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    To me, he kinda looks like a fusion of Xaldin and Luxord, but that makes no sense, so it could just be his hopefully-epic-coolness shining through, lol.

    Erauqs? Oh, Squeenix, why would you do such a thing? T_T Yen Sid was hilarious and somehow fitting, but why would you do this again?

    Oh well. Thanks for the update, and I hope we learn more about Master Erauqs soon, lol.
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    I'd love to volunteer for Mickey. I think I do a passable job, lol, but I need to figure out how to work my laptop mic first. Or get around to charging my MP3 player so I can record with that.

    So put me down on the list for King Mickey, please. Depending on lines and stuff, I'd love to try fandubbing Larxene, too, if you need a Larxene.
    Post by: Ivy J., Feb 6, 2009 in forum: Community News & Projects
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    Studies have shown optimism is physically healthier. Though a healthy balance of each is best. ^.~
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