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    One day

    seems this place is more lively now huh
    Post by: Jin, Dec 8, 2021 in forum: The Spam Zone
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    i'm eu but my accs in NA , i'm not on as often cause the game's growing pretty stale on me but here 607051227

    ar 50 world level 6 i sometimes get the itch to play here and there
    Post by: Jin, Aug 18, 2021 in forum: Gaming
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    Being a long time Rhythm game player the demo actually really surprised me , having played lots of IIDX, Osu, DJMAX etc I thought that it'd be kinda weak initially from the trailers, The offset looked really weird but it ended up playing nice, my only issues is that some really good tracks ended up getting left out and I'd genuinely pay to have them added in.
    Post by: Jin, Aug 7, 2021 in forum: Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory
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    Status Message

    Status Message
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    On one hand

    I'm very much excited to see where we go story wise from here

    on the other hand I've been on and off this game inbetween ultimates / raid tiers constantly. My main goals right now being hitting my omnicrafts again before endwalker lands, Buying ishgardian housing and probably doing the new ultimate with my static.

    Looking forward to true cross data centre travel just because during the years all the servers were in montreal I was on Faerie & jenova and still keep in contact with my raid teams & fc's from those servers. Had to move though because of ping spike issues when they relocated the servers so I just opted to move to EU Omega,

    but a lot of me sticking with this game is if they manage to make Summoner & Ninja less stale in all honesty , those classes have been my mains since day 1 & 2.4 when ninja came out, Recently both have grown pretty stale so as of late i've been playing MNK & SCH for content in the mean time, hope endwalker is able to reinvigorate my enjoyment with the battle system in all honesty and if anything i'll be able to enjoy the new tiers & ultimates that much more.
    Post by: Jin, Aug 5, 2021 in forum: Gaming
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    You like jazz?
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    damn it's really almost been that long
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    hey guys

    Definitely not
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    Understandable , I started off using it ironically but it's actually turned into a bad habit
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    that's the spirit..?
    Post by: Jin, Jul 7, 2020 in forum: The Playground