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Mar 1, 1996 (Age: 27)
Ruling Over My Forest Kingdom
Wolf God


Merlin's Housekeeper, Male, 27, from Ruling Over My Forest Kingdom

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Aug 11, 2015
    1. SoraxNikki
      thank you very much and its ok ive been busy myself but i would love to talk with you
    2. nasirrich
      Rosey- I'm not seeing it I mean you're surrounded by little girls dude.
      Paradox Aaliyah- Y-Yea she makes a very valid point Joe.*She says shaking her head.*
    3. nasirrich
      Paradox Aaliyah- O_O
      Rosey- So are you one of those older people that like little kids?
      Kids- That was pretty weird to say the least.
    4. nasirrich
      Paradox Aaliyah- Yep heheheh 100%
      Rosey- What the...
      Kim- Heck O_O

      (Yo I also have this new and very mean rap in the rapper's corner. There's another one on the page before it, but just wanted to let you know so you can check it out.)
    5. nasirrich
      Paradox Aaliyah-*Is getting very red in her face.*
      Kim- U-Uhhh....
      Rosey- O_O You sick sick man...
      Paradox Aaliyah- Uhhh w-wait I'll be fine yea hehehheheheheheheheh ^^"*Can't believe that her hormones almost got the best of her.*

      (Yes sweetness right there. So you get what I mean with all those teleporting things and what not? And the TTC.)
    6. nasirrich
      Paradox Aaliyah-*Blushing cause ow you're healing her looking up.*
      Kim-*Makes it there getting closer to you.* Will she be alright?
      Rosey-*Sees the position she's in and just loses it.* PERVERT!!!!
      Kim-*Stops her* It's fine Rosey's he;s helping her out.
    7. nasirrich
      Paradox Aaliyah- I-I'm not even sure anymore... Oww owie that really hurt what ever that was.
      Rosey-*Sees Joe near another young girl.* SICK MAN!!!! YOU SICK MAN!!!*She says from the distance.*
      Kim-*In front of Rosey, and sees you helping her out.* How thoughtful of him ^.^

      (Aww you gotta check it out ^,^)
    8. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      Charisa- You wanna bet, my training will put you through hell and back
    9. nasirrich
      Kim- W-What was that?
      Rosey- I-I'm not sure...
      Kim-*Her aura rages out and she explodes off to the site.*
      Rosey- KIM!!! WAIT UP!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! GO!!!*Charges up and blasts off to catch up to Kim.*

      Paradox Aaliyah-*Is there smoking hurt very badly too.* W-What was that??

      (Joe did you see all that teleportation stuff from the vids so you get a better idea?)
    10. nasirrich
      Rosey- Sick man!!!

      Paradox Aaliyah- Ok let me get up and...*Hears something like a missile come right for her and she teleport kicks the attack away. Which sends her flying as well bleeding from her already injured foot.* N-No...*Is just gone with the wind crashing into trees, boulders, mini hills, and slams into a mountain falling down hard onto the floor.*

      (Ok this vid alone should help you understand that teleportation type stuff. Skip to 6:39

      And remember the Teleportation Tornado Combo or the TTC is from this game. Skip too 3:00
    11. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      Charisa- I won't be an easy teacher and Legna's too soft
      Legna- Hey, just because I retired doesn't mean I've gotten soft!
    12. nasirrich
      Kim- R-Rosey I think he's a loli...

      Paradox Aaliyah-*Hears what Rosey said sighing.* Joe -=-
    13. nasirrich
      Kim and Rosey-*Both look at on another so confused.* Uhhh y-yea...
      Kim- I'm getting scared.
      Rosey- I'll protect you if this big meanie tries to hurt chu.
      Kim-*Hides behind Rosey.*

      Paradox Aaliyah- I hope Joe is doing ok with them and not do anything he'll regret.
    14. Roxas&Sora4E
      Nothing rNothing really, you?
    15. nasirrich
      Rosey- Well the Joe I've seen is like 3times smaller than you are.
      Kim- This Joe is so tall, and were so short.*Looks down getting red.* What if this is my big brother...*She thinks to herself.*

      Paradox Aaliyah- Huh I wonder when I should wake up. Windy is nowhere to be found at all. So I'll just rest it up here for a while ^,^*She thinks to herself.*

      (Alright man please be careful ok.)
    16. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      Legna- Are you sure Joe?
    17. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      Legna- Yeah, we both went to the same assassin academy
      Charisa- *grumbles* He was always better than me
      Legna- Well, your fiery temper got you in trouble a lot
    18. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      Charisa- gotta keep my skills sharp, and I don't like training dummies, I prefer my targets to be live
      Legna- That's just like you, you would never imagine how many students at the academy got hurt because of her...
    19. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      Charisa- Awww...why did you have to spoil my fun Legna, I was just playing around
      Legna- Charisa, things like that are not funny, even if you know what you're doing
    20. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      Legna- I only know of one other, but why would they do it?
      Me- Who knows...
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    Mar 1, 1996 (Age: 27)
    Ruling Over My Forest Kingdom
    Wolf God
    I'm a really chill person, and i become friends with people quickly. Once i get to know you I'll joke around more :p
    I also a big fan of Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Pokemon. (also a bunch of animes too :p)



    Where Destiny meets Reality, That's where I'll see you.

    (Thanks To Nights for the AMAZING siggy :p)
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