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    "Whoa, never seen those in the bazaar. You guys really aren't from around here..." Aladdin was taken back at the summoning of their gliders. He tilted his head as he examined the powerful machines Abu also marveling at the newly summoned gliders."Yeah, you can join us on carpet. Just keep an eye on your tiara. Abu can be very... possessive..." Abu at this time was holding the tiara very preciously, gleaning over his several reflections in the many jewels on the crown. Aladdin quickly grabbed Abu and tossed him onto carpet, allowing Luna on the carpet before he gave the rug a quick run of the tassels. They flew forward and quickly through the night, prompting the rest of the party to do the same...


    Jafar began scowering the streets of the dune city of Agrabah. His faithful parrot Iago flying about the bazaar before landing on his shoulder
    "Jafar! I've looked everywhere for Jasmine. She's disappeared like magic!"
    "The girl is more trouble than she's worth," Jafar grimaced.
    From behind him, Maleficent appeared with her staff, showing an expression of disappointment. "Not the first time you've that that...You said you had things under control"
    "Agrabah is full of holes for rats to hide in. But why worry about Princess Jasmine? If she cant be found, There are more than a dozen that can take her place..
    "Despite several, candidates, many are being safeguarded and a world traveling vessel.We my only need two, but there are only a handful within reach. We are running out of time."
    "Well, if the princess is that important, we'll find her.

    "Don't hesitate to call for help if needed. Hades felt he could handle the keybladers on his own, and we all know what became of that scenario..."
    "Your concern is touching, but hardly necessary.I may not be a god, but I know how to deal with the just and righteous... In fact, I'm expecting a package to arrive shortly that could very well turn the tide," he grinned.

    Later that day....

    Aladdin and the rest of the keybladers arrived in Agrbaah. "Well here we are, Agrabah sweet Agrabah. Anywhere you hoping to visit first?"
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    "Just some hired entertainment," he replied jovially. "The gala behind me is being hosted by the very wealthy Mr. Eli La Bouff. He is hosting this masquerade ball in honor of Prince Naveen's arrival from Maldovia. From what the reporters are saying, the prince is always one for street performers. Thus my very prompt employment," he smiled. The bearded man showcased 3 cards to the group. Two black, shuriken-like X cards and one orange circle card. "The game is simple, simply find the Circle card," he instructed politely to Kaida. He placed all three cards face down on his dealer table and began to shuffle them, but not too rapidly. "Now, where is Circle card?" he asked. Thankfully, he wasn't mixing them too rapidly, so it was easier to spot that the circle card had been shuffled to the right most card on the table.


    "This is Abu. Be sure to hold all your jewelry close to the vest. He can get very... curious" Aladdin grinned.
    Abu took notice of Luna and his eyes immediately moved upward to the sparkling tiara on her head. White diamonds shining in his eyes, he leapt off Aladdin and clutched onto Luna, giving her sad, innocent eyes.
    "But I think maybe it's better if we get outta the desert before we freeze overnight." He looked over to the carpet he had ridden on and thought aloud. "I... don't think all of us are gonna fit on carpet though..." he scratched the back of his head as he looked around the group."Don't suppose you guys brought any camels with you?"
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    The young man tossed the sand out of his hair before he stood up to answer. He took a couple of spit takes to make sure he got rid of all the coarse granules from his mouth. "Name's Aladdin!" he grinned. "And that giant sand tiger- err... what's left of it anyways used to be the cave of wonders! "My guess was they weren't too fond of this little treasure we found and tried to trap us in there." He motioned over to a living carpet that began digging itself out of the sand. "Luckily we found this magic carpet and flew out to safety. That along with this lamp..." He took out a small golden lamp from his pocket. "Legend has it whoever has the lamp can summon-" He stopped himself before continuing. "Actually maybe I'll just save that for later. "You guys don't look like you're from here. What brings you all the way out in the desert?"

