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    Oh ok, sorry. I wasn't too sure on where I should put this.
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    Hey guys, so I have an extreme dislike for playing Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded on my PC/MAC with a DS Emulator, so I want to make it a full game. I want to make it completely like the DS Title, just with Controllers Fully Supported and No using the mouse. I'd like someone to help me out and help me do this project.
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    Now that I've replayed Re:Coded, my opinons are actually, changed. My first playthrough of the game was all in a rush, so that I could find out the ending. But, my second time playing through it, I took time for everything, like, now, when I play levels that have different gameplay, I don't find it repetitive anymore. It still feels like Kingdom Hearts to me. Now that I think about it, it seems less like Kingdom Hearts 1, and more like a new game on it's own. I actually like this game better than 358/2 Days. It feels like a Hack And Slash RPG, while 358/2 Days feels like a mashing down the "A" button kind of game. (If you haven't played the game or want to find the ending for yourself, do not read on. Just go buy the game, please.)

    When i got to Castle Oblivon, I was seriously happy. I had never made it there before, I just stopped playing after Hollow Bastion Part II on my first playthrough. Now, I love the fight with Data-Roxas, and I wish there was more to this game. Don't get me wrong, this game is LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG, I just wish there was one more level or so. But, really, try this game out for yourself, and you'll enjoy it. The story at times can make 0% Sense, but it is still a fun Hack and Slash Game.

    Thanks For Reading,
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    Playing Kingdom Hearts 358/2!
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    Thanks! I've always wanted to play COM, but I never knew which one would be better, GBA, PS2, PS3.
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    I need to know, should I get Re:Chain Of Memories, Chain of Memories, or 1.5 Chain of Memories?
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    Do not get me wrong, I love this game, and it's one of my favorites for the DS. But, here we are with the Pros and Cons of Re:Coded

    • Re:Coded feels a lot like Kingdom Hearts I.
    • It is a fun game with lots of extra features to keep you playing! (EX: Collecting all Keyblades, completing your stat Matrix, Etc;)
    • A classic game anyone can enjoy.
    • The game has many different game modes that will get Repetitive after some time.
    • Multiplayer isn't very enjoyable.
    • The camera angle at times can be bad.
    So yeah, despite having some problems, and not being well recieved by critics, this is a great game, that if you have a DS, or 3DS, you should get it.
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    Name: Kai
    Username: Kai_Lyoko
    Availability & timezone you're in: 5-9PM (Eastern United States Timezone)
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    Thank You so much! I'll be sure to remember that!
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