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    The artwork is awesome, but I wonder if the game would be so pretty as the artwork, because there are a lot of images by KHII which are in "HQ" (take the opening/ending video, for example) but thery are not representative of the gameplay itself!
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    Oh..My...God...Awesome...Finally they're developping a new masterpiece! *___*
    Post by: KHblader, Jun 11, 2013 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
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    I agree with you, Riku lost his entire being putting all his soul in the research of Kairi's heart...Anyway, I think they had different ways of "helping Kairi", considering that I suppose Sora and Kairi are linked by a sentimental relationship "in fieri" (allow me the latinism) whereas Riku is just linked with Kairi with a strong friendship, but no more! Riku has done the most, also because he was competitive at the very beginning and the research of Kairi's Heart become something as a challenge for him in order to prevail on Sora!
    It remains to say that in KH the characters are just starting their growth (starting the journey that change their life) and during the first chapter of the story we could see how they lost their childhood going, little a little, in a new condition of maturity...
    (I didn't want to go off topic, I wanted to explain hoe I explain myself the different "diligence" of the two boys!)
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    I have the KHmangas (just KH, KHCoM and KHII), some Sora's necklace (the crown emblem, the oathkeeper necklace and the standard Keyblade), I have four action figures (Axel, Roxas [he has the ice-cream as an accessory too! :)], Sora and Sora Final Form! ;)), I have a Cosplay of Sora (I bought it, I haven't ever made it one on my own) and I've used it in a Cosplay party few years ago; I have some other accessories about KH, a poster of KHII and one from KH (from the opening video), I have the folders on my PC with the icons of KH and my nickname in the web itself is a wordplay about KH and...what else? Right now I'm playing the whole series from the beginning! ;)

    For the question of the crown emblem for the phone I really don't know where could it be found...But I'd love to have it!
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    Man, I haven't understood it!
    Mh, okay...I hope you have not interpreted my comment as a critic!
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    You're right, such a nice update...
    Don't say it to me, I'm wondering if buying the game with the pre-order with the artbook is a good idea considering I haven't a PS3 ... But I can't resist!
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    Thanks Mixt! Well done! I think I'm feeling envying of you if you were able to play with 358/2days in PS3...;)
    There's just the problem of the Japsubs for making videos...But anyway, the graphics are much better than the DS cutscenes, obviously! :) Playing that game in PS3 has to be awesome! The game itself it's amazing, but in the DS screen it's...constricted in such a narrow view! >.<
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    It's the first time I read about these social groups, they seem interesting! This forum always amazes me!
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    I Hope this isn't a real April Fool! Theproject name is cute, but I hope they're not going to make another spin-off as "DreamDropDistance", that could be, anyway, interesting, but a bit annoying...We need something new, the new mastertitle, the third chapter, a new "Sora's look" (I don't know if you noticed it, but all the new games are ever based on the "known ages" of Sora: Young Sora (15) and "Boy" Sora (17)), I want from Square something that could leave me absolutely amused! Why not...Adult Sora?

    EDIT: Don't say me...It's really an April Fool. Man...
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    Sorry, I haven't seen you posted an image of the "recoloured" Heartless!'re right, that's a bad recolouring...
    Anyway, no one of the recoloured Heartlesses are so terrible...they're just...different!
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    That's not good...I hope they won't create a "Time Distortion" in the next games for their uncertainty...

    I haven't seen the interview yet (problems with the line), but this comment makes me inquiring!
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    Yeah, I think I would see it! Why not?
    But I understand your doubts about a movie with Disney Characters, that could be..."naif"? If they will make a movie with the graphics of the KHII HQ cutscenes, it would be awesome!
    Post by: KHblader, Mar 26, 2013 in forum: General & Upcoming Kingdom Hearts
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    I fear the colour aren't going to be the same of the previous games, because I think they change the colours to add more "newness" to the game itself, that, actually, is just an old title but with a better definition...It's such a way to say "hey, it's a new game!", simply not to sell a game that is too much similar to the previous ones!

    I don't find it so ugly...I mean, it's not its color that makes him ugly! It's ugly itself!
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    I was looking for KH stock and "google" brings me here! LOL Thanks a lot, Misty, the websites thate you posted are really a nice resource! ;)
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    I fear they're a bit popular, but they're anyway one my favorite group with a fantastic original sound: Sigur Ros. They're from Iceland!
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