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    It will be better than that Awful Roland Emmerich movie.
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    I know I asked this before but if you're a Godzilla fan what's your reaction to the Reboot?
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    Harder than Arkham City. Damn those Riddler trophies.
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    Best line of the first movie.... "Hey where did you get those clothes? At the Toliet store?"
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    He doesn't even attempt to sound like Tony Jay.
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    I say let Disney animated studios animate it.
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    Chapter 4

    Sora, Kairi and Riku stared at the Creature. It was just as tall as Riku. It was a dinosaur that was grey with tiny charocal grey scales long arms and legs and tail. it had orange and black pupils. "EEERAUGH!!!" The creature roared. Sora just stared at it. "What is that thing?" Kairi suddendly pulled out her book and flipped to a page to where she seen this creature before. "That's a Godzillasaur." Sora looked at her. "You sure?" Kairi nodded "I'm positive. Look." Sora took the book from her and seen a picture of the Godzillasaur.

    "Then where did it come from? Godzilla's been dead for 57 years." Sora excliamed. Kairi pointed "But don't you remember Sora? Mrs. Segeusa said that there could be another Godzilla if there's more nuclear testing." Sora nodded. The creature just stared at Kairi with curisosity then he licked her which made Kairi giggle. "You're kind of a cute thing aren't you?" Riku just shook his head then realized something. "Hey if this Baby Godzilla's here then there must be a parent of this little thing." Kairi slapped him on the face. "Don't you dare call him a thing Riku he has feelings too you know." Riku crossed his arms and grumbled. "But your right, Another Godzilla could come here and Destroy the island." Sora clenched his fists together. "Well if Godzilla then does come, we'll be ready." Riku and Kairi nodded in agreement. "So what are gonna do the cute little guy?" Asked Sora while petting it.

    "I think we should leave it here since our parents wouldn't let us have any pets." Said Kairi. "I know what you mean Kairi, my parents won't let me have a fish let alone a baby dinosaur." Riku excliamed which made everybody laugh. "I think since it's the weekend we should spend the night here with it until this sunday." Sora proposed. "Good idea Sora, we'll sleep on that treehouse." Kairi pointed the treehouse near the palm trees where Sora and Riku made when they were six. They called their parents and told them they were spending the night at the Islands which the parents gave them permission.
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    I might watch it. Just as long it doesn't have a rapping dog.
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    Chapter 3

    Sora, Riku and Kairi told their parents about their adventures and strangley they believed them so they didn't get punished. The next day after they told them school started. Luckily no one remembered Sora the past year because of Namine's interference with his memories. Riku told them that he and Sora had to be homeschooled for a year and vacation luckily they bought it. They went to their first class called "Destiny Island History."

    "All right class." Said the teacher by the name of Emiko Saegusa she enterted the classroom with a briefcase. "Today we are gonna learn about creatures called Kaijus which means Giant monsters. That got Sora intersted normally he hates history but he rememembered he loved playing with giant monster toys when he was a kid. "Today we are gonna talk about a creature who was mutated by nuclear weapons 1954 which was 57 years ago This Thursday November 3rd. The creature by the name of Godzilla." That name send Sora, Riku and Kairi a chill right down their spines. "Godzilla was once a dinosaur called a Godzillasarus mutated and grew to be 167 feet tall." She explianed.

    "Later on after that he attack and destroyed this city and he couldn't be killed by the Military's weapons like missiles and planes. This whole world would've been destroyed if not for the heroic sacrifice of Dr. Daisuke Serizawa who created a chemical weapon called the Oxygen Destroyer. He at first refused to use it but after hearing a choir of girls sing 'Prayer for peace which made him change his mind and he burned down the notes and used the Oxygen Destroyer to kill Godzilla but at the same time he also deciced to go down with Godzilla as he died alongside the monster."
    The teacher lectured.

    Kairi raised her hand. "Yes Kairi?" "Um wasn't this Godzilla the only one?" She asked. Ms. Saegusa shook her head. "We are not sure. After Serisawa's death another doctor name Yamane said that if we start doing some more nuclear tests then there will be another Godzilla." Then the bell rang for lunch as Sora, Riku and Kairi walked to the luchroom. "Wow that lesson on Godzilla made me wonder if this monster really exists." Wondered Sora as he pulled a lunch plate. Kairi shook her head. "I don't know Sora, if the Heartless and Nobodies exists then proably so does the Kaijus." "She's right. Let's hope there not as bad as the Heartless and Nobodies. If you know what I mean." warned Riku as he bit his french fries.

