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    I think Seifer is the hardest boss lol But seriously, I dunno. KH2 was a breeze for me, even on Proud mode. But, maybe Xaldin...
    Post by: KeybladeWars, Sep 25, 2011 in forum: General & Upcoming Kingdom Hearts
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    I don't want KHIII now. I think Nomura should release as much spin offs as he'd like, to uncover the true final story. Even though I have been waiting for KH3 since KH2 lol
    But anyways, I don't really think KH will end after 3. It is such a big success, why would Square let it go?
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    I just can't wait for this game! I wanna know what is going on with the story! But first, I need a 3DS...
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    lol! Really? Why? =/

    lol! Really? Why? =/
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    Hey :) How are you?

    Hey :) How are you?
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    No problem! =)

    No problem! =)
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