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    "Guilt?" Azure asked, he then laughed like a maniac. "Alot of people Don't HAVE guilt when they kill. They believe its worth the effort, and as such they kill." He then said to him, his evil grin of insanity etched on his face.

    Drex continued his traveling. "Hmmm....Where is everyone?" He thought, walking past Xele.
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    OOC: I really don't know, Red and Xemnas are in the Castle that never was, henox is in Traverse town.....I think, Azure just disappeared from Radiant Garden/Hollow Bastion, where Alex is. .........I think everyone else is at Twilight town. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

    All of a sudden from a dark portal, Azure appears near the Reap Lord. "What up, Death?" Azure said to him.

    Alex then appeared on the streets of Radiant Garden in more normal clothes and no sword in site. There was also a strange little creature following him, floating to the right of his head. It was little, cute, puffy, and white, with little angel wings that keeps her up. "What are we gonna do now?" It asked in the voice of a little girl. "Who knows? I suspect if that's his heartless, his nobody couldn't have been destroyed. ....He's too strong to be beaten just yet." Alex said. "....You know for a second there you sounded like you were admiring him." The creature said. Alex then stopped in a shock for a sec. "Son't even joke about that, Eden." Alex said. "Sorry, but it did." The creature, now known as Eden said. Alex sighed. "Great, we had him too, and now he could be anywhere." Alex said.

    Drex continued to stand there, waiting for a mission from Xemnas.
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    The battle in hollow bastion started as Alex and Azure fought each other on the rooftop of the building in the Marketplace. It's almost amazing that no one could hear the clashing of the sword below. "Come on, You know as well as I do, These people keep on forming people like me, they don't deserve to live, none of them do." Azure said when they clashed their swords and struggled. Alex then pushed him a way and went to battle stance. "...Heh heh heh heh, So Pathetically hopeful. What's the point on helping them? the keybladers could only prolong the inevitable. This world shall eventually fall again because of its own sins. I'm just making the temptation stronger." Azure said with that grin on his face, a grin that could break the sanity of the weak-minded. "You're controlling and manipulating them, and all to destroy them! I won't allow that!" Alex said as he dashed at Azure who, as soon as Alex got close to him, disappeared. "Damn!" He said.

    Red was looking out the balcony from the outside path that led to the top of the Castle, right after the Proof of Existence, Exactly where Ansem died trying to foolishly convert hearts to data. For Drex, the thought was pathetic, even as somebody. Hearts are the equal in this dimension to souls, or spirits. When they corrode, the turn to heartless, attacking out of instinct through the black manifestation they become. He looked upon the dark city below, thinking of something in his mind.
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    (Very well.)

    Xemnas was on top the castle that never was, looking at the dark skies. "....It seems, we must begin anew, once again." He said emotionlessly.

    Inside the Hall of empty Melodies, An Organization member with long Red hair, and red eyes, dressed in the organization coat, looked around as he walked through the center. His eyes were definitely a strange trademark of this man. The whites of his eyes were black, and the Iris had a strange shifting between shades of crimson, as if it was flowing blood itself. He never seemed surprised that he was a nobody the moment he came to exist. ...Exist? An odd word for the non-existent ones, but the most fitting one at the time. He walked outside, heading up the pathway that will take him to the second floor of the halls, and to the Proof of existence beyond that.

    Meanwhile, on Hollow Bastion, a person who looked exactly like the man, even the blacks of his eyes, but everything that was a crimson red was an azure blue, looked upon the marketplace with a bear-trap like smile on his face from the roofs of one of the shops. However a man, looking almost like a younger version of the red-haired nobody, with a black and white martial robes, and a silver rapier in hand. "End of the line, Azure." He said. ".....Heh heh heh, You're really something, Alex. Why protect these people?" Azure asked. "They don't deserve judgment." Alex said.
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    So, When do we begin this?
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    Dibs on Xemmy.

    It's been a while since I've used a nobody....Come to think of it, I don't think I ever did in the midst of RPs.

    Name: Drex
    Age: Unknown, Physically around 17-19
    Gender: Male
    Element: Blood
    Catchphrase: "Hmph!"
    Accent: N/A
    Side: Organization
    Weapon: Crimson Destruction (Two large crimson bladed Scimitars)

    Name: Azure
    Age: Unknown (Physically the same age as Drex)
    Gender: Male
    Element: Negative Blood, (Evil-condensed version)
    Catchphrase: "Ahahahahahahahaha, So pathetically hopeful"
    Accent: N/A
    Side: Heartless
    Weapon: Cerulean Despair (A cerulean-bladed katana)

    Name: Alex Winterborn
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Element: Light, blood (Only when he goes berserk.)
    Catchphrase: "I don't care what you are, Darkness, Light, Or even nothing, you scare me."
    Accent: N/A
    Side: Sora, but for his own reasons, he tends to fight alone.
    Weapon: 1st form: His fists
    2nd form: A Silver Rapier
    3rd form: Two large White-Bladed Scimitars
    Berserker: Crimson Destruction

