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    codes for code breaker

    Infinite Time 41D3A1BD F6649AE8
    Infinite Health P1 5D39CA6C B897D8DB
    D4F01C16 DF087BBF
    6BCB3247 AD8AE6E2
    878141A1 E0ECA173
    6481CCCE 1C5C7424
    No Health P1 E5039E77 72558BF1
    D4F01C16 DF087BBF
    6BCB3247 AD8AE6E2
    878141A1 E0ECA173
    6481CCCE 1C5C7424
    Infinite Special P1 B86BA021 D6A368F3
    4392A9D2 85C3C58F
    AC8C4CD2 E1B2E528
    DB74285B C0B19DAF
    31D1BDE9 B646F793
    No Special P1 0FAE659D D4536A68
    4392A9D2 85C3C58F
    AC8C4CD2 E1B2E528
    DB74285B C0B19DAF
    31D1BDE9 B646F793
    Infinite Health P2 8D29FD72 7331056C
    81F6212A 376890E0
    730F2AEF 1024A741
    68C2BFD0 96EADAC0
    BD4D2178 6910CAD2
    No Health P2 86EF5514 2E6981FA
    81F6212A 376890E0
    730F2AEF 1024A741
    68C2BFD0 96EADAC0
    BD4D2178 6910CAD2
    Infinite Special P2 7FE6AD25 87706860
    5BA003D2 5E6178F4
    99642AC2 3BA55306
    9703D1E2 D1BC6BA7
    59501B8B AF99168F
    No Special P2 0C762A89 6B0D9E4D
    5BA003D2 5E6178F4
    99642AC2 3BA55306
    9703D1E2 D1BC6BA7
    59501B8B AF99168F
    Infinite Item Usage F0911FC2 A8807934
    Max Infinite Item Usage 355B73A4 47254F51
    Extra Items 32E7477D 6538B9A7
    Buying Shop Items Doesnt Decrease Ryo 84396E25 CAAF282D
    Buying Shop Items Increases Ryo 6AAF9BB3 73EE7F2E
    Max Ryo ECDA64B1 A09C2D4A
    91CECAA3 390C0E42
    293D259B 663A8036
    B8D36857 A86E66B8
    B4E65DD7 5AC4140B
    Unlock All Characters VS. Duel Mode BCA15E79 1CD17055
    Unlock All Characters Mission Mode FF9AE93F E1EF9EFC
    Have All Max Purchased Attack Items F410AD66 DB085490
    Naruto's House Codes
    Have Figures E73CF318 757EC6AA
    Have Musics 32C20B1D EB8A82C0
    Have Voices 8B00C268 49F189D1
    Have Sinobi Ninja Info Card B59F1591 EC198EAD
    Have Jutsu Ninja Info Card 07D5580F E265C6EC
    Have Tactics Ninja Info Card 6737C273 141DA063
    Have Client Ninja Info Card 129BE366 96709384
    Have Secret Techniques BB0A76C8 30D881BA
    Have Certificates CFCA2CF0 521F9325
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    codes for CB sly 3

    Enable Code B4336FA9 4DFEFB79 A9B1A5CE 12380321 F0DCEE1F 2A6E0FD8 FA7A895B F3E7388C
    Disable FMV DFA4261B 0A48ADA2
    Quick Coins Gain C038BDFC 6A4BA68D
    Super Quick Coins Gain 00AE8A3E 0596CB75
    Max Gold Coins 5AF2D021 EDB22817
    Infinite Health A73DBD11 22C1F520 D696261B C8BDF16F
    Have All Gadgets 45E53277 3DA8E661
    C75189DE B5AC849E
    Infinite Gadget Usage 1CF3CF6C 83D306EB
    5A9266C4 62D30BFF
    Coins Dont Decrease When Buying Gadgets 63CA4B9A 1A8B9077
    Coins Increase When Buying Gadgets 222E1D89 4E836545
    Infinite Double Jumps D0A7ED7A F4BEB3A5
    Access All Episodes (Not Savable) 81ACBB84 B6CA0A90
    Unlock Level Codes
    Hazard Room 0F739D00 B2A40B90
    An Opera Of Fear 4D372190 02D96F97
    Rumble Down Under 3FDC3959 BEF84DDC
    Flight Of Fancy E2312E51 94ABBADB
    A Cold Alliance 4AAC033B C34C2C90
    Dead Mean Tell No Tales 3A271C88 B594A874
    Honor Among Thieves 3AAB0CE9 C4C44E6B
    Have Jobs & Challenges Completed Codes
    Episode 1-Canal Chase-Expert Course 7BB23047 554899D2
    Episode 1-Air Time FD4CBF4C 35F00016
    Episode 1-Tower Scramble 01D1C615 BFE2E3A7
    Episode 1-Coin Chase B7FC8132 95E6549E
    Episode 1-Speed Bombing 560E230B 289F7E3D
    Episode 1-Octavio Canal Challenge 620F7EED 7F6CC0BC
    Episode 1-Octavio's Last Stand 3CE29DCE 12B4FF9A
    Episode 1-Venice Treasure Hunt 06A0BAB0 E76F65F9
    Episode 2-Rock Run 1FB7FD1D A8F5BCBB
    Episode 2-Cave Sprint DD2F485B E97A584E
    Episode 2-Cave Mayhem 3035075F 5B60591A
    Episode 2-Scaling The Drill 6633CB2C 7E31FE5C
    Episode 2-Guard Swappin' 2C6138AA A64F2E76
    Episode 2-Quick Claw 210DB319 00BD0D28
    Episode 2-Pressure Brawl 48033EB2 76BEFF4A
    Episode 2-Croc And Coins 670761F6 99C2DC9C
    Episode 2-Carmelita Climb E2949451 FA28DBAF
    Episode 2-Outback Treasure Hunt 43C5996A B4880FFB
    Episode 3-Castle Quick Climb 45692B32 54FBE0FF
    Episode 3-Muggshot Goon Attack C818FEE5 2BFAC870
    Episode 3-Security Breach C294BD86 02438136
    Episode 3-Defend The Hangar 916784EC D66D6CD4
    Episode 3-Precision Air Duel C47D8D8A 591E2CDC
    Episode 3-Wolf Rampage EC691525 4DD61C76
    Episode 3-One Woman Army 859DFEB6 BA0626E5
    Episode 3-Going Out On A Wing 7023B7A5 7B2AB542
    Episode 3-Holland Treasure Hunt 864FCE2C 1D2DE373
    Episode 4-Big Air In China D61A1ECF 03283C8C
    Episode 4-Sharpshooter 93DCDEE5 DA597E15
    Episode 4-Treetop Tangle 8E3F1565 C8E38DFB
    Episode 4-Tsao Showdown 7070D1C1 CE982CF0
    Episode 4-China Treasure Hunt 6B8BF7F3 8162AC01
    Episode 5-Patch Grab C2B6DC91 862B1A01
    Episode 5-Stealth Challenge C41F5934 3CD0308F
    Episode 5-Boat Bash 3492B5BD FC142E74
    Episode 5-Last Ship Sailing 065ADA60 E53B55DA
    Episode 5-Pirate Treasure Hunt 057D6D67 D43B2570
    Episode 6-Beauty Versus The Beast 91FE7A9C DD39A0DD
    Episode 6-Road Rage BDCE2FDA 63557EE5
    Episode 6-Dr. M Dogfight 4411454F A2596EB9
    Episode 6-Ultimate Gauntlet 70198172 BA35CD4A
    Episode 6-Battle Against Time 6C6C2775 B66C3DA8
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    codes for CB ratchet deadlocked

