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    that would explain the page being entirely reluctant to load the majority of the time...
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    Maybe, since the flashbacks from KH1 and 2 of when Sora and Riku were kids was the same model and size as the four year old Sora and Riku that Aqa met, and crazier things have happened in the series.
    like ansem surviving.
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    Having Zack and Moogles is enough, and having a Moogle in an Organization cloak was enough for 358/2. HE WAS SO ****ING AWESOME!
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    Birth by Sleep, I couldn't resist watching or reading those videos/threads! Still a lot of space in between though :3
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    Well, my first Final Fantasy game was Dawn of Souls for the GBA, which is I and II on one handy dandy cartridge (how convenient!) Then, I moved on to X, and then VII, VIII, and XII. I recently got IV and V. My two least favorites on the list are X and VII, with V being at the top, followed by XII and VIII, because all three of these are such drastic changes for the series.
    V - This one has an amazing job system for a lot of possiblities that play out wonderfully in battle. The story, however, is severly lacking in its stead.
    VIII - An interesting spin, as levelling up has little do to with your strength but juncitoning magic and summon monsters (known as GFs in this one) are what increases your strength and gives you abilities. Nice plot, though a good bit different from the other FFs
    XII - The beginning is hard to bear, but it really is a great game. It plays like an MMO, but by yourself if that makes any sense. The Gambit system helps you control allies without having to constantly issue commands. The License system is a cool way to work on characters abilities, and can essentially result in your characters being both godly with swords and magic. The story is exceptional in this one.
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    excuse me, but that's MY line.
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    I prefer Unbirth, and perhaps this "mis-translation" will make it over to the States (and all other English speaking countries) as the official name.
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    It is a very interesting approach to the character we all know and love....or we all know at least. I've heard of the chainsaw through random wikipedia articles, but I haven't seen this before. It is pretty bizarre, but at the same time, its pretty cool. Bonus points for a chainsaw.
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