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    I have!! I'd much rather pre-order it than have to wait until they get in stock again :D because I have a feeling it'll be sold out at the bookstores really quickly. Also, she has another book out separate from the Twilight books called The Host. It's more sci-fi -ish but it's still good & I bought it & it's what's keeping me busy until Breaking Dawn comes out. As for the movie...there's no actor in the world that could do justice to Edward Cullen. :luv:
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    50% Salvadorena/Salvadorian (however you'd like to say it)
    50% mixed with other stuff (including, but not limited to Russian & Filipino)
    My mom was born & raised in El Salvador. My dad was born & raised in Los Angeles (my sister & me, too).
    I don't know much/enough about my dad's side, but even then I'd still say that I'm a proud latina.
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    I agree, very catchy. It makes me want to bob (is that the word for it?) my head every time I hear it.
    & the lead singer is Mitchel Musso's brother, not Miley Cyrus. I read an interview in some magazine with Mitchel Musso & they had asked him what it was like to not only be famous (for being on Hannah Montana) but have a famous sibling (ie the lead singer of Metro Station).
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    The Host

    I bought it & finished it that night at like 2 or 3 in the morning. I couldn't put it down.
    Might be just me, but I loved it. =]
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    The shadows are so cute!! =D
    So are the mushroom heartless. They're all (mushrooms & shadows...but mostly shadows) are sooo freaking adorably cuuuute!!! *screams & starts baby talking*
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    Can't. Stop. Laughing. =P
    Riku x Alice Cullen (Twilight of my fave book series btw =] )
    I can imagine it now...
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    I know it's been said more than once, but Napoleon Dynamite. It wasn't funny, had almost no storyline/plot. Major disappointment. Also, The Village. That movie was a sad excuse for an even slightly "scary" movie & I'm still disappointed in my sister for wasting her money on buying the DVD.
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    Sailor Moon & I loved it! I had no idea that it was anime, let alone what anime was.
    The first that I actually knew what anime was & that it was anime? Inuyasha.
    Pokemon doesn't count because I still didn't know what anime was at that time.
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    Oh wow. I was hoping to never have to see that again. lol We watched that in my computer class a week, maybe two weeks ago. It was funny at the time, but now that I saw it again all I can say, ookay then
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    Here is mine. I don't think it's my best work, but, hey, why not give it a shot? <--this one uses the d-word but only once...

    well the rules said that you can have two so, why not?
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    i love writing! i'm in the process of writing a story right now. it sort of set in the future (after we end up nuking each other). it's about a girl who gets into an accident with her best friend & they are somehow sent to the past. they have the chance to change the past so that we never nuked each other, but will they do it, & what will happen if they do? at the moment it's only the first chapter & it's 20-something pages long, but hopefully it turns into more than that. i always have ideas but my problem is that i sometimes have a hard time making my ideas fit with the rest of what i'm writing. my friends & family tell me that i'm a good writer, but i'm still in high school & i want to find out if we have some kind of creative writing class, i'd love to take it.
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    Ohmigosh! I would love it if i got some opinions on my newest AMV, but it's on YouTube (seeing as how I have yet to figure out how to upload it here).
    Please & Thank You. Much appreciated!! =D
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    Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty

    I've got gadgets & gizmos aplenty,
    I've got whosits & whatsits galore.
    You want thingamabobs?
    I've got twenty.
    But who cares,
    No big deal.
    I want more...
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    I totally agree with a lot of things that were said. Like the fact that playing the Kingdom Hearts games is a choice and if you don't like that there is Disney in it, then don't play it. It's as simple as that. Also, I agree that without Disney being a part of if, Kingdom Hearts would be a pretty boring game. Disney makes up most of the game and it's part of what keeps people coming back for more Kingdom Hearts. Sure, it has like the perfect love story with Sora & Kairi. Sure, it has a serious story that most people wouldn't comprehend, but it's the Disney aspect that stirs things up & keeps it interesting (imo). And if people want a game that is rated T or M, then go find another game to play. No one said that you have to play Kingdom Hearts; no one is forcing you.
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    I've read that there is also some cotreversy over whether The Golden Compass should even be considered a children's book/movie because of it's supposed "anti-Christian" messages. I am Catholic & I have read all three books & can't wait to see the movie. I agree that the books are clearly marked as fiction & shouldn't be treated like it's the anti-Bible or something. There really are much worse books than that out there.

    On another note, people should be able to freely form their own opinions & beliefs without outside forces, in this case the Church, pressuring them and trying to influence them. If parents don't want their children to see this movie or even read the books because it its supposedly "anti-Christian", then that is their opinion and shouldn't force it upon their children. If they do that then how will the children ever form their own opinions about anything? They'll just take up their parents' opinions on things because it was forced on them & they don't believe any differently.
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