    Remove Helmet
    F110227E C14039F3
    All Mods
    52222390 9AAEF036
    E3504EEA B2977E49
    5E87D5EC F9A7D34E
    6DAA51EA 73CE9842
    Have Omega Mod Codes
    Napalm Mod 1AF157A5 B58A8759
    Time Bomb Mod 6063DFA1 F0F184F1
    Freeze Mod 74C828B2 3454259E
    Mini-Bomb AF0BA594 945AECFD
    Morph Mod C450A74C 2292838C
    Brainwash Mod B221ECE6 D80FCEC4
    Acid Mod FF3040AB 4E40DAB9
    Shock Mod 88D9EEDC 3E1E73B8
    Have Equipment Codes
    Shield Link 7C8EF6C1 53E14A95
    Charge Boots 5C04EA31 4D41F703
    Gravity Boots EBBFCF1E FE8F0B78.
    Marauder-Boot Camp ACA4DDB7 2AD2B926
    Avenger-The Tower Of Power E78893E5 D98CFE8A
    Dread Challenges-Grist For The Mill D92CA27E 9DC7EE63
    Dread Challenges-The Big Sleep 0C8E920C D083A5C4
    Dread Challenges-Perfect Chrome Finish 89BA4914 E6FBAD36
    Avenger-Manic Speed Demon C8E0FA18 1D36D801
    Dread Challenges-Close And Personal B4577F23 295457B0
    Avenger-Climb The Tower Of Power 8958087B 5277F131
    Dread Challenges-Zombie Attack A620F39D 66B3ABE1
    Crusader-Static Deathtrap CBD86F37 2B799BF8
    Crusader-Marathon C5E79CF7 C67E5383
    Dread Challenges-Heavy Metal 493CD60D C200C3A3
    Dread-Challenges-Endzone 37C10FFF 5E66CFDF
    Vindicator-Murphy's Law 8E517654 3FAC7559
    Dread Challenges-Higher Ground 2A52D80A 4750A693
    Crusader-Reactor Battle 17577220 D0C15FB1
    Dread Challenges-The Corkscrew 81459DE1 5E095771
    Vindicator-Air Drop 47D74929 A90E0069
    Dread Challenges-Dynamite Baseball 21EE4D61 FC9EC748
    Liberator-Swarmer Surprise 3776D68C A9FF4113
    Liberator-Accelerator 23B5844F 3B791614
    Dread Challenges-Less Is More 416F96F6 07BA9D50
    Marauder-Advanced Qualifier B8B6D7B5 D47CBDB2
    Vindicator-Eviscerator Battle 0E24B26C C0207977
    Liberator-Ace Hardlight Battle 9387C6B6 4F4C0A9C
    Catacrom Four 426C81D2 5AE81DEA
    'Sarathos 2BD7F55A 07569D39
    Kronos ED0CF16A A68A4BA0
    Shaar 5A5F112C 56AB509A
    The Valix Belt 56AB1B90 4DD4DAA8
    'Orxon A5EB61C3 F23C5F00
    Planet Torval 80D6E3DA 336770FA
    Stygia EB617C0E 33D3A20B
    'Maraxus CE61152A D2755E23
    'Ghost Station 5D11568E 16DE9B66
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