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    More questions I now have.
    Are Save the King+ and Save the Queen+ any stronger than the original weapons? I only know there's a color change.

    And what does it take to unlock the final Paradox cup?
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    Again, I don't like using Drive. Reflect has indeed been a dear friend of mine though.
    I actually got to his last health bar just this morning!...and then died as he used that "Magic Lock" attack just as I was seconds away from a needing healing.
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    Alrighty, and I've completed the cavern recently, and am now working on beating Terra. I figured the Quick Run would come in handy on some level.
    I'm now at lvl 73. Any suggestions in regards to surviving him? With no summons/drives no less. I like to remain loyal to Donald and Goofy. :P
    I figure just asking about Enigmatic Soldier here is better than starting a new thread.
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    Darn. And those abilities are the only reason why I bother upgrading drive forms. Even when I'm in a difficult boss and using Drive is my only apparent means of surviving the battle, I'll try to refrain. It always felt like cheating to me, for lack of a better word.
    Thanks for answering! Would you happen to know the best place for leveling up Wisdom form?
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    My favorite world is Traverse Town, but End of the World probably isn't far behind. Between that and The World that Never Was, I feel it's the stronger climax. KH2 is just way too drowned in cutscenes that it kind of takes away the atmosphere in terms of gameplay, when half the time you're putting the controller down to watch a movie.
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    What abilities acquired from Drive forms (Glide, High Jump, etc) are needed to get past the obstacles in Cavern of Remembrance? I have High Jump lvl2, Glide lvl1 and Fast Run (or whatever it's called, from Wisdom Form) lvl1, yet still can't get past the long gap in the very second room.
    I'm hoping I don't have to upgrade every single Drive form, as I don't like using Summons/Drives and only do so when I have to.
    For the record, I'm playing on Standard mode (it's been quite awhile since I played video games so I presumed I'd be a little rusty, otherwise I would've went for Proud) and am at lvl58.
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    I had my favorite Sesame Street character sing a Sailor Moon song. Because I'm mentally ill. : D
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    Well gracious, I made myself look even more foolish than I had anticipated. Blast it.
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    I have heard it used as a synonym for "spiritual", that being my context here.
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    I think this video embodies both everything I long wished the series was, and the aspect that not only first got me to try out the first game, but has continued to keep me going with this (increasingly shallow and empty) series. I will do my very best to elaborate on this aspect that I have long identified with, without making myself out to be a complete juvenile fool (and not bothering to dwell on the criticisms of the series, as if I were to try to go on a about my qualms with the series, I'd be here all night).
    It's a simple hack video, yes, I'm aware. But hearing Donald cry "Sora!" as you are healed, while that gorgeous music blasts in the background, is the kind of indescribable bliss that can only be grasped and understood by someone as eccentric as yours truly. I've always adored and cherished the underlying, and in my eyes underutilized, theme of teamwork and friendship in the series gameplay. The passion, the energy, the heart, spirit and poignancy of fighting alongside friends to the end. It gets to the point where one of the first questions that's lept to mind throughout KH3's production is whether or not the final battle will be fought alone, with one party member (like fighting with Riku in KH2), or with Donald and Goofy (my preferred choice, but I'm of course prepared for disappointment).
    Feel free to point, laugh and jeer at this nonsense. Twas a thought I felt like expressing for reasons I am uncertain of.
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    That was undeniable proof that we totally owned you lamers!
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    Roxas is actually a demon who planned to posses Sora's body and make him do unspeakable things until Ansem saved Sora. Hayner, Pence and Ollete were Roxas' servants from hell. Why is the prologue in KH2 one of the most boring things in the entire world? Because Roxas' diabolical meta plan was to bore the player so they wouldn't bother moving forward, thus Ansem would be unable to save Sora from being possessed by Roxas.
    Seifer is Satan.
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