    Name: Eden the Ancient
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Female
    Element: Divine Light
    Catchphrase: None, really.
    Accent: N/A
    Side: Where Alex is, so is she
    Weapon: None
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    Red and Ramirez walked over to where the buster sword was in the ground, where Zack sacrificed himself so Cloud would live. "A poor soul, Trying hard to protect his friend, only to die...." Red said. "What shall we do, Master Red?" Ramirez asked. ".......We shall offer a second chance." Red said as he extended his hand out into the air and started chanting again. About a minute of chanting, the skies began to turn blood red and the earth around the two began to shake.
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    Red saw them all in a simple flash, even those who died that were, needless to say, important. He then opened his eyes and dropped his hands back down. "Master Red, what did you see?" Ramirez asked. ".....A lot of those living are truly potentials. ......But I don't think they'd join our cause." Red said as he jumped down from the building. "So what shall we do?" Ramirez asked as he too jumped down. They both bear witness to the fighting, and were about to walk away when one of them found out they were lying and went to kill them. The next instant, a spear made of crimson shot out of Red's hand, and right through the man's skull, killing him instantly before he dropped to the floor. Red then held out his hand, making the blood float into the air and get absorbed into his body, leaving the corpse now completely bloodless. "Pathetic. ......Hmm...?" Red asked as he looked upon this corpse, thinking in his head of an idea about to develop. "......Dead........I have an idea. Come, we head for the outer cliffs of Midgar." Red said to his partner as he began to walk away. "....Master, might I ask what for?" Ramirez asked. Red then looked at him, his glare capable of killing an elephant in shock, as it changes shades of Crimson, as if the iris was flowing blood. "....That is where we shall gain our first member." He said to him. Ramirez stood there for a sec, then catchd up with Red as he walked away.
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    Rokurum went to the back of the bar, looking at this with a smile, he was amused by this jester, and wanted to see what he could do, everyone else stood there excited as they waned to see what kind of things he could to himself.

    Sore Saige stood their, as the river styx turned to blood, and fire started to erupt everywhere. "....Ah.....Feels just like home now." He said as he looked out the window to see the demons starting to appear.

    Jack Hell whistled as soon as she disappeared. IT wasn't exactly loud, but apparently it was enough for the Abominations to jump off the cliff and help, attacking the invisibles and Nova Shadows.

    Jordan agreed with Sora. "We might have a problem though." Noah said to the other two.

    (Can one of you guys tell The True Key to come on, or tell me when he comes on? He's.....Kinda needed right about now.)
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    Name: Red Fortinbras Sabath a.k.a. Red the Alternate
    Age: Physically 19
    Gender: Male
    Power: Cellular manipulation, Dimensional Alternation, Knowledge of the arts of Resurrection and Reincarnation
    Weapon: Crimson Destruction
    Bio: A demi-god, or so they say. Red is said to be the third-oldest son of the King of Gods, Omega. In the eternity that he lived he witnessed events that scarred him into a cold, and unforgiving form of himself. He now travels the universe, his goals wrapped in mystery.
    Personality: Find Enigma on a dictionary, and his name will be what you'll find. He's serious, quiet, mysterious and cold. He's doesn't like people going into his head, and trying to bring up his past, If he's ordered to do something he doesn't like, the person who ordered him to do it better have a damn good for him too, or he won't move an inch. He has an excellent sense of honor, so much that he wouldn't do so much as attack someone if a limb of theirs was cut off.

    He's considered himself an outcast above all else, It takes a hell of alot of time, in order for him to crack out of his shell for you, And if he doesn't know you, chances are he won't speak at all, he'll ignore you like you're invisible. He's by all means untamable, there's not a person in the world who has complete authority over him.

    As I said, he's quiet, but when he does talk, it's either a plan, a calm, sarcastic remark, a flame (And better pray to God he doesn't flame at you.) Or if you're ****ing lucky enough, a confession. He's not afraid of Danger by any means, but he prefers being a watcher from the outside until given no choice but to enter it.
    Catchphrase: None
    Accent: It's a low mix of American, Australian, and British
    Theme song: Adema- Immortal
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Ramirez (Prototype name, might change later on)
    Age: Physically 17
    Gender: Male
    Power: Crystal Manipulation, Light Manipulation, and Wind manipulation
    Weapon: Two silver Rapiers
    Bio: As a child, he had incredible potential, but the worse living conditions as he lived on the streets with nothing and no one. Red found the boy at a young age and decided to take him under his wing. Ramirez thought of Red as the father he never had, and a mentor in the arts of fighting. He worse up to the ranks among Red's Crimson Abyss, eventually becoming his right-hand and one of his apprentices.
    Personality: Ramirez is incredibly loyal to Red, and would follow any order from him without question. He is incredibly serious and cold like Red, but he's also an excellent strategist, trying to plan out an attack that could give them the advantage in battle.
    Accent: The same as Red.
    Theme/battle song: Breaking Benjamins- Unknown Soldier
    Appearance: [​IMG]
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    Red and Ramirez jumped to the ground, spreading throughout the area trying to find worthy people to join the Abyss. They hid in the shadows of Midgar, while then pulling some strings, that made fights between different people. They then looked from up top another building after they climbed it, only to gaze at the sight of all of these people fighting each other. Eventually, this area of midgar turned into an all-out warzone. "Now, find the worthy." Red said, extending out his hands and closing his eyes and saying something in a language that no one of Gaia could probably understand.

