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    I looked on youtube and it seems like that might help you out. Or at least send you in the right direction of finding the help you need. (I'm assuming the problem has something to do with codecs)
    Post by: Knightshade, Jan 3, 2013 in forum: Production Studio
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    Happy New Years everyone :D
    Post by: Knightshade, Jan 1, 2013 in forum: Community News & Projects
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    It's technically not the right term to use, but I'll usually use it if I'm talking to people who don't listen to the genre and don't know the right terminology. The two biggest genre's in "screamo" that I usually refer to are either post-hardcore or metalcore. If I'm referring to the vocals, I'll usually just say the song has screamed vocals or something along the lines of that.
    Post by: Knightshade, Dec 23, 2012 in forum: Music
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    Post by: Knightshade, Nov 4, 2012 in forum: Community News & Projects