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    Just a few: KH3D, Super Smash Bros. (for the wiiU), FFXIII versus, and .... nevermind that's it :)
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    Well i compose short music sheets for my hobby. I enjoy it a lot and in a way it totally relaxes me. If you can't compose music, perhaps listening to your favorite music playlist would help!
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    Bleach ... episode with Don Kanonji. HAHAHAHA i couldn't stop laughing! xD
    " the spirits are always with you, BWAHAHAHA!!!!" *crosses arms* XD
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    I believe that everyone has a physic ability with in themselves. They just don't know about it, or can't control the full potential of it. For example i recently (4 months ago) developed PKST, which is the ability to bend spoons :p. I also believe in spirits. Haha, right now i am studying a lot to become a parapsychologist, so i do know quite a lot of charms, rituals, and some curses. I recomened to stay away from these kinds of things if you are an amature, it can get very dangerous.
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    I think Xion loves Roxas, i hope she does!!! ^^
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    Bomb Threat

    Well there was a huge bomb threat at my school a few months ago. And while this was going on i thought to myself, why do people call in for a bomb threat? I mean, is all this just so they can get "attention"? And why will they go that far to get attention? It's going to ruin their future :(

    Please share your opinions on this! (like i just did)
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    I have to agree, this movie as pretty good! Denzel Washington did great in this movie! :)
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