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Mar 1, 1996 (Age: 28)
Ruling Over My Forest Kingdom
Wolf God


Merlin's Housekeeper, Male, 28, from Ruling Over My Forest Kingdom

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Aug 11, 2015
    1. nasirrich
      Rosey- You and Windy First!!*Pushes Windy next to you.*
      Windy-*Blushes* Oh no you done got yourself hurt I'll take care of this.*Ignoring everything she tends to your wound.*
      Rosey-*Toothy grin*
      Ashley- Huh?
      Artist-*Gets working on the picture.*
    2. nasirrich
      Windy- You had a bad fall, but it's picture time.
      Ashley- Windy almost flipped a lid when you were injured. Rosey and myself covered her six.
      Rosey- You and Windy need to take some pics, then you and me, you and Ashley then ....
      All 3- GROUP PHOTO!!
    3. nasirrich
      Windy- Oh I get it now ok this had best work. If what Hishogami explained us failing will negatively everyone.
      Ashley- Wake Joe up so we can get this done. Then continue enjoying our day and hopefully help him gain his memories back.
      Rosey- Exactly and if Joe ever forgets we will put our aura in the picture so this day will be etched deep within his memory if he happens to forget anything this day will be a waypoint.
    4. nasirrich
      Rosey-*Clenches her face then teleports everyone to the drawing stan.*
      Windy-*Confused why they are here.*
      Ashley- What can this do for our current situation?
      Rosey-*Stops crying* Pictures leave a monumental mark to the soul.
    5. Odamadillo
      Haha still up to those profile rps I see.
    6. nasirrich
      Windy-*Infuriated but knows if Rosey gets hurt nature close to her does as well and that is why this happen. Holding her face rolling on the ground trying not to cry.*
      Rosey-*Starts to cry from the pain pissed off.*
      Ashley-*Heads off to the tree to retrieve you, heads to Rosey and Windy after.* Joe!! Windy!! Rosey Dx
    7. nasirrich
      Rosey- Hurry u-*Slams into a light post hard trying to hold in the pain as much as she can before she lets out a huge scream. Hold her face instantly healing it so no more pain will shoot throughout her body.*
      Ashley-*Does the light post to tend to Rosey.* Rosey!!!
      Windy- Huh?*Confused seeing them both stopped and a dangling branch kisses her face and a log sweeps her off her feet slamming on her face.*
    8. nasirrich
      Windy- I'm going to carry him though.
      Rosey- Wouldn't have it any other way now come on.*Heads for the portrait stand quickly.*
      Ashley-*Follows behind Rosey.*
      Windy-*Puts you on her back jetting off to catch Rosey and Ashley.*
    9. nasirrich
      Rosey- Not much time left Windy Joe needs help.
      Windy- I know that!! Why is Ashley needed?
      Rosey- When you see it you'll understand fully.
    10. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Gets you heading for everyone.*
      Rosey-*Reverts back to her normal self.*
      Windy-*Cool calm and collected.*
      Rosey- Ashley come with me there's something I need you to do for me with Joe.
      Ashley- Huh??
      Windy- Rosey this is no time for these games what the hell?
    11. nasirrich
      Windy-*Cups her hearts looking down.* He's right*Shaking her head* How selfish have I been towards him all this time I tried to change him when he was perfectly fine.
      Rosey- But one thing is for sure.

      Ashley-*Looks down at Rosey and Windy*

      Windy-*points to Hishogami.* I can bring his memories back. YOU HEAR ME HISHOGAMI!!! I'M GETTING MY JOE BACK!!
    12. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Appears right next to Hishogami.* What has happened to him? Can you at least explain that much?*Asks calmly*

      Rosey-*The aura flares out of her more and the wings become more Phoenix like.*
      Windy-*Her Vampiric wings are made form pure aura sparks and dripping blood.*
      Rosey- On 3 we go ok Windy I have an idea.
      Windy-*Nods her head*
    13. nasirrich
      Windy-*Begins to tear up not wanting to ruin his birthday so she complies.*
      Rosey-*Calms down, but a set of fiery wings appear around her.* YOU THERE GIVE US BACK OUR FRIEND!!
      Windy- LOOK AT YOU!!! This is foolish he will suffer for this I promise!!*A set of spark wings start forming on her.*
    14. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Shoots into the sky with a sly grin on her face.*
      Windy-*Does an aerial recovery jetting back to catch the perp.*
      Rosey-*Passes them both with a Nova Flare ready in the sky tracing out a pair of wings.*
      Ashley-*Spins in the air and vanishes.*
    15. nasirrich
      Windy-*Uses her Vampiric Speed to catch up with the perp to get you back in her arms.*
      Ashley-*Does the same thing, and passes Windy with a trick up her sleeve.*

      Rosey-*Sees two specs of light knowing its Ashley and Windy and uses the air they both create to phantom step towards their location.*
    16. nasirrich
      Windy-*Her eyes turn red and begin glowing.* JOE I'M COMING!!!*Rockets off to the panicking crowd of people.*
      Ashley- Hey wait up!!*Speeds off to get to Windy.*

      Rosey-*Hears screaming and shouting leaving the portrait place jetting off to the scared mob of people.*
    17. nasirrich
      Ashley- Joe!!! Hey Joe!! Where'd you go!?!
      Windy-*Found Ashley by her shouting for your name makes it towards her saddened.* Joe isn't with you?
      Ashley-*Shakes her head no.*
      Windy- Ok we shall find him together then come.
      Ashley-*Taken back by this.* W-Windy
    18. nasirrich
      Ashley- Where did he go?*Frantically looking for you hoping to find you sooner rather than later.*

      Windy-*Bites her lips hoping nothing has happened to you at all.* Joe...*Continues her search for you.*

      Rosey- Interesting*Talks with the person at the stand for more information.*
    19. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Stops using her Vampiric power to detect your blood flow specifically however in doing this it will make her eyes glow a violet violent yellow with markings within the iris so she does it the hard way charging into the crowd.*

      Rosey-*sees a place where you can get your portrait taken intrigued goes closer to get a better look.*

      Windy-*Looking for Rosey, or Ashley.*
    20. nasirrich
      Ashley-*Displeased with how Windy and Rosey have been acting this entire time and just chases after Joe.*

      Rosey-*Pulses Windy, stands up and cleans herself off.* How did you do it Windy?*Walks out*
      Windy-*Does an aerial recovery not giving a second though as to what has happened and walks out.*

      Ashley- JOE!! Joe hey wait up!!*Catches up to you.*
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    Mar 1, 1996 (Age: 28)
    Ruling Over My Forest Kingdom
    Wolf God
    I'm a really chill person, and i become friends with people quickly. Once i get to know you I'll joke around more :p
    I also a big fan of Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Pokemon. (also a bunch of animes too :p)



    Where Destiny meets Reality, That's where I'll see you.

    (Thanks To Nights for the AMAZING siggy :p)
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