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    I haven't been on this place in years, glad to see it is at least still up and running. Hard to believe I started my account here more than a decade ago.
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    What provider do you have? AT&T are really good with their customer service and you can do it through them and T-Mobile can do it too
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    These kinds of international phones can be really difficult or really easy to setup. I worked at BestBuy in the mobile department for a year and a half and honestly advised against international phones because not all carriers can be helpful if you dont know what you are doing. You will need to get the Sony Xperia unlocked, this will be paying the full price for the phone (around $375 to $450 for the phone you are looking for I believe) from there you will need to get an activated SIM card through your carrier (depending on your carrier, some will charge you for it and others wont, AT&T wont charge you I know that for sure). The SIM size that you will need with the Xperia is a Micro SIM card. Once you have the phone and an activated SIM card has been purchased and put into the phone, I recommend taking it into your local carrier store (not just a regular store, an Authorized Retailer as they have much more options to what they can do and will be more helpful for what you are doing) just to see if anything else needs to be activated on the phone. From there you should be good to go!
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    While I may not post on here all the time and sometimes just kinda lurk around, Misty was a recognizeable name. I hope you have good luck in life and everything you do! You were always super cool although we didnt talk a whole lot. This place is like a strange addiction, you will be back at some point.
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    Have you tried this one from the first page yet?

    Item (Including Dummy/FAKE items, so be careful) -Made by Janime6
    40340ce8 00450001
    0a0a0a0a 00000000

    Replace the 0a0a0a0a (0a = 10) with however many you want in HEX, if you want more than 10 of each. You get 10 of about everything, including keyblades, though. So yea.
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    While some of you may not know me, I am an old member who might stalk around from time to time. I got these in the mail the other day and had to share because they are awesome
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    Oh I know the soul-sucking darkness that is KH-V
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    You got Goofy!
    The life of the party, you love to laugh--and love to make others laugh too.

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    Quick Level Up is really the only thing I could see that could throw that set of codes off a bit, especially if the Quick Level was used before the Drive Forms code.
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    Not sure if this is the place to post this, but I am looking to make some videos on hacked fights in regular KH2, any suggestions or ideas on some match ups?
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    Recently came across my old Kingdom Hearts games and am replaying them all, wouldnt be the same without popping back in here for a while and possibly making some hacked fight videos? Anyways, Im back for now!
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