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    Yea it does......I'm soooo getting girls
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    Misha and Shurelia WOW. You guys are faster at find info than me lol. Great job you two
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    Misha don't worry, I'll be with you all the way. I know you'll do great and you have an amazing voice. Just think of Ar Tonelico and you are singing for peace. And don't worry about Matty, I'll take care of him if he makes fun of you.

    Simple and Clean is a good choice too. All you need if practice to hit the high notes and soon enough, your voice will break through the high. And besides, you almost sound exactly like Utada Hikaru.

    All you have too do is believe in yourself. And if the Ar Tonelico thing doesn't work, Just pretend your singing with J.J, Your favorite idol.​
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    Yea..I can finally post...
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    I'll finish it for you Misha...

    "Mi-Mir..I thought she was happy with her new life in Metafalica..Well guess I was wrong." Kimiko gave Lakra a smirk.
    "I guess something happened and she began to hate humans again. We have to stop but well need two of the best reyvateils to protect you and Eien on you-"
    Lakra looked at Kimiko with a look that meant "WHAT!"
    "Me and Eien on a way."
    "If you want help save Ar Tonelico then you and Eien are gonna have to fight. And I'll even help."
    Lakra looked down. A tear shed down her face. Kimiko saw the tear and began to worry..
    "I'm sorry..for yelling at you."
    "It's ok but how are we gonna to find the best reyvateil. I dont know any."
    Kimiko began to think of the best reyvateils. A smile grew on her face which meant she the best reyvateil.
    " We have to go to the Em Pheyna, in the Lower World."​
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    Well, I'm done soo..Yayyyy
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    The virus was hug but there was only one possiblity, Mir has returned to hate humans. Lakra began to attack the virus but she was hit to the ground in pain Eien looked back and ran to her.
    "Are you ok?" Eien asked her as he helped her up.
    "Yea, I'm fine but this virus, It's impossible to defeat. We're gonna have to find a cystal or somthing down in the Lower World. Let's go talk to Kimiko."
    Eien and Lakra ran off to find Kimiko. She the leader of the Knights of Elemia. Orginally, it was Shurelia but she just couldn't handle being a tower administrator and a leader of Elemia Knights, So Kimiko is now they're leader.
    Eien and Lakra were still in sreach for Kimiko until Eien saw her.

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    I'm gonna guess about, 25 to 30 dollars
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    Already did and nice Knight of elemia. I like his story
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    This is awesome. Creating a reyvateil or knight of Elemia. This thread is awesome. Anyway,

    Name:Natsumi Nakamura
    Generation:Orgin Reyvateil
    Background story: Natsumi lives in Em Phanya with Tastiella Du Lu. She know more about the Teru Tribe than anyone in Ar Tonelico. She's highly skilled in her song magic and never let anyone dive in her cosmosphere. Why you ask, she doesn't want anyone to see her true feelings because in the real world, she's very certain.
    Descripion: Has red blond hair, brown eyes and wear purple armor mostly. She somtimes wears a lovely outdoors dress with red roses on them.
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    Ok. I wonder what that thread is.
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