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Sep 27, 2006
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Dec 10, 1992 (Age: 31)
Twisting like a flame in a slow dance, baby.


You're such a loser., Lord, 31, from Twisting like a flame in a slow dance, baby.


What is life? Why do people live? Someone asked me that, and then I beat him within an inch of his life. Nov 7, 2012

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Dec 6, 2021
    1. Hayabusa
      I guess you've never dealt with a bot before. I'm thinking about alerting the forum assistance about it, but he/she/it actually seems to have a lot of visitor messages...so maybe I'm the crazy guy with an insane theory...I reserve action until I figure out if the member is machine or just plain moron.
    2. Makaze
      I think he blocked them to all but friends. He never responded to my VM.

    3. Hayabusa
      I honestly think he's a bot. He never quotes anyone, his posts almost always seem to be devoid of much thought, he doesn't seem to know how to even hold a conversation, and I'm not even sure if he is a "he" or a "she".

      If I'm wrong than damn does the gene pool need more swim breaks.
    4. Makaze
      Try reloading it with a hard refresh. CTRL+ALT+R.
    5. Makaze
      Okay. Sorry it isn't working out.

      I'm guessing you're not saving correctly.
    6. Makaze
      Try refreshing and do it again, and then save multiple times.

      Open up another tab and make sure it's working before you leave the editor thing.
    7. Makaze
      Go to your blog and click "Customize" in the top right corner. There should be a 'Themes' button in the top left.

      If you're lucky you'll find something you like there.
    8. Makaze
      Followed back. You need a good theme. Gone looking yet?
    9. What?
      Thank you dearly!
      It is quite fine. You have simply started the blog after all. You shall have enough time to clean it up! And even then, the content is more important in my opinion.
      VM deleted.
    10. What?
      Sir, what may be your tumblr if I may ask?
    11. Makaze
    12. Saxima
      I see.

      The Naruto is more of a guilty pleasure, one that my obsess has grown tired of and now it's more 'post anything of that's beautiful', and the yaoi, well . . . I wouldn't worry about it too much. I get most of my hentai from Makaze, and it's thankful you don't know my real name because there are things that are horrible.

      In any matter, if you do make a Tumblr, be wary of reblogging everything you see (because that's totally what I don't do).
    13. Saxima
      You alright there? You usually type well enough. I shoot it at being tired.

      The first two songs and the last song are by a now-split bluegrass band called Nickel Creek, the third song is Restless by Sue Generis (now Dropping Daylight, from what Makaze tells me), and then the fourth song is nocturne by abingdon boys school.
    14. Saxima
      Oh, well, cool. The music stopped playing for me one day and it made me depressed, thus a reason I haven't looked at my actual Tumblr for a long time.

      I'm taking a wild guess and saying you've never heard any of that music?
    15. Saxima
      Holy shits, it actually works?
    16. Makaze
      I can see that.
    17. Makaze
      I am irritable.

      I need to calm down...
    18. Makaze
      It was bound to happen. The way he talked about it, it was pretty clearly a case of infatuation.

      What do you think?
    19. NYAN CAT =^_^=
      NYAN CAT =^_^=
      ​I'm not really trying to save anybody. All I am simply doing is trying to help out a situation because drama like this doesn't sit right with me. On many reasons, personal wise and what not. I don't even know what has happened between the two of you, except for what I saw today. Then everything just rushes up and it is rather confusing.
      Yes, I guess you can say it started over sarcasm that was probably used in the wrong place at the wrong time.
      I'm not picking and choosing sides. All I want is for this to not escalate into something bad, which I think might get there if things don't die down and people don't watch what they say.
    20. Yozora
      Hmmm not for me.

      But its a pic of a kawaii anime girl blushing
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    Dec 10, 1992 (Age: 31)
    Twisting like a flame in a slow dance, baby.
    I come and go, i'm a blade of grass on the wind, if i'm around say hi, if not don't worry about it, I'll appear somewhere, usually when I'm needed, more likely when I'm bored, this is my curse, this is my destiny.


    When all else fails you can still die fighting.

    GT: Crimson Azoth PSN: Azure_Azoth Steam: CrimsonAzoth
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