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    Yikes. I'm not crazy about how this kid's been behaving lately--seems like he's kind of starting to lose it--but this is scary. Good thing bouncers were there to help him out. Jerk or not, no one deserves that.
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    Case in point--I've never actually gotten past the third battle in KHI, but the final string of battles in KHII is easier for me than fighting Xigbar is.
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    Yeah, I've seen some people complaining about the fact that it doesn't follow Harry's story, but...why would you want it to? His story is over and wrapped up nicely (a bit too nicely in my opinion, but eh, whatever. At least Harry's happy). Focusing on Harry again would mean Rowling would have to bring some exciting conflict into his life once more, and after everything he's been through, do we really want that for him? Especially now that he's a married man with a family and has even more to lose.

    I'm really curious about JK Rowling's screenwriting skills and how much will carry over from her prose. They're such different mediums. Plenty of people are good at both, but others have trouble crossing over.

    The article also says there will be "characters familiar to devoted readers," so I'm hoping for some really cool minor characters to show up, or at least be hinted at. There are plenty of characters that were touched on in the series that had the potential for so much interesting exploration.
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    I mostly ticked boxes from BBS, which happened ten years before Kingdom Hearts. By Kingdom Hearts III, I don't even know how many years would have passed...twelve? Thirteen? I'm curious as to how the worlds have changed, and how Sora and company would interact with them vs. how Ven/Terra/Aqua interacted with them all those years before. Then again, I haven't played 3D yet, so some of them might have appeared there without me realizing it.
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    I've gotta agree with Plums. If the Organization had appeared in the first game or BBS (as an actual Organization, more than just the original six members and the foreshadowing tidbits of the Organization we knew would eventually form), I would've said 13. But 13 acts as more of a later development, whereas the theme of three is a series constant. On top of the Riku-Kairi-Sora, Ven-Aqua-Terra, Axel-Xion-Roxas, etc. stuff going on, you're allowed three members in your party, and we primarily follow Sora, Donald and Goofy throughout the adventure.
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    I think KHII is easier because of the attack style--you're handed a lot more than you are in KHI, which has a much simpler and limited attack style. For instance, the reaction commands in KHII are cool, but they 1) don't require a lot of skill (just press triangle at the right time, and they give you a wide time window, too--ironically unlike the mini games in Atlantica), and 2) usually serve as Sora's "special attack" and therefore deplete a lot of the enemy's HP. This makes KHII a much smoother run for me. Whenever I'm in the mood for a KH console game but I don't wanna put in a lot of effort, I play the second. Honestly, the only real challenges I encounter in that game are Xigbar and Demyx (the latter mainly because of his stupid dancing water people). KHI calls for a lot more strategy, I well as more desperate button-mashing. :D
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    Dear god. My eardrums barely survived Atlantica. If I have to see Donald trying a pirouette, I might lose it.
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    "How It Ends" - DeVotchKa
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    Sometimes, prescription drugs are necessary. Sure, the human race has survived this long, but the lifespan is much longer than it used to be, and that is due in part to medical breakthroughs. Even recreational drugs, as long as people are moderate about it, can be okay. For example, I consider alcohol a recreational drug because of its addictive qualities, withdrawal symptoms, etc., and it is usually regarded as acceptable as long as people watch how much they drink. I wouldn't say recreational drugs are necessary for survival, per se, but if they are being used for medical purposes, they can provide relief. I think the primary problems are: 1) people often misuse and/or abuse drugs, and 2) doctors and psychiatrists seem a lot more liberal about handing out prescriptions than they should be.

    Some people have extreme anxiety or depression. According to my Psychology textbook (I'm a college student), however, 75% of individuals are not actually helped by the drug itself, but by the placebo effect. The group of people prescribed drugs truly seem to help are those with chronic depression. And as long as the drugs provide relief, that's fine. But a lot of people overreact. Some think the way they act is abnormal, that nobody else feels the same way as they do, so there must be something wrong with them. By being diagnosed with anxiety, depression, etc., they have an excuse (or rather, seeming explanation) for their behavior, which makes them feel better about themselves. And they convince themselves that the drugs make them normal, so as a result, they feel normal.

    Personally, I am wary of even prescribed drugs. If it isn't absolutely necessary, I don't feel like putting something not totally natural in my body. I am even hesitant to take a simple pain killer, and don't unless I am seriously in pain.
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    Yes, I was thinking today about how we know nothing about the Somebodies of half the organization. I wonder if their stories will ever be revealed? Since she's number twelve, I doubt she was in the organization for much longer than Roxas was, making her ineligible for BBS. Maybe she joined during the first Kingdom Hearts?

    It would certainly help to know more about personalities carrying over from Somebodies to Nobodies. For example, Braig and Xigbar seem like essentially the same person. On the other hand, Isa is a lot more lighthearted than Saix ever was. This could be because Nobodies don't have emotions, but then why is Xigbar's personality so vibrant while talking to Saix is like talking to a wall?
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