    After school, The gang went back to the main island. While Sora and Riku was busy practicing with their Keyblades. Kairi was walking still thinking about the monster they were learning about while playing with a baseball when suddenly she heard a wailing noise. She ran to the pond where Sora and Riku usually race. And what she found was a tail covered with grass. She wondered if it was a Lizard or a turtle but when she uncovered was soemthing she had never seen before. Her eyes widen then she ran to tell Sora and Riku who were busy practicing. "SORA!! RIKU!!" She ran then stopped to catch her breath. "Hey what's up Kairi?" Kairi caught her breath. "Follow me I need to show you." Sora and Riku did follow her when they stopped at their racing place, they couldn't believe it either. "EEERAAHHHH!!!"
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    Chapter 2

    The Monster by the name of Godzilla roared back at Rodan. "Yes Rodan. It's been a while. I have this strange feeling I Have not had in years." "Me and Angurius feel it too. It seems that Theymay be still alive and coming back to destroy this world. Also remember the legend of the Heartless?" Godzilla nodded"Yes the creatures that steals people's or Kaiju's hearts into one of them."[IWell Gorosaurus claimes he saw one the other night." Godzilla frowned. "Then if the legend of the Heartless is true then so could be the legend of the Keybearer. The only human I could trust."

    Godzilla said that because he despises humans cause they mutated him from a nuclear bomb years ago. He was once a normal Dinosaur called a Godzillasaurus until the Nuclear bomb hit years ago. Ever since then he's been destroying cities and killing innocent humans. "Rodan, listen I want you to find the Keybearer and bring him here. He's the only one who can help us defeat the Heartless." Godzilla ordered. "I understand Godzilla, but won't he understand us?" "I think he can. Cause I heard rumors that Keybearers can understand us Kaiju cause his heart is pure. That's the same as the Princess of Heart." Rodan nodded "All right I'll do my best." He said as he flew to find the Keybearer.
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    I've seen part of it. It has Kenan Thompson in it.
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    Since I am a Godzilla fan and in honor of the upcoming Legendary Pictures movie. I am gonna make a Godzilla and Kingdom Hearts crossover since I love them both. It's gonna take place after Kingdom Hearts 2 and there will be no connection to my Sonic Kingdom Hearts story which I'm not done with. Godzilla will look like the Heisei one and so will his enemies. Here's the prolouge:

    Destiny Islands 2011, three days after the defeat of Xemnas, Sora, Riku and Kairi said their goodbyes to their friends King Mickey, Donald Duck and Goofy. "Welp Sora." Said Mickey as he summoned his Gummi ship. "I guess we will see you really soon. We don't know when the Heartless come back. After all Pete and Maleficent are still alive but we will let you know when you must stop them."

    Sora nodded. "Don't worry you're Majesty. When they attack we'll be ready." King Mickey smiled and nodded. "Welp Goodbye Fellas." Said King Mickey as he, Donald and Goofy hugged Sora Riku and Kairi and left home. Sora sighed and said "Well I guess we're gonna have some explaining to our parents." "Yeah." Riku nodded as he cringed. "Not looking forward to it. Kairi nodded. "Don't worry Guys, once we explain I'm sure they'll understand." She said as she and her friends walked back to their boats.

    Meanwhile at a Faraway island in coming out of a giant cave was a giant Ankylosaurus by the name of Anguirus walking. He roars to a giant pteranodon name Rodan. "Hey Rodan. I got this weird feeling " Rodan nodded. "I feel it too. We better tell the King. It could be dangerous." He told Angurius as he flew to the sea. He roared "Hey, Your highness. We think there's trouble brewing." He screamed. After that the ocean was shaking as a Giant mutant dinosaur with Charcoal grey scales, and a Long powerful tail. It's been a long time....Godzilla."

    That's all I'm gonna write right now. Hope you like it.

    Voice Actors(Like my Sonic Story I will write down the voice actors of who I think Godzilla and the monsters sound like)

    Godzilla:Keith David
    Sora:Haley Joel Osment
    Rodan:Will Ferrell
    Kairi: Hayden Paniettere
    Angurius: Frank Welker
    Riku: David Gallagher
    King Ghidorah Heads(Left Head:Rob Paulsen Middle: Head Mark Hamill Right Head: Frank Welker)
    Donald:Tony Anselmo
    Gigan:Tim Curry
    Goofy:Bill Farmer
    Mothra:Sandra Bolluck
    Mickey:Brett Iwan
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    Same here. I loved it.
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