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    Occ- Yes, they can, but they also become a heartless. sora is cute, yes you may join.

    Jonyx walked around Castle Oblivion, aimlessly. This was a pretty dull job. After all, Xemnas himself had given him charge of the Castle. In a sense, it was HIS domain, HIS castle, HIS world, and HIS rule. Jonyx smirked. "I'm going to enjoy this..."

    "Don't let all that power go to your head, Jonyx..."

    Jonyx whipped around and saw Axel, "Oh, hey! What are you doing here?"

    "I just came to check up on you. You seem to be doing alright with the Castle."

    "It's a piece of cake. No one comes here anyway. Why should I be worried?"

    Axel opened a portal and laughed. "Suit yourself, 'Hero'". Axel walked into the portal and off to the World That Never Was.

    "...I am a hero....or at least...I was....."
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    Alrighty! Now we're cooking with Gas! If anyone wants to start, feel free.
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    Recently, Organization XIII has been recruiting new and powerful nobodies into their Ranks. These are the lives and times of Organization XIII's Members, told from each of their own Perspectives. Only the Best of the Best can make it in.

    Rules: All Canons are First come, First Serve. Up to 2 characters. No Godmoding. PG-13. Have Fun. To Get Into the Organization, you must have a Recommendation from 2 other Organization Members.
    Organization XIII:
    Axel - Played by KeybladeWarriorNexus1993
    Larxene - Played by Twight_Nobody13
    Roxas - Played by master of keyblades
    Xion - Played by vaxlerietheblacksheep

    OC Resumes

    Description: (pics are welcome)
    Weapon(s) :
    Recomendation: (Organization Only)
    Codename: (Organization Only)
    Rank: (Organization Only)

    Description: (pics are welcome)
    Weapon(s) :

    Description: (pics are welcome)

    I claim Axel.

    My OC:
    Name: Jonyx
    Age: 17
    Description: Blonde Hair, Yellow Eyes, Pale Skin. Average Build.
    Bio: The Illegitimate Son of Xemnas, even though he doesn't know, is kind and caring. Given the Rank of 'XV', his power greatly exceeds his rank. Why this is, no one knows.
    Element: Dark
    Weapon(s) : Energy
    Recommendation: Xemnas and Axel
    Codename: The Twilit Thorn of a Blue Rose
    Rank: XV
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    MY EPIC RETURN! So wassup people?
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    Profile Post

    I am aweshome ^_^

    I am aweshome ^_^
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    Shadow looked around"I must find the chaos emeralds...."
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    IN! Finally someone starts!
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    It made no sense whatso-freaking-ever! XD
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    none taken people have told me that when i explained it to them!
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    Okay here's how it works...
    1) Do a chidori without the lightning(Shippuden fans know how to!)
    2)Use the free hand to do a Rasengan inside the non-lightning Chidori, basically the same as keeping a rasengan inside a balloon without popping it.
    3)Add the lightning to the chidori and attack....

    Do you think it would work?
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