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    Eden rammed her head forward, running quickly to clear away a path for the nobodies. "Alright ye annoying little boils! Leave em be..." Her eyes sparked with a dangerously playful glint. "Or ye meet what I'm capable of...."
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    With a nod, Eden unsheathed her cutlasses only to point them at others. "Alright ye bilgerats! Either walk, or I kill ye. And I just woke up with a foul taste in me mouth, so I wouldn't let the lot of ya bring me down..." Some backed away from fright, others pushed on.
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    Eden ran off, hearing the angry crowd doing what they did best: Crowding around two nobodies. Keeping the swords away, at least not to stab anyone, she rammed into the crowd like a rhino. "Alright! Ye best keep off now, these lil' bilgerats are with me."
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    "It does seem that our nobodies aren't showing up..." she mumbled with some hesitance. "I don't want to leave them alone on this world, however." Getting up, she took a few steps towards the door, but not before checkinf her pockets. Pulling out her deck, she checked her Strength card. It seemed to be fully charged for another round, releasing a red charge that circled itself around Eden's arms. She then pulled out another card, putting it in the other pocket. She pulled out another card, which split itself and formed two cutlasses into the pyro's hands. "I'll be back." She rushed out, the first step outside causing a heavy sweat on her brow.
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    With a heaving breath, Eden calmed herself down. She put down her tea and curled into her knees. "It is a hard thing to remember." she choked.
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    Eden shook her head, slowly. She was visibly shaking out of some sort of fear. "It is just... Before you came here Kurix, we were a bit of a bitter group. One by one... Two. One died in my arms, another died in front of my eyes." A small sniffle was heard. "And I don't know what happened to the others. They must be dead by now."
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    "It is about Earth... yes..." Eden nodded slightly, thinking as she swirled her tea lightly. "Though, if I wanted to, I could go back home. I don't have the Keyblade to weigh me down."
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    "No... I miss my people. The ones I talked to everyday... I made such lovely friends. I wonder if they're alright..." Eden sighed, sipping quietly at her tea.
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    "Oh... I see." Giving Kurix a cup of the steamy brew, she added honey to hers. With a hesitant sip, she thought back to the past she had. "I... I dunno... I'm really starting to miss everyone again."
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    "Why is that?" With the kettle whistling, after a few short minutes, she easily put some sort of tiny balls that produced a heavy scent into a metal mesh filter of a teapot. Pouring in the hot water, she allowed the tea to steep for a few minutes for flavor. "I... I don't want to hurt you. I have no reason to."
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    "It is not that I don't want to go to a new universe, but I am also frightened of the unknown. Like, what if we see our parallel selves? Like... One that's all spooky and grimdark, and I have to pacify myself in order to stop her? Me? Whatever. Nevermind." With a small ruffle of her hair, she annoyingly sighed, sitting in the captain's chair. "I just don't want to end up in an alternate universe where we are murderers." Eden heavily arose, putting a kettle of water to a flame. "I'm making tea, you want? It'll calm the nerves."
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    ooc: Sorry! Things have been going on leaving no motivation for this
    and Glen's dealing with stuff so he's stressed and needs down time
    bic: Eden shrugged, walking to the map of the worlds. She trailed her finger to the End, where they would hop to a new universe. She shivered at the thought. "I'm kinda worried you know... Something about going to a new universe doesn't settle my stomach."
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    Eden watched the door, raising herself from the bed. "I don't know... But I do hope they are not in trouble." Her stare was somber, just mellow. "I almost think we should go out there... but I have a feeling it would not help us." She took out her cards, shuffling them idly. "You know, these have more than a purpose other than a weapon."
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    "Kurix. This is why you are fragile. I believe it is best for you to stay with me until you properly realize yourself." Eden shifted herself, hugging Kurix. "You just have to be very careful."
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    "You are still fragile. I would not let you go alone." Eden mumbled, holding out her arm to hug Kurix sorta.
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