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    yo peoples

    yo peoples
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    Does this work with gameshark 2 v1.3?
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    Let me this virus a trojan virus or what?
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    The houses are flying...not good...I think I should run.
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    I really need to get a 3DS because this game is gonna be awesome!
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    yes I DO want a pic.Thats what I'm asking.
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    A dark being known as the Dark Lord has taken over your world and he has the power to currupt anything he touches.The dark power he contains is very powerful and it is up to you to find a way to restore your home and the Dark Lord back to what he once was.You will be your own custom warrior.You will fight numorus dark beings known as the shadow naughts.Your hero,male or female,ANY weapon of choice,ANY appearence,ANY personality!

    character name:

    Roles played by me:
    Dark lord
    Shadow naughts
    Random citizens(NPC's)

    P.S a few roles will need to be on the evil side.
    Available villain roles:
    Dark Misstress
    Dark commander(leader of shadow naughts,Dark Lord's righthand man)
    Rogue warrior(custom name,weapon,and personality)(Element is fire)

    Start with the making of custom characters!
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    Just the scene thats not animate.Like a sig.
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    Story:As part of the Freedom league,you,your own custom soldier working up the ranks by helping keep peace and order in Haven city by killing metal heads and destroying KG deathbots in missions.(I might add the Dark makers)

    Soldier name:
    Class(infantry,pilot etc)
    Appearence(described the best you can)(Must have blue armor):
    Originaly part of(Krimzon guard or underground):
    Favorite kind of mission(recon,defend,assault etc):

    Only 1 soldier but at any time if you want,you can ask me to change your class to your choice.
    Missions are acceptable and declinable but you can only decline 5 missions for every 2 days.
    Your rank will increase by successfuly completing 8 missions.
    Each mission will have options to choose;Example:You see a group of people being attacked by metal heads
    A:Fight them off
    B:Let them defend themselves

    Your ranks:
    Recruit:No advantage
    Soldier class 3:Accepted to be in some missions
    Soldier class 2:Accepted to be in more missions,Better skills
    Soldier class 1:Accepted to be in most missions,highly improved skills,higher health
    Guard:Slight mission difficulty decrease
    Elite Guard:Medium mission difficulty,more damage dealt to enemies
    Captain:Easy missions,can be in almost all kinds of missions,almost all skills
    Commander:Access to almost everything,more precursor orbs rewarded for missions
    Legendary missionary:Max health,max damage dealt to enemies,high orb rewards for missions,all skills,accept all kinds of missions,super easy difficulty,etc
    Dodge roll
    rapid fire
    high jump
    sprint increase
    auto health regain
    better weapon handling
    increased vehicle speed
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    Character of Choice:Shadow the hedgehog
    Game/Anime/Etc. the Character is from:Sonic the hedgehog
    Additional Info:He is known as the ultimate lifeform.He has various abilities like chaos control and chaos blast.He has no memory of his past and is never bright and cheerful.He usualy does his signature pose of crossing his arms.
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    Fenrir decreases your combo by 1 so would you call that a good weapon?
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