    "Now show me, show me the worthy in a world stained in its own blood, let the blood of the lost, and the blood of Gaia unite, let her show me those who are marked by the origin of Destiny. Cross her power with mine, and grant me her eyes, show me the chosen!" This was what he was chanting.

    All of a sudden, Vance, Ren, Rosa, Cloud, Tifa, Vincent, Cid, Red XIII, Barret, Yuffie, and even Sephiroth could instantly sense someone calling them in their mind, it was voiceless, and not even with telepathy did it really sound like anything, but it was an essence of power which they clearly have never seen before within the planet of Gaia.

    Could there be someone with more authority then that of the very spirit of the planet which they stood?
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    Sore Saige blasted a white orb of light right in front Hades. "...No, this would be, Hades. ......I hereby renounce you of your throne, and declare myself ruler of this magnificent place." He said to him, his angel wings popping out from his backside.

    "That's your problem, lady. We're trapped here because of you trying to protect yourself. .....Oh and by the way, those dark creatures, I wouldn't underestimate them if I were you, they're not like the heartless....They're far more deadly." He said.

    It seemed like as well. The Abominations stood on the cliffs in the great maw, waiting for the chance to help their companions; it would prove in vain as the dark creatures were devouring the heartless that were coming at them.

    Rokurum was also in the bar, getting himself a drink then going up to a platform. "Ladies and Gentlemen. ....I think it's safe to say, we like this place. Not too dark to where we can't see, but not to bright to blind us either. ....As such, Since Master Zogar told us that we're free to make a base out of these planets......What say we call this one home?" Rokurum asked. Everybody cheered as they decided to get another round of beer to everyone. Some of the people directed the clown to that platform, to begin his entertainment.

    "This place isn't the only place they're attacking. The others include Radiant Garden and Twilight town. ...Destiny Islands was one as well." Noah said. ".....Jack Hell destroyed it, leaving nothing behind." Karoku bluntly said.
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    "We don't need you're permission for anything, chick. ....In fact you should be the first on this planet to spill your blood!" He said, as he prepares for battle fast enough to leave afterimages behind him.

    "That was Sore Saige of the 4 Horsemen." Karoku said. "Not a friendly bunch, that's for sure, they're a group of four who are trying to take judgment of the universe into their hands." Jordan said. "They're leader is none other then Zogar, a being known as the god of darkness." Noah said.
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    OoC: I fail to understand the first part of your question.

    ".....Some of us must've missed a few if there are still someone to rat us out. We figure, why wait for you people to make the mistakes you're going to make, and just get it over with in terms of annihilating every last one of you right now. ......The heartless is enough of an excuse to do so anyways. The end of this universe has come! ......And it's not like when the heartless attacked, no, it's much worse. We're going to actually kill every last one of you pathetic creatures!" Jack explained to her.

    "Or you shall be one of those souls." A voice said, Sore Saige suddenly appeared on sitting in Hade's throne. "Ahhh.......a much more comfortable place to live in." He said.

    "Oh wow, Not even you guys know who we are." Tai said, then got whacked in the head by Noah, and fell on his back. "......We are known as the four kings, beings who lives in a dimension far from the universe we are in. I am Jordan Sabath, Leader of the 5 kings, and King of Light." Jordan said, that calm smile never leaving his face. ".........Karoku Sabath, King of Darkness." Karoku finally said, barely giving a glimpse at them. "I'm Noah, King of Knowledge." Noah said. "And I'm Tai, King of Wisdom." Tai said, bandaging the bump Noah gave him on his head.
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    Unluckily for her, Jack was already there at the top of the middle and main tower of Villain's Vale when he commanded his brethren to attack in the first place. He sliced through the roof and dropped into Maleficent's chambers, staring at her with his red, insane, eyes. He laughed manically, then looked at her again. "You want a war so badly? Then I'll give you and your little toys something to make a war about!" Jack said.

    "I take it you guys are alright." Jordan asked the three Keyblade wielders.
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