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    Hey Explode, ya have a Discord?
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    8 years wow.

    8 years wow.
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    Well but of course, but you can't deny that it is the overall same PS2 game.
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    Belated Thank You!
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    I can understand that logic. I don't identify myself with any religion, as I don't believe in such, but that doesn't mean I hate the people.

    My aunt is very homophobic, but that doesn't mean I still love her very much so.

    My look on it goes like this, as long as you don't shove your beliefs onto others and it doesn't hurt anyone, then by all means, go ahead and believe.

    I may be wording it wrong, but that's the thing, sometimes we can't explain things.
    Post by: KHOmega, Apr 19, 2015 in forum: Discussion
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    You probably found out by now, that you're gonna have to go to an Apple Store to get it reset.
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    I've done many research papers and such of why homosexuality is natural and is not a disease.

    In my opinion, people are taught to treat certain things a certain way. What I found is that if people are taught respect, then they will respect. If they are taught that certain things are bad, certain things are bad to them.

    I have friends who have been bullied for being homosexual, and some who took their lives. It would be like saying that since I don't like the type of ice cream you eat, I am going to pester and harass you until you change what flavor of ice cream you like.

    I don't care if some people just don't accept it, but if you impose your views on people and they start hurting others, then we are going to have a problem. Be careful of who you decide to exclude and/or hate, because it may just be a loved one.
    Post by: KHOmega, Apr 17, 2015 in forum: Discussion
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    iwantedtoexplode gave me permission to revamp and organize the front code page.

    What I basically did was that I took all the unorganized parts of the original forum, and put them in their organized spots, fixed several grammatical mistakes, retested a few codes, and overall made things look a little neater.

    Now, with this in mind:
    Welcome back dude :O
    I do not remember being a section in the original for these types of codes while I was revamping, and as Princess ♥/♥♦♣♠Luxord♥♦♣♠ said,
    However, it would be nice to add a section with custom forms, such like the other custom code section stuff near the bottom of code's post.
    Sean, with your permission, and everyone else's, would it be fine if this were to be put on the first post in it's own section? It is very fun to use custom form codes.

    I really do hope that I didn't leave any code out :~:
    Post by: KHOmega, Apr 17, 2015 in forum: Code Vault
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    Will try soon and post screenshots.

    Seems like a cool visual effect mod.
    Post by: KHOmega, Apr 5, 2015 in forum: Code Vault
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    Yeah, the pnatch worked just fine. I don't think the FMVs will be able to turn widescreen because they are already rendered videos, and thus don't run on the games engine. It would just looked stretched, like setting a regular 4:3 Game into a 16:9 format.
    Post by: KHOmega, Mar 30, 2015 in forum: Code Vault
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    I tested the code, and like the program you said you used, it only remapped the O button to be the X button, and vice versa. I complement your code, but it would be easier to manually remap it on the emulator. I'll test the Codebreaker code tomorrow, as it currently isn't working on Emuhaste.

    Edit: Overall, I like the fact that new codes are being made/discovered and such.
    Unfortunately, there isn't to my knowledge. I think that EXP gained is relative to the Battle Level of the world.
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    No problem. I did find a work around for your Atlantica problem. Use this code when you beat Final Xemnas. and save in a different slot for safety. This should warp you to the cutscene to unlock the battle so you don't have to beat Atlantica or 100 Acre Wood. I haven't tested this code myself but have seen Bizkit047 use it.

    Warp to The Gathering Cutscene (Press R2)
    E003FDFF 0034D45C
    2032BAE0 00000001
    2032BAE4 003C003C
    2032BAE8 0000003C
    Post by: KHOmega, Mar 30, 2015 in forum: Code Vault