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    Yes! Kind of.

    This code will mod Limit Form to look like normal Sora:
    21CBD2D4 00303031
    21CBD2D8 00000000

    This code will replace the normal form slot with Limit Form:
    11CE0B68 0000095D

    Putting them together should make the game start with you as Limit Form, but with the normal model. I'm also pretty sure it won't work in Halloween Town, Space Paranoids, or any other world that gives Sora a different costume.
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    It was an honor just to be nominated, even though I didn't know I was nominated until way after the voting happened.
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    It's just a theory. It's right there in the name: The Theory of Anime. All the dakimakuras that you people say are proof that waifus used to be real but are now extinct were just naturally formed from all the running water during the flood. Checkmate, animetheists.
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    You're right that "delusion" was probably too strong of a word. I apologize for that. Meme (in the classical sense) might be a better word for what I'm describing in that I see it more as a pattern of repeated behavior than something hard coded in the human mind. Early humans could have just as easily bonded in harem-like units, but for some reason pair bond behavior was easier so that's what was imitated most often and now social conditioning in almost every culture instills in us the desire to continue imitating that behavior so strongly that we feel like it's an intrinsic part of being human. So love is only real in the sense that money is real. Things get very messy when a barter or gift based economy is applied to more than a dozen or so people, so now we have paper rectangles (note: better countries than mine also have plastic rectangles) and round pieces of metal that we trade as shorthand for things with actual value. In the same way, love is a shorthand of sorts for, "If this person stops being a part of my life, my chances of survival and/or quality of life will be severely reduced. I should continue to watch out for this person in order to ensure that their survival continues to benefit my own."

    I'm not so arrogant as to say that just because something is a social construct that means it isn't real. I'm just saying that love being real as anything other than a social construct doesn't make sense to me anymore. Close examination of all my past and current relationships has confirmed, at least for me, that no love exists that society has not conditioned me to feel. I don't think it's possible for me to rise above that conditioning, but maybe I can at least stop letting it bother me and with that I might be able to actually stop hating a lot of things about my life that I really shouldn't hate so much.
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    What I'm talking about is more of a belief than a romantic orientation. In that sense I would describe myself as "heteroromantic," but I don't buy into it as anything more than a repeated pattern of behavior that kept early humans from going extinct. It's a feeling that I'm not able to escape from, yet still recognize as not real. To go back to the atheist example, I suppose it's more like someone who believes it makes more sense for there to be no god but can't bring themself to fully stop believing it.

    I also think that the list of emotions that are referred to as "love" is too broad for the term to have any meaning in the general sense. There's romantic love, familial love, platonic love, love that soldiers feel for their comrades on the battlefield, patriotic love, likely many others that I haven't heard of, and all of these can be subdivided even further. All of those emotions are real in some sense (though some less than others), but it seems to me that a single word to refer to all of them can't possibly be meaningful, especially because they're all so different from one another.
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    This is something I've been feeling for a long time and in today's social climate it shouldn't be as hard to say as it is.

    I'm a disamorist. That means I don't believe in love in the same way that an atheist doesn't believe in a god.

    For a long time my feeling has been that there are so many different emotions that we call "love" that the term has virtually no meaning. I don't know quite when I started thinking that, but it must have been around the time I stopped believing in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny because I've felt it in the back of my mind for as long as I can remember.

    Couple that feeling with examining the relationships that I have had over the years and realizing that I've never felt any of those dozens of emotions we call "love," even for those most resembling romantic relationships and the possible conclusions are clear: Either I am uniquely cut off entirely from a huge chunk of the human experience or that chunk is just a delusion that all people indulge in for the sake of maintaining pair bonds capable of raising offspring and even though I can't break free from that delusion, at least I've begun to see it for the fiction that it is. The latter option makes more sense to me both emotionally and intellectually.

    So yeah. I know it's not one of the traditional "coming out" topics, but it's nonetheless something I've struggled with for a few years now and I wanted to admit it somewhere publicly now that I've come to understand it myself. I hope it doesn't come off as offensive to anyone.

    Oh and hey, this site doesn't seem to lag horribly for me anymore so maybe I'll become a regular here again.
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