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king_mickey rule

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May 13, 2014
    1. adamboy7
      Thankyou lol. And there shound not be that much snow in fall. Scratch that, there shouldnt be any lol.
    2. adamboy7
      lol yup. I am proud to be an American idiot XD Oh, and I checked out the thread. Very good :D May I download the vids?
    3. adamboy7
      Sounds fun :D (well, except the last part.) Since we last spoke, i joined two fandubs, one of wich I am actually making myself (well, the editing bit. My friend Sora's Apprentice is gather the voice actors and getting me the lines), I managed to take a dirt cheap Eye Toy and turn it into a brand new webcan with amazing quality, I built a mic systme out of spare parts, I nearly had to eveacuate a school building because two people got shocked, and I was in a halloween parade fours days after halloween, (it was after halloween because we got a foot of snow that week XD) and thats about it lol.
    4. Korosu
      No problem! Ah, what an interesting story, I wish you and your forum the best of luck developing it and whatnot, I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job! Ah, well, if it isn't too much toruble for you, I would like it but if it is trouble then nevermind~
    5. adamboy7
      Ah, doesnt sound fun. But gald to hear your getting better :D Anything good happen since we last spoke?
    6. adamboy7
      May I ask what the pneumonia was?
    7. adamboy7
      lol will do :D And sorry, I was ordered to share the quote XDD lol. How have you been?
    8. Glen
      Sounds cool :P if i can help in any way let me know XD but yeah, can't wait to see it
    9. Glen
      oh NICE! It sounds brilliant haha let me know when it's done please :P
    10. adamboy7
      Buzz: [Woody, scared, walks backwards and he gets startled by Buzz. Buzz keeps talking to his "mission log"] And according to my navi-computer, the...
      Woody: [whispering] SHUT UP! Just, SHUT UP, you idiot!
      Buzz: Sheriff, this is no time to panic.
      Woody: This is a perfect time to panic! I'm lost, Andy is gone, they're gonna move to their new house in two days, AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!
      Buzz: Mine? My fault? If you hadn't pushed me out of the window in the first place...
      Woody: Oh yeah? Well, if *you* hadn't shown up with your stupid little cardboard spaceship and taken away everything that was important to me...
      Buzz: Don't talk to me about importance! Because of *you*, the future of this entire universe is in jeopardy!
      Buzz: Right now, poised at the edge of the galaxy, Emperor Zurg has been secretly building a weapon with the destructive capacity to annihilate an entire planet! I alone have information that reveals this weapon's only weakness. And *you*, my friend, are responsible for delaying my rendezvous with Star Command!
      Woody: [pauses and looks incredulous] YOU! ARE! A! TOYYYYY! You aren't the real Buzz Lightyear! You're - you're an action figure!
      [holds hand up to eyes indicating something small]
      Woody: You are a child's play thing!
      Buzz: You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity.
      [waves in military fashion]
      Buzz: Farewell.
      [starts to walk away]
      Woody: Oh, yeah? Well, good riddance, ya loony!
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    11. Daxa~
      Hello dear <3
    12. Daxa~
      Daww hun,anytime.
      Really though,as I have said before I love actually being able to help people,even if I just listen.
      And sorry for falling asleep ;_;
    13. Daxa~
      Naww my dear....
      Maybe you should talk to her?
      Just to set things straight.

      Uh huh.
    14. Daxa~
      I see what you mean.
      I guess you should just try and be yourself around her...and I know its not very helpful advice,but I honestly would suggest just waiting,and keeping her as a friend...because maybe you will get back together,or maybe you will find someone new.
      But I know what you mean...
      Love hurts ;_;
    15. Daxa~
      Well maybe either give it a while,and see what you feel/think then,or ask another of your friends their poinion on this?
      Because she may be giving signals,but accidently...
      I mean,if shes known you for so long,and is so used to you,and being with you...well she may just be so comfortable with you that she goes back to acting as you used to be?
    16. Daxa~
      Well,if you were a bowl of soup you might :3

      Naww hun...and I am guessing that you don't really want to bring it up with her just yet,in case it makes things awkward for both of you?
      And No hun,its not pathetic at all.
      It just shows that you love her,which is a very sweet thing.
    17. Daxa~
      Daww my dear!
      How did you get it? Were you out in the cold? D:

      Really? Have you talked to her,etc?
    18. Daxa~
      Oh no dear D:

      Daww...well I do hope you feel happier(?)
    19. Daxa~
      Why hello dear <3
      It has been a while.

      I am alright,feel a bit bleh but...meh xD
    20. nasirrich
      *Sniffles* Ok cool, but I saw it nice, and I posted again too ^^"
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