Sep 30, 2007
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January 3
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why orange Feb 13, 2017

    1. T A F F Y シ
      T A F F Y シ
      I didn't see it D:
      Yep, that's what my grandfather says.
      He said he saw it once and all the dogs in the neighbourhood barked and howled all night.

      Same here.
      I was up all night yesterday waiting for the meteor shower >D

    2. Konefeddi
      hey, wats up? lol
    3. Spaze

      It's okay....but I'm annoyed with the school. <.<
    4. Spaze
      ::L:::L:::L:::L:::L:::L:::L: YAY~

      So, how have you been Mrs. Lovely-chan? I started high school yesterday.
    5. Spaze
      I'm home and I got my internet back. 8D
    6. Spaze
      I lost internet connection. xD
    7. Spaze
      I'm back! :'D
    8. Aura
      Anything is possible when it comes to me. :B|: *fails at noob talk*

      :/8D: :/8D: :/8D: :/8D: :/8D: :/8D: :/8D: :/8D: :/8D: :/8D: :/8D: <---My reaction.

      Same here. XD

      Yeah. Sent me a message on MSN. We talked for a bit but then it turned into me calling him weird and him wanting to rape me. XDX

      Slow. XDD I'm slow when it comes to things but I'm a lot smarter than one may think I am. :=D:
    9. Tahno
      I'm thinking about it.
    10. T A F F Y シ
      T A F F Y シ
      Meteor Shower.
      But I'll check it out tonight.

      Oh .. Canada xD

      I'm doing fine, thank you.
      How about you?
    11. Ultimecia
      lawl. i've already got my echidna avatar too.

      yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy 8D
    12. Ultimecia
      ::L That's going in my favorites, and I changed my namechange request to knuckles just for you (:

      * waits for recording * xD
    13. Aura
      *fails at noob talk so will talk/type normally* Yay. I am happeh. ::L:

      Liiiiiieeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk nnnnnnooooooo wwwwwaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiii. :/8D:

      No being always angry. DDDX

      Well, at least you feel better. I kind of already did that a few days ago. Although, I told the person how I felt. >>
      I wasn't. I was the one that took forever to learn things....kind of. I'm slow. ; ;
    14. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder

      Well since you're on MSN now
      I just want to VM you to say we'll talk there lol
    15. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      I'm so sweet, I make sugar jealous
      I wish she would, too! lol

      and nope, I sure don't
    16. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      What would I want with a married girl, anyways? When I have a beautiful fiancee already??
      It's alright, I'm staying in touch with some of the ppl I work with
    17. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      You wouldn't eat all of my ramen
      because I'd share with you in the first place!
      It's just my last day at this particular restaraunt.
      I had to train my replacement, this 21 year old married girl who barely knows her way around town and apparently lives down the road from me. It was kinda sad leaving though, but I'll visit. And you know you could have texted me anyways!
    18. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder

      Why would I be?
      I'm just used to you texting me when you wake up
    19. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Aw that's exactly how I feel about you, too!

      and I was just wondering if I should text you
    20. Aura
      I r awesome. :=D:


      I don't. I only have the urge to kill unless I'm really, really, really, pissed off. XD

      Then write about those things. Clear your mind, woman. :B|: Well, seeing as how you've been using a computer since you were four, I don't think you'll need glasses anytime soon. XD
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    I'm painfully shy, affectionate, sarcastic, and a massive dosage of emotions and derp. I over use emoticons so people don't think I'm upset or being blunt. I get my feelings hurt easily, but don't hold things against people very often.

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