    A small monkey with a fez on his head poked it's head from the sand and did the same. Making it's little monkey noises, the monkey reached down and grabbed a human sized fez before climbing up the man's body and placing it on top of his head. "Thank's Abu.." he said to the little monkey, patting his little head.
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    For the most part, the tiger head was peaceful, Just a large, hardened sand monument to some sort of tiger headed figure. The light beaming from inside the tiger's mouth began glowing a darker red as the party wa examining it further. All of a sudden the tiger head's eyes began to blink, and it's eyes began to furrow in anger. It's teeth gnarling from its open mouthed maw. It's mouth began to spreak as it spoke in a booming, ancient voice.


    It let out painful roars as it winced it pain- Lightning beginning to strike across the sky as the wind picked up. The tiger head began to deteriorate as a young Arabian man on a flying carpet zoomed through the destroyed cave and crashed into the sand dune behind the party.
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    The group arrived into the desert at the peak of night. The night sky covering the vast sands of desert that stretches for miles and miles. Kel, Karina, Luna, AJ, and Beuce has disembarked onto the nearest landmark as a giant tiger's head made of the desert sand. It's eyes glowing a vibrant heated red as a humid and eerie breathe of air escaped it's mighty jaws. The night air still old and blowing against them as the grains of sand toppled over each other. There wasn't much sign of civilation. Only this disturbing cave that faced the five of them could be seen for miles. Stars up above were few and far between, but the little dipper was still in view...


    Faust, Kaida and Quill arrived on the streets of a bustling, party of a town. They had arrived at night time, where they found several world denizens in odd costumes. Perhaps going to a costume party? They saw a small gathering of people lined outside the gate to a nearby mansion, where guests were being led in one by one. Jazz music could be heard coming from beyond the gates, as several costumed people were gossiping among each other.under the night sky. Not many stars could be seen, but the big dipper constellation was still within view.

    The three party members were left in their regular garb as a British voice called them from behind. "Care for a game while you wait?" The voice came from a man in a tuxedo and black and white Mardi Gras mask.he dealt three cards on the table. "Care to try your luck?"
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    An intercom system' blastes on the comm system located across Central Haven. "Conference room in 20 minutes. Shiro and I got an update for you guys."

    Twenty group assembling minutes later...

    DJ activated a hollow grid on the table the order used to use for weekly meetings. As he did, a large map of the lanes between appeared before the SOS.
    "So I've got some good news and bad news." he pointed to two spots on the grid. "Thanks to Yen sid's research, we found out where the final three princesses have been located. Bad news is we could only find 2 of them. Their main hideout is still out of our reach." He pressed the two dots on the simulated holodeck which prompted two images to appear.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    "First is Agrbaha; a desert world. The second is Mystic Bayou; an area near a voodoo swampland," Shiro announced. The eight of you can split into teams to investigate each world. "Once youve found the princess and can identify, them, use the beacon app on your gummi phones. It'll notify the Disney station to pick up."

    DJ pulled out his gummi phone. "Thank's to Kel's ingenuity, I've also added another app that can help. Using the mark on Kel's neck, I reverse engineered the magical signature his branding gives off." He activated the app to show only one signal in the room being Kel. "You'll be able to tell if anyone from the Red Society is in the latter worlds. No way to track Hellfire Club members though, so keep on your toes anyways."

    Shiro turned off the manitor. "Young master DJ and I have placed coordinates for each world into our gummi ships at the hangar.While your two teams investigate, we will attempt to attempt contact with our fellow allies in the void. We are also searching for young Master Aux as well."

    DJ cleared his throat. "Ship's leaving in thirty. Pick your teams and move out." His voice cracked at the end, causing him to shut his eyes in embarassment. It was very confident leadership until those last two seconds.
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    As DJ passed the four training from Shiro, he made his way over to the command deck where the larger master sat defeated at the control panel.
    DJ looked over to him with an almost parental look of disappointment.

    "I MADE AN OOPSIE..." Shiro lamented.
    DJ sighed as he closed the door behind him. A quick ten minutes of back and forth between them caught the both of them up to speed.

