazing, she took her guitar from her case (that she always has on her because musican plus logic) and played one of her current favorite songs - Tenerife Sea


    Therity walked in the guild hall after returning from a mission that she didn't really take part in and still managed to get 10/10 on two sections of the end experirence stuff, and saw Taylor glaring at her out of the corner of her eye. Ignoring her, she calmly walked to the shop to buy a few items. After she had what she wanted, she sat down at the bar, appearing to be deep in thought.
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    was extremely put out by the fact that she hadn't won the Nessa's hand. Now her dream couldn't be met. She hadn't even bothered to look at the inscriptions, but still... She honestly wasn't too bothered by the fact that she couldn't marry, because lesbian marriage was illegal in these parts anyway. However, the contract said nothing about domestic partnership, which was legal. Hehehe #winning.

    Her mood quickly changed when the chanting began. A green woman showed herself to the group and mentioned incest, implying that she was somehow related to
    Nessa. However, Nessa denied any relation to the green lady. Interesting. Anyway, these things needed to be defeated, and... wait, was that Dialga??????????? She gasped and tried to run to battle it, but Vance dragged her to the sapphire one. Disappointed but accepting his need for help, Taylor combined her flames with Vance's, and used Fire Dash on the beast as well.
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    Therity used Sliding Dash on *mumbles incoherently*
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    Taylor passed out.

    She didn't realize it happened until she was being healed by an angel. An angel who was speaking to her softly. An angel whose face was the first thing
    Taylor saw when she woke up. Taylor thought she was an actual angel. "Am I in heaven?" she asked in wonder. She looked around, and saw the others standing around after having completed the battle. "Oh. Just kidding." She stood up, disappointed, and brushed the dust off of her pants. "Thanks for healing me, Thea." She gave the girl a smile and a kiss on the cheek before following everyone else to the contest hall area thing.

    "I wanna go last," she said as Aias headed into the room. "Last is the one with the golden chest, after all." Taylor paused, rethinking, then grumbled quietly to herself. "Why does the chest have to be gold, it should be a prettier color. Like blue or green or something."
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    "Yo, thanks fam,"
    Taylor said to Zeph as he took a hit for her. "Lemme repay the flavor."

    Taylor used Cure on Zephyros.
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    Taylor, having nothing to respond to, continued to be proud of herself and annoyed with the nobles. She used Magnet on the Berellian Prince.
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    After Taylor finished singing her song, the blonde haired guy told her that she was thinking of the wrong formula, which surprised her. "What?????? Are you serious?" Her face turned slightly downcast, and then she became very focused and started listing formula names quietly to herself. "Pythagorean Theorem, distance formula, means-extremes property, hmm..." Taylor's face suddenly became very animated as she found the right name to match that property. "Oh, yeah! The song is about the quadratic equation, right? The Pythagorean Theorem is the a squared plus b squared equals c squared stuff, and that's for the hypotenuse of right triangles." She patted herself on the back, congratulating herself for remembering tenth grade geometry.
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    used Binding Strike on the Dark Guild Berserker.


    Taylor gasped at the insult. "I did too go to school! I mean, I don't know about the others, but at least I know the Pythagorean Theorm!" She stated, almost angrily. "Negative b plus or minus the square root of b squared, minus four a c, all over two a." She sang to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel. "See? I may not be that strong yet, but at least I'm smart!" She used Fire Dash, releasing her annoyance with the nobles in her attack.
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    Therity used Blitz on the first Shieldbearer because he was still alive and needed to not be.
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    Therity followed whoever she was supposed to follow and used Sliding Dash on whoever she was supposed to attack.

    Taylor was a little bit pissed off that Vance had defended her, but she appreciated it nevertheless. It was good to know she had allies. Plus, the other suitors were being such dicks that they needed a good lashing, one that Taylor didn't feel like taking the time to think up. Anyways, Taylor was a little bit surprised when Nessa revealed herself to be in a wheelchair, although once she got past the surprise, her eyes lit up. "That's so cool!! If we got married I could push you around and stuff. That would be so fun!" She imagined herself pushing Nessa around the palace and had a cliché vision/dream thing about the two of them laughing as they spun around under a chandelier. As the other suitors left, her eyes darkened as she said, "Excuse me. I think I'm going to go join Rho, Aias, and Zephyros." While she hadn't felt like giving the nobles a lecture, she absolutely felt like whopping their asses now.
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    Taylor listened to the rules of the contest, a few questions raised in her mind. A single eyebrow raised as the woman finished, and Taylor raised her hand. Without waiting to be called on, she called out, "Not quite clear, actually. How would it be possible to choose wrongly?" she emphasized the -ly, correcting the woman's grammar. Adverbs deserved be to be recognized, too. "And if we do choose wrongly, whatever that means, how will you enforce the never marrying thing? Not that I would ever break my word, but if I were to do so, what would you do about it?" Honestly, Taylor was quite curious about the second question, as she believed she could easily avoid the public's eye if she was to marry, since she wasn't as many here were.
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    sighed with relief as the battle ended without any further lightning moves, and waved goodbye to the other group before walking off of the ship onto dry land. She didn't really speak much as she regained her composure, and gradually her cheery attitude came back as Zephryos described the competition, or lack therefore of. "I agree with Conrad and... Thea. That's your name, right? Sorry, I'm really bad with names," Taylor laughed, struggling to remember the names of her comrades. She gave the two a smile, and then continued. "From what you've described, Zeph, they don't seem like they'll be a match for the lot of us. If we're worried about competition, we should fight ourselves to discern who's worthy enough to enter the competition," she teased, clearly not being serious about the idea.


    Therity was suspicious about the voice and the entrance, and lagged behind everyone else. If there was a trap, she refused to be caught in it, and she supposed she would just have to rescue everyone else if were captured.
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    Taylor had been completely stunned from fear, and hadn't even felt herself attack. She looked at her hands when the spell was released, impressed with herself for managing to strike despite her terror. Nobody around her had used the lightning spell again, and she was beginning to regain her normal mental state. She closed her eyes and shuddered, before yelling out "Guys, if you can help it, please don't use thunder attacks! Lightning freaks me out..." She added the last part quietly, reluctant to admit her fear but believing that her teammates deserved an explanation even if only the ones closest to her could hear it. She proceeded to use Fire Dash once more on the giant whale.


    Therity really wanted to punch this guy. She was really in the mood for a fight. Unfortunately, the train stopped suddenly, and the man called Kageyama jumped out of the damn window. Therity was frustrated, but didn't show it. She knew there would be other opportunities to fight. Without saying a word, she followed the man out of the train, but in a much more civililzed manner. Namely, the door.
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    After Cassandra finished answering people's question, including her own, Therity nodded and sat back. She had only relaxed for a moment, however, before she noticed how hungry she was. After all, she hadn't really eaten anything before their Galuna mission. She stood up and left the train car they were in, wandering around and trying to find something to eat.
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