Sep 30, 2007
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why orange Feb 13, 2017

    1. Riley103
      Lol no im not, its just mom keeps pushing me and its starting to aggravate (I don't know if I spelled that right lol)me.
    2. Ryan Finesse
      Ryan Finesse
      Ack! Noooooooo!
      *Thinks back to fateful day*
    3. Ryan Finesse
      Ryan Finesse
      Dangit! My teletubbies costume didn't cover my face!
    4. Riley103
      Got a bad grade on a test. XD
    5. AkitoTsubaki
      xDD Releasing anger in a non-destructive manner is always good. And yeah, though I did fake my way through the game by pressing X over and over...^^; *has never played a video game before KH2*

      Awesome. I need to learn how to play piano. ;3; But I don't read music very well, so it can get tricky. When I sing, I can just listen to it with lyrics in front of me, but playing chords is something else entirely.

      Link~! http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=908C90F8FE0B124F
    6. toxic night
      toxic night
      probley riku or axel
    7. Ryan Finesse
      Ryan Finesse
      How did you know!?
    8. lil woj
      lil woj
      poptart WTF!? tell me y your ignoreing me!
    9. Ryan Finesse
      Ryan Finesse
      I did save the world.
    10. Sumi
      haha, that sucks. I'm in Language arts right now :3
      I loooove this school's terrible blocking system XD
    11. AkitoTsubaki
      xD Yeah, probably. That's a little odd. >3> But oh, well. Gotta love technology.

      Aww, no worries. I really only read it because I love Shikamaru. <3 And yeah, that's exactly why they did that. Yaaay, TV edits~!
      PSHH it's not like it's much of a stretch. :P

      Eleven-year-olds tend to do that, especially boys. :P Right now, mine's a cover band; we're doing Viva La Vida, Passions, maybe Hikari, Yankee Bayonet, Maps, and Winter by Tori Amos. <3 So we kind of run the gamut.
      What instrument do you play?

      Am I allowed to post links here? ;; I can link you to my playlist on YouTube.

      I love Close To Me. :'} So much.
    12. Ryan Finesse
      Ryan Finesse
      Hey, I know your curious and all, but...not telling. Got it memorised?
    13. Sumi
      haha, NICE. : D
      I would've gotten on in reading but I couldn't find a link to the innterwebz D:
    14. Ryan Finesse
      Ryan Finesse
      Nah, your not boring me.
    15. Sumi
    16. AkitoTsubaki
      Okay, good, it worked. >3<

      My internet connection went wonky, so I was worried this didn't send. xD

      RYUUUUUU <3 He's my second favorite after Hiro.

      O.o Really? He was a girl in the English TV edit dub, because a twenty-six year old man married to a fifteen-year-old girl is somehow more appropriate than a twenty-six year old man married to a fifteen-year-old boy...xD

      In theory. xD But my boys are a little lazy about getting together to rehearse, so it's a little flat at the moment. We do have a set list, though.

      tATu is Russian pop. They're the faux lesbians who did All The Things She Said, though I'd recommend Show Me Love, How Soon Is Now, and Beliy Plaschik. :3

      I also love The Cure. <3
    17. Riley103
      Yeah and I don't know when I'm getting it back.
    18. AkitoTsubaki
      xD I actually kinda like creepy, so I shall definitely check it out. xD <3

      ^3^ So campy, but so delicious. I love Hiro so muuuuuch~~ @////////@

      I have three works in progress. One of them is an alternate universe Naruto fic, which is basically patching in the holes of Haku and Zabuza's story...but Haku's a girl. ^^; (I can't help it. I have such a lesbian crush on him. -////////-) The other two are KH, one of them is in my signature, and the other is a deathfic. *nodnod*

      :D My band's doing Passions. I love Utada Hikaru~ <3

      Yeah, I agree. xD It sort of sounds like wimpy, watered-down Irish music to me. I do like Nickel Creek, though, especially When In Rome. And right now, I'm in love with tATu. :'}
    19. Sumi
      that would be awesome
      I shall bake a cake when someone is fired from the site. (banned)
    20. AkitoTsubaki
      I haven't seen it, no, but all my friends who have either loved it or hated it with the fire of a thousand suns. xD It's on my to-watch list, after Bleach.

      xD;; I still would like to finish reading Ranma 1/2 someday...my first anime was Gravitation, actually; no wonder it turned me into a yaoi fangirl. xP

      I'm writing really depressing junk. :} Apparently, it's all I'm capable of lately, but it is kinda fun. AND YES. I'm also a music wh*re. 8D

      Current favorites? <3
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