    "So they're alive?" Shiro confirmed.
    "Struggling, but alive from the sounds of it. Kaida and Quill got their training, Beuce seems to have benefited from Orion before he got voided... Luna returned without Aux which seems... concerning... what about the other four?"
    Shiro sighed. "I'm not exactly adamant at the one on one tutelage. I'm a military man.. I excel at having them learn by doing..."
    Dj leaned back in his chair. "We're bad at this, aren't we?... When I joined onto the Order, I never signed on to be a teacher. Never wanted to be a leader either..."
    "Shiro leaned forward. "This was supposed to be my burden to bare. You've done more then anyone expected of you. Kaida as well... We continue to rush them into gaining more strength, but perhaps its best we `slow things down a bit. Everyone could benefit from some downtime... Besides, we still need to track where the other Hellfire club members are. The burning of the archives makes it more difficult to find them all..We need time to gather more leads..."



    Gilgzaamesh led Kurrterra to where Nequa was playing with a chess set. She said and twiddled her fingers over certain pieces, trying to place them strategically.
    "Witch," he replied.
    "Old man," she rebutted. "Was the body I found you not good enough?"
    "Certain events made this the more appealing choice. I understand your numbers have dwindled."
    "Aww did someones super clever plan be super dumb?"
    Terra glared as he gritted his teeth. Nequa smiled as she continued., "Since the good guys don't want you, you need to fight on a winning side for the X-blade, right? And since you aren't going to be one of the seven lights-"
    "I regretfully-" he sighed mid sentence. "-am forced to be one of the thirteen darknesses."
    "Provided you make the cut," she grinned. "Well since I lost my last Bravo, I guess you can be new Bravo."
    "So long as I get what I want, I don't care what you call me..."
    Gilgamesh cleared his throat. "Whiskey never returned from her revenge subplot... I think we have all the numbers we need boss."

    "Welll goodie then! Be sure to congratulate Kilo and Hotel on making it to the finals!" She loojked to Terra. "Congratulations old man, you just got fast tracked to the endgame!"
    "So if we account for five of the darknesses... who are the other eight?"
    "Wait and see old man..."she replied. "Wait and see..."



    Vanitas stood alongside Sho Minamimoto as they stood across from Sorenia and Xares. They were traveling inside Soren'a cosmic reptillian vessel. They were able to speak within a cosmic space of distant stars inside the Snake.

    "You're telling me this whol crusade is being led... by... teenagers?"
    "That a pronlem Mr. General of the sanctuary? Oh wait- you got that title taken away, didn't you? Vanitas chuckled.

    "Insufferable little- I still have my rank and have half a mind to-" Xares lunged forward before being held back by Sorenia.
    "Kid's a nuisance, but his offer is legit. I've seen the kind of creatures he can summon. Mindless minions we can use towards our own objectives. You get your army, and your chance to get even with those who've wronged you."
    He turened to ther woman and pushed her hand off him. "I already have an army... And what exactly do you get all of this?"
    "Let's just say there's some one who needs to be pout back in their place."
    "And you're willing to work under children? All to prove a point?" He looked to Sho for more clarity. "And what do you get out of this?"

    Sho was typing away on a laptop, half listening to what was going on behind him., "I was a game master in Shibuya. I had a game prepared for the players anbd got my opportunity snatched away from me. If society won't acknowledge my genius for what it is, then I'll just burn it to infinity. The World is garbage!" he exclaimed.

    Xares stepped forward as he towered over Vanitas. "What's to stop me from simply taking the resources from you and taking over this faction myself? What do you get out of it?"
    "If you have to know, I'm just the recruiter. I get people on board so we can wipe the world of it's light. What I am is darkness. And that's all I need to be."

    Xares turned and began to walk away. "You'll have my answer soon enough..."
    Sho turned to Vanitas after the altercation. "What happens if he says no?"
    "He won't," Sorenia replied. "You can see the hate in his eyes. It's not even about the power. It's about pride. He values it too much..."



