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    I've been great :)

    I've been great :)
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    xD I see what you did there! And thanks for moving to the Spam Zone. :)
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    Save up for something amazing.. I blow all mine away which I should really stop.. :\ feh... You could always donate it to me through paypal :D lolz
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    Writers Block

    Ok.. For homework this weekend I have to write a 10-15 stanza ode.. I cannot think of ANY topics! Everytime I even start I flub up and fail! I cannot write poetry to save my life! Any tips/ topics?
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    I run SV and the game separately... I kill the processes before moving on.. One problem is that FireFox uses 158mb of ram just for the plug in container.. (IE: Flash, WMP, etc) along with the other 160mb it uses for the browser itself... but I still don't get how it slows down with only 318mb out of 2gb being used extra... Without the browser running... it uses 34% of the 2gb : 680mb +318= 998mb... but it jumps from 34% to 87% and I don't know why... It should be close to 50% usage.. :l I have one screwed up computer..

    But Norton doesn't specify in Spyware and Malware removal.. I had to use Malware Bytes to get rid of infected registry entries and files after I installed a toolbar... What else can I do?

    Edit: I want to get Windows 7 and more ram but I cannot afford it.. (parents make me buy everything myself) Anyway... Norton is the best antivirus I have had so far... None other compares... PC World has proven it. besides... Norton doesn't use that much RAM when it isn't running a scan.. 35 mb at the most.
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    Blond guy with a 151 IQ here... I am appalled that someone associates intelligence with hair color! To the remark made about brunettes, my best friend is brown haired and he is never boring... With him.. I am always guessing.
    To the Gingers have no souls? Well YouTube AMV Curator, Emzikayy, is a ginger and she has a soul.. Definitely has a soul.. So does the christian girl who is my classmate. To the Hair-ist people who say these remarks.. keep them to yourselves. No one really cares.
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    I have had my laptop for over a year now and I have ran it till it is close to death. I have had a crash once... and restored it.. But anyway back on topic.

    My boot lasts 6:34 min (Soluto results)
    My computer freezes when I play Habbo in Firefox or I am rendering video in Sony Vegas.

    My computer statistics are: 100gb out of 250 free (hdd), AMD Athlon Duel Core processor 2 GHz, 2GB of ram, and I am running Windows Vista 32 bit Home Premium..

    I use CCleaner, Soluto, and Norton Utilities to keep my disk clean of Temp files and Internet Files... still my computer freezes often... Help? I run Norton 360, Malware Bytes, and Super AntiSpyware for protection. (not at the same time of course)
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    If you don't want to wait for your battery to record BBS Gameplay... you can use either AV/ Component cables for a 3000 Series or Component for 2000 Series... For the components you need this:

    AV Cables need this:

    There are cheaper ones for the AV cables out there but I do not recommend recording using AV anyway... it makes your video look "squished"...
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    Ok Wolfie... I have a good quality mic and headset combo. Useful when your sound card goes out... lol It uses USB and it requires some tinkering to get it to work properly but I say a Logitech USB Headset A-0374A

    :D ENJOY! (:
    Also *little tip* add some background music and effects to keep the podcast more exciting! :D
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    Hope to god it will...
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    Ok... Namora is driving me further and further away from the series. I want KHIII so damn bad! Namora... JUST GIVE US WHAT WE WANT! No more side stories, no more prequals, just quality, suspenseful sequals. I bought my PSP just for BBS... PS2 just for KH and KH2... and I think I am going to have to buy a 3DS for KH DDD... If this Volume 2 is on another system than what I own... I am leaving the KH Series behind. I want to continue soras adventure. I want him to face MX and destroy him forever. I want Terra to reunite with Aqua because
    as said in re:coded, when both a nobody and a heartless are eliminated the true form is returned, that means Terra is coming back
    .... Namora... Work on KH III no more side sh!t... (sorry for my language.)
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    I happen to agree with the milking issue...but I don't think cutting off the series will solve anything... Square enix is a company about ridiculous prequals and side storys... I mean take a look at Final Fantasy.. 14 Main storys and who knows how many remakes and side stories. I just wish for the "good ol' days" When square would release a MAJOR kingdom hearts game... then either a prequal to help you understand the next MAJOR release or just a simple remake.... and then ANOTHER MAJOR KINGDOM HEARTS! I can remember what it was like to get Kingdom hearts... it was beautiful... Then COM... and finally the game we had waited for... KINGDOM HEARTS II!!! but alas... Square has changed... and change will be the end of their company...

    Thats all I have to say... :)
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