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    you're welcome
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    you never disappoint, cat
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    I got in

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    Yes, it should be the case that all notification emails are received instantly or at least with only a very short delay. If that's not the case, let me know and I'll look in to it.
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    Hello everyone,

    First, we'd like to apologise for the short notice regarding the downtime and the longer than expected transfer period. We ran into some complications during the move that made the process take a bit longer than we anticipated.

    With that out of the way though, I am pleased to announce that the move to our new server was successful and that you should start noticing a number of improvements on the site from here on out.

    Some of these will include:

    - Receiving all notification emails from the site, without having to look through your spam folder.
    - Being able to access the site from more connections, such as mobile data and work or school connections.
    - Faster site navigation.
    - Faster search functionality.

    This server is also more affordable than our previous setup, so there will be more room to pay for other site improvements such as addons. Hopefully the effects of this will be visible in the near future.

    Again, our apologies for any inconveniences caused by the site downtime, and we hope you all enjoy the new and improved KHV experience!

    - The KH-Vids staff
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    it makes sense in Ireland T_T
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    Hey, is your September? Because I can't figure out what you're still with your Meán Fómhair.
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    So ya boy went to his Debs (Prom in yank speak) the other night. I didnt get many pictures on the night but here's me and my date before I got too messy. I'm the one with the glasses.

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