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    While Beuce was still lounging about, waiting for his ride- the ship that Aux and Luna took arrived from hyper space, slowly landing down and having the dock bay door open to let Beuce inside.

    The atmosphere inside the cockpit was very eerie. It was just Luna sitting in the cockpit without Aux. She looked like she had been through rough battle and didn't seem in the talking mood. On closer inspection a small reptile, a dragon, made its way onto Luna's lap to try to comfort her.
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    Ahh the days where I had too much time...
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    Happy 10 years of SOS!

    (Fun fact, Party Rock Anthem was released the same month as this roleplay!)
    As a special bonus, all players have been given an additional 100,000 EXP!​

    December 2018
    This Month's Keyblades are 50% off!
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    "Perish the thought! No intruder could ever get through the new defense program installed." Shiro confirmed.

    A calm robotic voice emanated from shiro's gauntlet as he stood proudly.
    'Warning. Unknown personnel in the detainment center.'

    Shiro's head immediately turned to the detainment center. "Oh Gummi nuts..." he whispered softly. He sprinted as fast as he could, leaving behind the others. "Just an error I'm sure, spar with eachother till I get back!"


    Gilgamesh appeared through a rift he made into the detention cell where Kurt was being kept. "Someone call for a pick up!" He yelled, entering as he found Alex no where in sight.

    "Alex, you look terra-ble."
    "If you're referring to the blonde hoodlum, they took him out hours ago..." Kurt scolded.
    "Uh-huh, and who are you?... haha Just kidding- I read the wiki... Ima call you Kurterra FYI."
    Kurt's eyebrow arched in confusion.

    "And who do you represent?"
    "Nequa." Gilgamesh replied.
    Kurterra's eyes glared at the mention of the name. "Take me to her... her and I have an overdue reckoning..."

    Scratching his head, he contemplated the offer.
    "You know I would, but I don't exactly have any reason to take you with me."
    Kurterra thought how to delicately respond to the strange man before me. "Yes, but you have no reason to leave me behind either."

    "That is also true... alight, come on then..."
    He allowed the man passage through his portal as Kurterra followed.

    Shiro arrived only in time to see the two of them leave trough the special rift. He sighed heavily as he thought aloud. "This is not lit at all... No cap..."
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    “We’ll have to see about that” Faust laughed lightheartedly as he started to fix the bandages around his neck that came loose in his fight. “I've been told that I'm quite hard to kill before. Lady luck really tends to watch out for my neck when I stick it in places I really shouldn’t, but let me know if you want play a game some time to see who lady luck favors more”

    Gilgamesh nodded as he looked around seeing that the group was more or less done with his antics. "Mhhm, mhmm, well I can see you are all busy. Just please give this to Andrew when you can." He slashed open a portal and shuffled on through it, yelling "kill you later!" As he vanished.

    Shiro arrived on the scene and looked around a bit confused. "Wait wasn't there a 5th person who..." he shook his head as his eyes narrowed to Karina. "Well it seems DJ might have gone overboard with the difficulty." He helped guide her to the med bay, taking along the rest of the group.

    He placed a few small devices on karina's arm when they arrived to the medical bay. He monitored his vitals as he watched the monitor. "Well, you overexerted yourself a bit there. But that is to be expected with with fire element. Candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long after all.." he looked to the rest of the group. "Anyone learn anything in their session?"
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    "Hello Faust, I'm Gilgamesh, the magician killing mercenary," he said, shaking the man's hand while still being enamored with AJ.
    "Just kidding, I'm not really much of a mercenary these days," he added.

    Hearing a banging on the glass, Shiro took off his headphones and looked at the window to find everyone was finished. "Good jo- I mean.. DANK job fellow masters!" He ended the simulation and opened the doors out of the chamber to let everyone out. Something caught his eye as he saw a large man in armor still in the chamber.
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