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Dec 28, 2010
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Oct 8, 1996 (Age: 27)

Hiro ✩

Guardian, Enby, 27

    1. SonGoku
      Oh I see, well i'll be playing Brawl if you need me, or maybe my 3DS... I'm a bit conflicted XD
    2. Droid
      Zelda isn't a POH last time I checked, we've got that sorted out. Jafar is there with his homies now.
    3. Riku-Sama's Shadow
      Riku-Sama's Shadow
      Soo I listened to the beta version. No side effects, it didn't scare me, but I did find it quite annoying haha. Glad we got the good version of the song:p
    4. SonGoku
      Thanks! I'll probably be doing something today with my family, but i'll be around. Are you going to do anything if I may ask?
    5. SonGoku
      Good mornin' Ven, just woke up, and Happy 4th!
    6. Jump Heart
      Jump Heart
      Nope Still looking for it but i think today I'll find it i have a lot of Cd's laying around but I clan them all up so today, If I find it I would tell yea 'n then we shall play ALL THE BRAWL! xD also do you have Mario Kart O.o?
    7. Ventus PSP Aqua
      Ventus PSP Aqua
      Happy 4th to you too, night
    8. Ventus PSP Aqua
      Ventus PSP Aqua
      Well it depends how obssesed you are with it.
      if it works, wonder if it does to everyone
    9. Riku-Sama's Shadow
    10. Riku-Sama's Shadow
      Riku-Sama's Shadow
      Oh okay. I'll wait until tomorrow. Now, to get my mind off things, I shall watch episodes of adventure time :D and yeah, I've played crisis core so many times, but still, every time I get to angeal, I is so sad ;-; haha
    11. Terra254
      Hmm...Its 3:12 (Give or take time to post this) Maybe you should get some sleep.
      Unless that the reason your still up...
    12. Terra254
      Birds chirping softly reminds me of a song I was listening to earlier that made me cry because it was so sad and And my friend said when he died to play that song at his funeral.
      I can't swim, so Ocean= another way to die.
    13. Riku-Sama's Shadow
      Riku-Sama's Shadow
      Well, Gary's raticate was interesting, as well as lavender town syndrome. But dear glob lavender town syndrome was pretty creepy lol..Whats lavender towns missing frequencies btw ? And I stopped playing crisis core after fighting angeal ;-; oh how I loved angeal
    14. Terra254
      Boobs and Sex are only happy when its late and I'm hyper,
      I don't drink sprite or rootbeer,
      Some flowers are deadly and eww, Bugs, and bugs = Bites.
      My girlfriend is in the hospital.

      Wow; my life sucks..
    15. Riku-Sama's Shadow
      Riku-Sama's Shadow
      Well i so far read Gary's raticate and lavender town syndrome. Haven't read the others.
    16. Ventus PSP Aqua
      Ventus PSP Aqua
      A) I think around when pokemon bearly came out and all, my mom told me a bunch kids died not cuz of the song though but like the little toys of it. and other stuff B)nope
    17. Riku-Sama's Shadow
      Riku-Sama's Shadow
      Uhmm yeahhh I think I'll pass on even listening to it at all now ahah...maybe I'll have the guts tomorrow..when the sun is shining..and there's someone in the room with me lol
    18. Terra254
      Haha Hemora-hags!
      Anyway, Hope you get better soon...
    19. Ventus PSP Aqua
      Ventus PSP Aqua
      Huh welll that doesn't suprise me, it is pokemon
    20. Terra254
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    Oct 8, 1996 (Age: 27)
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    I like anime, video games, and drawing, I also collect action figures. I aim to be a professional Street Fighter player (currently main R. Mika competitively in Street Fighter V), and a voice actor. My track record with fighting games is extensive. I play King of Fighters, Guilty Gear, Injustice, and Street Fighter! If you ever want a match, my PSN and Fightcade username is ToxicxGears.


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